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-Lucky in Love

Before we go any further I really must point one thing out and that is this, Although you can influence people to love you, even make them your willing love-slave, it is foolish and not something I will ever be a party to.

You can't force love

Love that is forced is in reality, no love at all. The only love worth having is the unconditional and straight from the heart kind.
This service can and will do many things for you where love is concerned. It can attract and draw love to you.

It can help strengthen love gone stale and even revitalise a marriage or partnership.

It can change many dynamics in the love-energy areas for you.


Make the most of yourself

It can help you make the most of yourself and ensure that you are energetically doing everything you can to attract that certain someone.
Itís been said that human heart is like a lock; well the reality is that itís more like a combination lock and it takes a set number of permutations in order to unlock it.

Love is love and it doesnít matter what your sexual orientation or gender is, energy works for everyone. We live in a totally equal universe. Itís only certain people who have an issue with self-expression.

This service is for you if you can identify with any of the following:

  • You never seem to be able to keep a boyfriend/girlfriend for very long
  • Nobody ever seems interested in you, even though you go out of your way
  • Your love life appears to be one long series of 1st dates
  • Whenever you get setup with a blind date, it always ends in disaster
  • Your relationship has lost its sparkle and you feel lost
  • Your relationship was once loveís young dream, but now you both just seem to resent each other
  • You want to meet that special person who would be perfect for you
  • You wish to be more desirable and attractive to others

The fee for a single standalone session is £59
The fee for a three session series is £149 (this is for those people whose problem is more complicated or who want to be certain that changes will last well into the future.

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