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Business Success and Prosperity Flow



Sometimes when you’re in business things go as though the whole universe is on your side and you can seemingly do no wrong. Sadly there are other times when every single day feels like a battle.

In spiritual circles there is still a very common misconception that the spiritual and business do not somehow go together, as though money is a dirty word and should be avoided by those who are to be seen as truly spiritual.

This mind set is a misguided one, because money is nothing more than a form of energy, which we move around and exchange for other objects and services.

A spiritual service is no different than a physical one, in that the business owner needs to be in a position to be able to offer and perform it. The universe is governed by a strict set of laws, these are natural laws and not to be confused with those imposed by people.


Most people these days have heard of the law of attraction, but there are other laws such as that of vacuum, which states that in order for something to move into a space, there must first be a space to move into. Where money, as energy comes into this, is really quite simple. In order for money to move and not just be caught in a cycle of inertia, it must be become motivated by another law, that of reciprocation. This is where the business end appears. Someone performs a service; this is energy in movement and provides a space to be filled by an act of reciprocity, in our case money given as a payment for that service.

During those times when things are either not going well on the success front or are either slowing down or are almost nonexistent, the energy is not moving, or has become sluggish. This needs intervention at the energetic level and this is where this service comes in.

To all intents and purposed this session is akin to one of my Shamanic House Tune-Ups, in that I tackle the problems and issues in a similar way. During the process I will do a number of things in order to facilitate a smoother transformation for your existing or soon to be business, using Shamanic techniques, as well as energy healing at a high level.

Book this service and you will receive the following:

A full energetic diagnostic session, including pendulum dowsing and a card reading, in order to really get to the bottom of the things.

This will be followed by a complete healing and energising session directed at the core issues and challenges effecting your business and livelihood. During this part of the session I will go on a Shamanic Journey to your business-base, which is the centre of your workplace and confront anything in need of alteration and change. I will utilise a number of powerful healing and prosperity centred energies to remove, clear and rebalance the overall energies.

After this I will instil positivity into the business by performing a further session using different healing energies of pure abundance, prosperity and financial attraction. Ending with a further diagnostic check and energy sealing and protection lock-down.

During your session you will receive the following:

  • Diagnostic session featuring Dowsing and Card Reading
  • Shamanic session featuring full healing session and Shamanic Healing Journey to Remove, Clear and Rebalance the energies of your business workplace.
  • A further session using Abundance, Prosperity and Financial healing energies.
  • Last diagnostic check.
  • Energy sealing and Protection Lock-down.
  • Installation of Virtual Protective Shields.

The fee for this distance service is £70 

Book now by emailing me