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Spirit Release

One of my main areas of expertise is spirit release, called by some, dispossession.

This is where a person is subject to malevolent influences, partial or full attacks by an unknown outside source or discarnate being.

Is this Exorcism?

No, would be the short answer. Quite simply exorcism is a casting out of demonic entities by a member of the catholic clergy.

Now, while it is possible for a person to be attacked or possessed by a demon, the chances are very slim, in fact so slim, that so far in over twenty years I have not encountered more than a scant few. 

Yes, these can be dealt with and I have the ability to do this, but it isnít something we need concern ourselves with here.

The signs of spirit attachment and interference

The most obvious signs to look out for are changes in personality and health, without a good reason.  Also sudden obsessions, seemingly out of character. The following list has some elements to be considered, however, it is not in any way complete or exhaustive and has been compiled merely to give you an overview, as to what you should be looking out for.

With the list which follows, do bear in mind that these things could indicate intrusion and attachment and or attack, so long as they do not form part of the personís normal personality. For example a short tempered person having an outburst would be deemed normal for them. Also do be aware that we are all perfectly capable of acting out of character should the circumstances call for it.

These things are only tell-tale indicators, should they appear for no known and obvious reason. A happy person with a good life, relationship and so on, all of a sudden becoming angry and defensive or suddenly obsessed with something unusual for them, this would be a good indicator for that person.

  • Sudden Mood Swings

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Violent tendencies

  • Sudden secretiveness

  • Migraine headaches

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Panic Attacks

  • Illness without obvious cause or sensible reason, especially if it cannot be diagnosed

  • Sudden obsessions with gambling, sex, pornography or gaming, hearing voices, negative thoughts

  • Gaming

  • Sex

  • Pornography

  • Hearing Voices or Negative Thoughts

These last four are very strong indicators of attachment and attack especially if linked with sudden temper flare ups, stress and or anger issues, perhaps with a wish, all of a sudden, to cut themselves off from partners, family or friends.

Soul fragmentation and soul Retrieval

One harmful side-effect of prolonged attack is soul fragmentation, this is where a piece of the soul breaks away and removes itself from the soul-whole. This happens because of the extreme nature of the constant attack, unable to fight it, the soul fragment retreats for survival. Should this occur a soul Retrieval is needed in order to reunite the fragment with the soul-whole.

Causes and Culprits of Spirit Possession

Earth-bound Spirits

There a many different entities capable of both attachment and attack. Some are what are known as earth-bound spirits, these spirits or souls are what remain of those who have died and yet have not gone on. They remain trapped in our world or dimension.  These will often attach to the living as a way of attempting to share a life, this is harmful to the living person. Sometimes a spirit becomes earthbound because of their particular personality. Simply because someone dies, it does not follow that they become a good person. Cruel, angry, aggressive abusers remain that way even after the loss of their bodies.

Low Level Entities

Low level entities are life forms which have never been human, these feed from fear and sadness. Once attached they will happily sap the personís strength and whisper hopelessness into their ears and mind. It becomes a cycle of sadness and doubt, which if left unchecked can easily lead to depression and mental illness.

Mid-High Level Entities

These are more serious and can lead to full breakdown and serious mental, emotional and physical ill health.  In extreme circumstances these attachments can instigate suicidal thoughts. These entities must be removed as soon as their influence is discovered, as the longer they are attached, the weaker the person grows and the stronger the creatureís hold becomes.

Nature Spirits

The Faery realms and kingdoms are filled with a myriad of entities whose shade is both light and dark. At times a person is seen as having infringed on a Faery place and as such is deemed an invader. It is nothing personal and is in a sense a little like a personís immune system fighting a foreign body. Usually for a Faery to attack a person there has to be some form of provocation, such as cutting down trees, bushes or shrubs, clearing land and generally making changes which have a direct detrimental effect on nature.  Ignore the sweet little flower fairys of late Victorian fancy, in reality The Fey are very powerful and just as likely to curse as to bless, depending on the relationship between themselves and the humans involved.

How do we get attachments?

This question is not easy to answer, certainly not in any straightforward way. Sometimes they attach directly to us from an unknown source; however, more often than not they come to us via a weakness on our part.  We may be rundown or suffering from sadness or some form of illness. These things will make us open to attachment and attack. Be aware of going to any of the following places when you are feeling weak, vulnerable or sick.
  • Graveyards and Cemeteries

  • Hospitals

  • Care homes and Rest Homes

  • Funeral Homes

  • Occult

  • Magick

  • Witchcraft

  • Spiritual Development

If a person is involved in any form of spiritual development or occult practice, it is vital that they are taught correctly by an expert and not simply by reading books, online websites and experimentation. Many books and websites are rife with mistakes and bad information. There is a reason why before the internet age people learned from masters and groups in a slow and controlled way. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Magickally it is quite simple to open doorways and portals to other worlds, it is a lot harder to close them, once open. Ouija or Spirit Boards are another way of opening to other realms without the means for protection or control. In fact these are often a direct cause for attachment and attack. By using occult tools without sufficient knowledge, you are in essence putting out a call to anything which is out there. It is like turning on a light. We should always be careful of attracting attention, unless we are certain that we want it and can handle it.

Other Ways for attachment
  • Organ Transplant
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Head Injury or Trauma

Any trauma which places the person in fear and dread, such as any of the following, all of which will often also lead to soul Fragmentation/Loss, needing a Soul Retrieval.
  • Rape

  • Incest

  • Domestic Violence

  • Violent Attack

  • Drug / Alcohol Addiction

  • War Zone

  • Aggressive Environments

  • Large Crowds

  • Staying in a Haunted Place

You will receive the following:

  • Full distant diagnosis and dowsing session
  • Full removal and protection
  • Full healing session
  • Detailed report
  • Unlimited email support

The single all inclusive fee for this service is £60

Reduction on a Soul Retrieval session, should you feel you require this.
If you feel anything on this page is relevant to your own situation, email me nowhiltonphilip85@gmail.com