Spiritual Guides-Philip Hilton - Shamanic Services

Spiritual Guides

I am blessed to work with a number of Spiritual Guides, depending on the occasion and also my needs one or more will come forward to assist me in my healing and energy work. 
A redheaded Witch who has been around me helping and guiding for more years than I can remember. Often coming to me through dreams.
This Guide appears in the form of an ancient Hebrew Holy man and wise scholar. He is my main guide during mediumistic work.
This Guide is my main Shamanic ally and she is both wise and powerful. In appearance she is dark and resembles a warrior goddess.

In life Gabe was an exocist for the Catholic Church in Italy. He has a vast amount of personal experience with negative entities and demonic posession. he also has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humour.


In life Henef was an Egyptian High Priest in the New Kingdom dynasty of Ancient Egypt. This guide always comes to me whenever I am working in the area of Egyptian healing and Egyptian shamanic work.

This Guide comes with the wisdom of the oceans and often appears when I least expect him. He also has the ability to bridge the gap between land and sea and often communicates messages from both his mistress Cliodna and Elen.
This guide is diminutive in appearance, but huge in ability and kindness. She is my main Guide to the Fey lands.
White Star In The Morning
This Guide comes in the form of a Native American Elder and is of the Lakota people.
Like White Star, this Guide is also Native American Lakota.
Power Animals
I work with Wolf, Coyote, Bee, Spider and Reindeer.