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Feedback & Testimonials

Feedback & Testimonials

Philip Hilton is not only a very good friend but he is also married to one of my closet friends Mrs Raine Hilton. Here you will find plenty to interest you in the areas of Shamanic Healing, spiritual development and life enhancement. Philip is a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Counsellor, Certified NLP Practitioner & Reiki Master/Teacher.


J. Burrell

Hi Philip and Raine, my dearest friends,

I was in Paris last night, it is normally 3 hours trip to go from here, so I had been stressed so much and I was almost sick whenever I went there, tired out by stress. And I have (could be said as "I had" ) Irritable colon syndrome so some trip to go outside mades me so nervous but yesterday not at all.  I felt as "Why and against what I was scared before". So I tell you how many miracles I had had yesterday, and they made me notice indeed as "I am changed"


1.  Normally I needed to wait 10-30 minutes in the platform or bus station.  I need to switch the train /bus 3-4 times to visit my friends in the suburb of Paris.  And yesterday every time in the platform or bus station, the train was there or just 2-3 minutes after my arrival.  I waited 7 minutes max yesterday.  So I thought it took 2-3 hours to arrive to my friend's house but it was only 1.5 hours.  It is normally impossible.  That was the beginning of the miracles yesterday.

2.  While taking a metro in Paris, I felt as I had almost no stress there and felt as I was relaxed as I was at home.  Surprised and I tried to analyse it a bit.  Then whenever taking the trains/bus, my stress level was 60-80/100 even if protecting by any energies.  Yesterday, I felt 0.01/100, I felt as what happened indeed !

3. When I feel symptom related to my Irritable colon syndrome, it begins to feel that I am scared and  I become cold on my intestine, and that coldness is felt as entering from the wound of my low back that Archangel Michael took care in the attunement of Angelite Sigil Purification Connecton last Tuesday.  And yesterday, before going out, I asked 4 archangels to protect and help me to heal that wound.  Then that wound became warm and I had never felt as coldness entering from there.  I feel the wound is fixed on the surface.  The inside of wound, it is still hurt but it will be healed little by little.

4.  So no symptom of Irritable colon syndrome, no scared (or very far from scare and I almost cannot remember why I was so scared...), so no stress outside.  I could go and come back as I was at home all day long.

5.  I felt as I needed something more because I miss something important.  But yesterday I am happy as I am and nothing missing.  I bought a new bag and normally I felt as I needed something more to make me happier, but I felt that's enough yesterday.  It made me very surprised.

6.  In the train to come back to home, I felt surely somebody (or rather say the archangels) has protected me.  I felt that only me and archangels were in another layer.  So I can see everything but nothing shared with people around me.  I felt as I could not be hurt even if a man sitting next to me tried to hurt me with some knife.  So I felt I am in a secure place with archangels.  That's what I had never felt.

So all happened by the Soul Rescue session by Philip and Raine's healing session, and Angelite Sigil Purification Connection attunement.The feeling of scare that I had been feeling as a shadow clinging to me since my childhood was all gone.

I am very happy now, very opened and feel like I can do anything, I have no ceiling over my head which limits my possibility and says NO to whatever I try.  I can breathe and enjoy my life much more.

I think I changed like this since just after the Soul Rescue session, healing sessions and Angelite Sigil attunement, but I was at home and didn't notice my change enough. 

So yesterday I really felt I have been changing with pleasure yesterday.

So thank you so much for everything that you both have done to me so far and in the future as well.

With all blessings of love, light and honor,

Philip Hilton

He is also my dearest friend and super fantastic teacher.  I overcomed my past wound by his Soul Rescue session.  It was splendid !  I had never succeeded to overcome that but I did with his great support.  He has a great ability and knowledge about Asian culture, tradition and spiritual/energetic things.

Tomoko. L.  

I called in the Neteru system today. I felt a tingling at each chakra. During the process I saw a very large cat come and sit on my right leg and pat me with a paw. It was of the Egyptian type and grey in colour.

There were also some Egyptian figures going past. There was a very clear image of the golden pyramid and the black scarab too.

Jill. M.

Thank you again as I was able to work with this energy right away after you sent it.

Kate. M.

I completed the Seichim attunement. . What a trip!  The energy was VERY slow-starting and I wondered if this would be the time I didn't really feel much.  Then my palms were arms; then my back was VERY warm, and then I was out for 40 minutes.

Suzy. S.

Wonderful!  Cartouche was beautiful and powerful - loved that!  

K. Massey

The eye of Horus - a cold chill ran through my body - then a pressure on my third eye - this was followed by pressure on my whole face and then both my physical eyes

Ra Sheeba - Instant heat - later followed by cold chills - rather than feeling any pressure I felt what seemed like stretching in the third eye area as well as the heart chakra


I would like to share what I can remember of my experience

beginning with the Pyramid Empowerment

I was in a pyramid – I got the impression there was no right or wrong way to receive or give this empowerment

A voice with an accent told me “it is a great responsibility”

Bright golden light shone on me – all around me and thru me

I saw what appeared to be the head of a dog but with a very long pointed nose and pointed ears

There was golden energy entering the back of its head 3 times

I saw some hieroglyphs and then I don’t remember much else happening but I felt i didn’t want to come out of the pyramid so I called upon my other chi ball (Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System)

I was told that I would be put in the state of death

And then instantly I was in a very deep meditative state where my body felt dead or basically I didn’t feel my body but my mind was still aware.  

So much happened – I can’t remember everything

But I remember having my head, hands and feet washed

And then some time later I was given something to drink

And again later something to drink and some berries to eat

Towards the end there were great wings above me and breath was breathed into my lungs

Again the wings were above me and again then the breath was breathed into my lungs

My fingers slowly started to move, and then my hands and then all of a sudden my body was able to stretch and I was awake and out of the pyramid.

This all happened in a duration of time that seemed to take forever even though what I have written takes but seconds to read, there was much more happening that I can't recall anymore.

The interesting thing is that I felt that I had been attuned to the Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System several nights earlier.  This is the experience that I remember from that time.  I remember having something on all four sides of me, I am not sure exactly what.  Then all of a sudden a pyramid with a scarab on top rose above my head, the scarab opened and energy flowed from the scarab into my heart chakra – it was very intense and went on for what seemed at the time to be an eternity


I definitely know now, and had felt previously, that I am in sync with this energy ...... I really believe I have held this energy before at some point, way long ago.

Lesley. S.

That's beautiful! I had a lovely attunement

 and felt the swirls and colours too, seeing the symbols quite far into

 the journey. I feel invigorated today too and very connected to the

 enerrgy; bless you. Afterwards I fell into a deep sleep!

 Thank you so much for the book recommendations, both the Seichiem and

the Shamanic Experience; loved the first, enjoying the second very much.

Jo. M.

Hi Phil thanks for the attunement, it was lovely, I saw lots of lights flashing around, i saw Osirus, Isis and the snake, i become very hot with this bright light, then cold i felt as if i was way up in the universe lovely stars shinning everywhere just floating about, then my head felt quite heavy and found myself back to this lovely light it was really good.

Brenda. M.

I really enjoyed them and sense like you do that they were important for me.  I was led to do them for a reason. My spiritual progression has suddenly rocketed over the past few weeks.  I feel like I have opened a door and it is all flooding in.  I am learning and experiencing new  things daily, so thank you for being a part of that.  About my experiences today– I think you are correct, definitely a rebirth theme going on there!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my seichem reiki , i asbsolutely love it and love to start my day with the beautiful energies

Lorraine. M.

 I was interested that I had a band with a 5 point blue star placed upon my forehead during the attunement. I looked at the symbols after and saw that there is a blue star related to Sirius; I've been interested in Sirius the dog star since I was a child. I very much enjoyed theCartouche attunement.

Mya. D.

During the Cartouche attunement I had a great sense of people around me and I had the urge to get up...for some reason I wanted to stand up, but I stayed on the bed. I also got Anubis, or at least a man with his head. It felt as though everything was concentrated on my solar plexus area and I felt a spiral energy going up and own me from that direction. Not as much colour this time, I got some blue but mostly white. I felt really light headed during this one and a bit sea sick for some reason. i also saw lots of water of the bluest kind.

D. West.

I have just called in the eye of Horus attunement.. and wow to the experience.

As I went off when the attunement started, you were pushing the eye of horus image into my third eye chakra, and I thought my head was going to explode at one point there was that much energy, and I still have pins and needles in my head from the whole attunement. it as totally amazing.

I had this egyptian guy come along and take me into a cave and was given a message from Isis.. then went off on horseback with one of my guides, and rounded the whole experience up on Pegasus... although the whole time I could see the eye of horus, either being pushed into my head, or in the sky as I was going the attunement... and have been told to expect to feel very strange for the next few days, to expect strong spychic visions and such like until the energy settles down etc etc... I love it when the attunement guides actually tells you about your attunement side affects lmao!!!

A totally amazing experience.

D. Wood.