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Philip Carr-Gomm explained in his book Druidcraft (Thorsons 2014):

‘Druidcraft, Druidry and Wicca, are ways of empowerment and of freedom – not dogmatic religious systems, but new spiritualities, magical ones, that draw their inspiration from the ancient past, while offering ways of celebration and working that are constantly changing and evolving. Rather than presenting us with ready-made systems that we must adopt wholesale, they offer instead inspiration and the ingredients that we can creatively use to fashion our own unique path to suit our own unique lives.’

I have been a Wiccan since 1994 and a Druid since I joined The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) in 2008. Having walked these paths together with Shamanism I decided to work in a more cohesive manner, hence the title Druidcraft, which is a joining together of the three separate strands into a stronger single path.

It doesn't really change my working methods or techniques, what it does do, is give a more refined and clear voice to the way I work.

Druidcraft can help you in so many ways. If you would like my help on any of the following issues, please send me an email and let me see the best way to bring your challenging situation to a satifactory conclusion for you.
  • A run of bad luck
  • Financial problems
  • Unlucky in love
  • Issues with your partner straying
  • Job interviews and protmotions
  • Are you the victim of a bully?
  • Do you feel weak around others and drained of energy?
  • Would you like to be more confident?
  • Do you feel unable to move on with your life because of a past trauma or life event?
  • Are you the victim of Gaslighting?
  • Are you being stalked?
  • Do you have business issues?
  • Problems with ghosts or other occult problems
  • Do you feel the need for spiritual protection?
  • Do you feel unsure of your spiritual path?

The all inclusive fee for this is just

This includes whatever I feel drawn to include in your session, from divination to spell work. 
You will also have unlimited email support.

Sessions Available

Wiccan Healing
Each healing session is unique and as such is tailor made to you the client. I can give examples of tools I may choose to use and techniques, but each person really is seen as completely different individual.

I am deeply committed to giving you a loving and safe energetic space in which to experience the healing process.
Before I begin I will use a form of divination to determine the best course of action. This may be Tarot, Runes or Pendulum.

I take no credit for healing or any of my other abilities, as all are but gifts from Spirit and Goddess/God.

The next stage is where I will dowse your energetic system to see how your chakras are. Having done this and now armed with the knowledge of chakra performance, I am able to move forward and begin the healing session.
 It is at this point that I decide, with the help and loving assistance of both my own guides and also your own, which healing system/systems to use.

At this stage I may decide that spell work may be the answer and in this case I will look through my large library of spells or design one for you myself.

Wand Healing
By using this Wand Healing technique I can add to or remove excess energy from each elemental aspect to bring wholeness and balance.
This is a unique healing session and will bring resolution to out of balance elements within the person.
Help to restore the full elemental balance.