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With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage

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Angelic Crystal Light Code Activation £25

Founder: Raine Hilton

Crystals have long being used as a way of connecting to, and working with beings from higher realms and other dimensions. Certain crystals resonate more powerfully with specific beings such as those from the Angelic Realm. Crystals are an important tool of spiritual development, for healing, cleansing, clearing, empowering, protecting, storing information and also for connection. Crystals can be used as conduits, or energy portals that you can access during meditation to work with the Angels.

These Angelic Crystalline Light Codes will assist you in releasing any blockages preventing you from connecting with the Angels. These energies channelled from the earth crystal matrix grid will create a bridge from our earthly realm to the Angelic one. When we are fully in tune with the earth, grounded in our own realm, we can provide a strong anchor for the Angelic Crystalline Light codes to flow through to us from the crystal grids existing in the higher realms and dimensions. We can tap into this pure source of high vibrational energy knowing we are safely grounded. The problem with many high vibrational energy systems is that they can leave the student feeling ungrounded and cut off from their day to day life in the physical. With this system we are like trees with our roots deeply embedded in the earth and with our branches stretching upwards to the Angelic Realm.

There are certain crystals that are incredibly effective in helping to bring you into vibrational resonance with the light of the higher realms; and crystals that are incredibly supportive in journeying into the inner realms to meet your Angels. Learn about:

  • Crystalline Light Codes
  • The 8 Angelic crystalline energies you will be attuned to
  • Evocation of the Archangels
  • Working with this energy
  • Crystal Angel meditation
  • Making Crystal Elixirs
  • Gaia Crystal Healing

Angelic Dream Codes Activation £20

Founder: Raine Hilton

Angelic Dream Codes will help you to assimilate Angelic energy, wisdom and guidance more easily. This will aid and protect you during your astral adventures while you are journeying out of your body during sleep time, as we all do quite naturally each night. While we are sleeping we are at our most open and receptive to guidance and healing from the Angelic Realms. As you develop with this energy by setting your intention and instigating the flow of this energy before you go to sleep you will find it easier to recall your Angel dreams and be better able to bring this awareness through into your waking life.

At an early age, we’re taught to believe that our dreams are not real. They’re just something that happens inside our own minds. As a result, we’ve become inclined to believe that our dreams have no bearing on the lives we live when we’re awake. In essence, dreams are the brain’s unique way of processing the information it collects. Angelic Dream Codes help us to build a powerful energetic bridge between our level of understanding and theirs. This energetic bridge is a specific vibrational frequency, a sacred space where you can meet and converse with your Angels.

Angelic Dream Codes will help to open up your perceptions and release any fear based release limitations, negative beliefs and blockages which may be preventing you from fully embracing Angelic contact. 

Learn about: Dream Codes – Evocation of the Archangels – Inviting Angels into your dreams – Connecting with your Angels – Setting Your Intention

Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Healing System  
Founder: Raine Hilton
I have been tasked with sharing a system that I have worked with in many of my healing sessions over the years. The Angelic Team we will be working with are assigned to work with the Oversoul created by our family units. They help by restoring harmony, balance, love and respect to all families. The Angels work on an individual level with each family member and also with the collective family dynamic. This can be your immediate family: parents, siblings, partners etc, as well as those friends or colleagues you just somehow know at an intuitive level that you share a deep soul connection with. So when we speak of Earth Soul Family do feel free to add those who you know are outside of the standard family unit.

When life is running smoothly we all interconnect beautifully; loving and supporting one another, assisting in each other’s spiritual growth. But, when you throw human emotions and difficult circumstances into the mix things can quickly become very fraught as you 
are tied so intrinsically to each other at a deep emotional empathic level. So any Soul Family arguments may feel far more hurtful, wound you much more deeply, and be a greater struggle to heal and overcome.
If you feel you have become disconnected or estranged as a family, 
are tired of the constant tension, disagreements and misunderstandings, or just feel as if you have drifted apart, then this system may be of great help to you. This system also works with your Whole Family Oversoul, not just those of you who have incarnated at this time, so this includes strengthening the bond even with those who have passed over into the higher realms. Much wisdom and guidance travels down through our ancestral line, along with abilities and gifts of all kinds, especially spiritual ones which we can tap into and develop further.

Your Soul Family is the spiritual equivalent to your birth family here on earth. Some 
choose to remain in the Astral Realm to act as Guides for those of you down here. Others may take the form of a friend, teacher or relative here on earth, they could incarnate as anyone in your life. When you meet them you just know. You and your soul family share the same over-soul, so you are naturally drawn to one another throughout your many lifetimes.

From time to time we feel that we have become stuck in a particular area of our relationship with another, we cannot seem to move past it, and may have spent many lifetimes trying to. This system will help to reconnect all of those involved, and to bring through new energy and inspiration from all of your higher self aspects so 
that you can be open to new ways of resolving issues and bringing peace and harmony to yourselves as well as your family group on earth.

Not only will you 
be attuned to this system so that you can begin working on your own Family Soul Blueprint but I will also show you step by step how I incorporate it into my sessions so you can easily teach it to others as well as use it in sessions with your own clients. This system is recommended
 for advanced energy healers; it would be helpful to have previous experience working with Angelic Energy, Akashic Records and Shamanic Journeying and have good visualisation skills.

You will learn about:
  • Archangel Chamuel and the Family Dynamic Oversoul Angelic Team
  • Earth Soul Family Blueprints, Astral Soul Family Blueprints and Whole Family Oversoul Blueprints
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the family blueprints and how shared past lives affect this
  • Karmic agreements and cycles of behaviour
  • Your Family Dynamic Angelic Guide
  • Incorporating crystals into family healing
  • Preparing for a session & gathering elemental analysis information
  • Learning how to balance the positive and negative elements within your Earth Soul Family
  • Light of Divinity candle ritual for attunement and healing
  • Evocation of the Archangels
  • Retuning the Family Soul Blueprint
  • Incorporating other energy systems
  • Seeking the root cause of family imbalance from either this life time or a previous one
  • Attunement Procedure – working with your own Earth Soul Family Blueprint
  • Ending the session and after care
* This energy system is also available as a 
Healing Session 

Angel Feather Messenger Energy £20

Founder: Raine Hilton

Angels communicate with us in many different ways, but a popular and timeless way is to send us feathers to let us know that our prayers, wishes and intentions have been heard and that answers, guidance and healing is coming to us. Some may be fortunate enough o be gifted an actual Angel feather while others will receive one through an Angel Messenger. Many see birds as the messengers of Angels, and that the beautiful multi-coloured feathers they gift us just when we need them as signs of divine guidance or healing. This alerts us to be open and receptive to the next message which comes through for us.

Angel Messenger Feathers may come in a range of colours, not only because of the particular bird they were gifted from, but also because the colour holds a particular meaning for us. Those who have studied colour therapy know the vibrational power of individual colours and the affect they have on our health and wellbeing and how we present ourselves to the world. With this energy you will connect deeply to the messages of the feathers that are gifted to you, and as you are more open to the flow of synchronicity you will attract more to you just when you are in need of guidance.

Angel Guide
 Blessing Attunement 

Founder: Raine Hilton

This energy system serves to align you to the energetic signature of your individual Angel Guide. Once your Angel is assigned to you they will have access to all the information held in your etheric template for this incarnation that they will need to guide you along your soul path. They will be aware of any karmic agreements and life goals you made before your incarnation, as well as other members of your soul group. They can then guide you towards the right people, situations and places to help you attain your life goals.

Your Angel will gently guide and assist you in being open to the flow of inspiration and synchronicity, and it is in these magical moments your consciousness can make quantum leaps in how you perceive life and in the decisions you make. Your Angel Guido will come from one of the Archangelic Legions. For example, my Angel Guide is with the Legion of Archangel Raphael because of the healing and guidance work I do with my clients. Depending on your life path you will be drawn to an Angel best suited to you.

Everything works on vibrational frequencies so you will get the assistance you need according to your lifestyle and life plan. The Archangels each have their own special areas, talents and roles to play so the Angel you are assigned will work within that particular skill set. Your Angel Guide will be available for you to call upon for many forms of assistance, including:

Healing, Protection, Inspiration, Spiritual Development, Soul Path Guidance, Advice, Comfort, Support, Strength, Seeking justice

With this system you will learn about:

  • Angel Guides
  • The Role of Angel Guides
  • Angel Appearances
  • Angel Hierarchy
  • Angelic Guidance Channelled Communication and Activation Communication
  • Ritual to Connect with your Angel Guide
  • Meditation to meet your Angel Guide
  • Angel Journal & Letters
  • Angel Altars

Angelic Life Path Healing For Adults  £25

Founder: Raine Hilton

Bring guidance, support, comfort and the healing power of Angels into your life to help you at every stage of your social and behavioural development. These Angels will work within the spectrum of five rays of light symbolising the five transformational stages of development of adult life:

  • Early Adulthood
  • Midlife
  • Mature Adulthood
  • Late Adulthood
  • Dying and Death

If you are using this energy for yourself you can simply select the ray of healing for yourself by focusing on your particular issue, and calling in the Angels of your relevant age Angelic Ray to assist you. If you are working on a client you can determine the issue or focal point in question and create an orb of the relevant age ray of Angelic energy to assist them. The group of Angels within this ray will support and guide you/your client during the day and will work, guide and protect you through the night. During dream time we are at our most open and receptive to assistance and guidance from the higher realms. Each ray will assist with the following development age related problems:

Rose Ray: ages 20-35 years

Learning responsibility and independence, travel, experimentation, making our mark on the world, creating lasting friendships, finding and running a home, transitional stage from education into the workplace, career goals, self identity, emotional intimacy and relationships, creating a family, child care, parental responsibilities and issues, shift in priorities, work-home balance,

Aqua Ray: ages 35-50 years

Contemplation and reflection, evaluation and assimilation of life values and goals so far, gaining expertise in your chosen field, searching for a deeper meaning, midlife crisis, shift in parental responsibilities, focus on contribution to the world, sharing wisdom and mentoring, relationship issues,

Peach Ray: ages 50-80 years

Benevolence and philanthropy – contribution to society, shifting family responsibilities - empty nest, remaining active and productive, mobility, healthcare concerns and body changes, hormonal shifts, independence, financial and housing issues, retirement concerns, grieving for loved ones.

Gold Ray: 80+ years

Accumulation of life’s work, wisdom, accomplishments and experience, sage/wise crone, value of life lived, reminiscing, healthcare concerns, mobility, independence, housing issues, completing tasks, making amends, making arrangements, sharing family stories and history, grieving for loved ones,

Violet Ray: Dying & Death

Terminal illness & long term health issues, value of living, regrets and celebrations, exploring grief and bereavement , psychological and social aspects of dying and death, mourning, burial/cremation, grief, leaving behind loved ones, after death beliefs, acceptance and surrender to the next phase of existence,

This team of Angels works within the Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Team.  Whereas the main team works with the whole family dynamic on an individual and collective level, the Angelic Life Path Healing for Adult team works specifically on life stage age related issues.

This is a very simple to use and intuitive system. There are no complicated symbols or hand positions to use. Once the Angels from the correct Ray are calledupon they will know what to do to help you for your highest good. Each shade within each of the rays brings with it a different vibrational frequency to help with the issues in that spectrum of related problems and age group. As you call on the Angels to help you, you need only to ask for those related to your  age, and that ray of light will be available for you to use.

Learn about:

  • How each Angelic Colour Ray can assist your life path
  • Archangels and your chakras
  • Your chakra system
  • Evocation of the Archangels for protection
  • Working with this energy
  • Crystal Chakra Healing
  • Angelic Orb for every day coughs, colds, viruses and fevers, Accidents, stress, anxiety, aches and pains.

Angelic Life Path Healing For Children  

Founder: Raine Hilton

Bring comfort and the healing power of Angels into your child’s life to help them at every stage of their social and behavioural development. These Angels will work within the spectrum of three rays of light symbolising the three transformational stages of development from birth, to beginning primary school, through to their teen years and high school, preparing them for adulthood.

When a new soul incarnates into a tiny helpless body it has to learn to adapt to life on our earth plane, while coping with a whole range of human emotions, egocentricities and all the ups and downs that childhood brings. Some children are incarnating with knowledge of their celestial and starseed roots, and also past life and in between incarnation lifetime memories which adds extra pressure to their childhood in the first few years.

As a parent, family member or carer you can simply select the ray of healing for your child by focusing on their particular issue, and calling in and creating an orb of the relevant age ray of Angelic energy to assist them. The group of Angels within this ray will support and guide them during the day and will watch over them at night, often working with them in their dream time to help them resolve their issues.

Each ray will assist with the following development age related problems:

Pink Ray: ages 0-4 years

Birth difficulties, bonding issues, soul integration, problems falling and staying asleep, feeding and digestion problems, teething, separation anxiety, abandonment issues, bonding with carers, disturbed routine, unable to make friends, struggles in unfamiliar environments, Starseed and celestial integration, past life memories integration

Green Ray: ages 5-10 years

Starting school fears, abuse, mother or father issues, struggling to communicate, feeling excluded, loneliness, fear of the dark,bed wetting, night terrors, attention seeking, sibling rivalry, death of a loved one,

Blue Ray: ages 11-16 years

New school problems, Self development issues, hormonal imbalances, peer group pressure, social anxiety, depression, low self confidence, shyness and insecurities, learning difficulties, alcohol drug nicotine or gaming addictions, sexual identity issues, body self image issues, weight and diet related problems, trust issues, fear of failure, feeling invisible, pressure to perform, exam phobia, crushes and romantic relationships.

This team of Angels works within the Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Team.  Whereas the main team works with the whole family dynamic on an individual and collective level, the Angelic Life Path Healing for Children team works specifically on child related issues.

This is a very simple to use and intuitive system. There are no complicated symbols or hand positions to use. Once the Angels from the correct Ray for your child are calledupon they will know what to do to help them for their highest good.

Learn about:

  • How each Angelic Colour Ray can assist your child’s life path
  • Evocation of the Archangels for protection
  • Working with this energy
  • Children’s Angelic Rainbow Heart Orb for coughs, colds and fevers, bumps bruises and accidents
  • Children’s chakra development from birth to teen + problem solving suggestions

This attunement is also available as a healing session

Angelic Mandala Orb Programming Attunement 

Founder: Raine Hilton

Creating an Angelic Healing Mandala is a simple but effective process that will allow you to create specially programmed energy orbs that you may gift to others or use for yourself. The ones we will be using for this system are as follows:

Healing, Protection,  Guidance, Love, Peace & Relaxation, Harmony, Abundance & Good Fortune, Celebration, Forgiveness, Mental Clarity & Focus, Fear & Anxiety Release, De-stress, Courage, Strength.

 represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. The magic of its meaning lies in its uniqueness as each mandala represents the mind and feelings of its creator on a certain point in time. Visually they have a magnetising effect evoking consciousness and awareness, allowing focus to draw inwards.


When we pour our story into a mandala, to set our intention, the mandala locks this in, and it is carried to the recipient via a chi ball. As the chi ball enters into the auric field, the mandala is released and begins to work deep within the subconscious mind. Not only will it help you though your current situation, the mandala will also continue afterwards to reprogram your neural pathways. Whenever you are confronted with a similar situation, you will be more likely to respond in a proactive way, rather than a reactive one. The more often you work with a particular Mandala Orb for that situation or mindset, the deeper the programming will go.

Learn how to program the Angelic mandalas using a simple process to manifest your desired outcome in a multitude of ways. When you just send a chi ball of energy alone, it will work for that specific purpose at that particular time, and then the energy will be absorbed into you and that is it. With this system the mandala continues the process, takes it that one step further.

Incorporate these beautiful mandalas, which can also be printed out, into your daily meditation practice to enrich your life, health and wellbeing.


Angelite Purification Sigil Connection Attunement £20
Founder: Raine & Philip Hilton

I have worked with this system’s energy for many years; it began firstly as a spiritual technique taught to me by Archangel Michael to help me to bridge the gap between our physical realm and their Angelic realm. As you can imagine energetically there is a huge difference in the vibrational frequency of our physical world to that of the Angelic realm. By working with this energy system we have been able to build a resonance which is harmonious for both parties to meet in creating the perfect working environment for healing, guidance and channelling. I have been guided to bring this energy through in the form of a spiritual attunement. This technique combines two different aspects; the crystal Angelite and Angelic energy in the form of Sigils. This provides representations of the physical and the spiritual realms. Working with the Sigils of the Archangels imprints the signature of their energy into your auric field; this alone can often be enough to deter further attacks. You can then call on this energy to help you in many different ways, whenever you need support, guidance, protection or cleansing and healing.

These sigils have many uses;

  • To connect you more clearly to the Archangels
  • To aid in channelling
  • To enhance meditation
  • To invoke any of the individual Archangel’s healing powers or energies.
  • To assist you with seeing the truth in a situation and helping you to seek guidance and justice for the highest good of all concerned
  • Protection from fear or psychic attack
  • Healing from Archangel Raphael
  • To protect you on a journey
  • To assist in personal or space clearing or cleansing
  • To create a protective circle for working magically or spiritually
  • Acts as a filter system for other attunements systems you may wish to call in or work with by cleaning up the lineage and removing any negative energy that they may have picked up on their way to you.
  • To sever cords/attachments after working magically or when healing others and also removing energetic traces of you*

 * This is really important if you have come into contact with negative entities while healing another person or you have been working in a hostile environment as it prevents the entity from picking up on your energy signature and following you back and causing you problems.

Angelite is known to assist and attune the user to the angelic realm and to facilitate angelic contact. It provides powerful Angelic protection for yourself and your environment.  Angelite also heightens perception and awareness, enhances telepathic communication and can in some cases enable out-of-body journeys to occur. It enhances astrological understanding  Angelite helps you to communicate your truth in a way that is compassionate and accepting to those around you even if the circumstances are difficult ones and the recipients are not usually responsive. It helps you to accept that there are some situations and even people that cannot be changed. It alleviates psychological pain and promotes feelings of peace and tranquillity.

Archangel Light Warrior Codes Attunement £25

Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy system is very different from other angelic systems, because this is for those engaged in energetic combat with negative forces. This is system is not for those who believe everything in the universe is sweetness and light and who do not use protection. I’m sorry, but in the real world I inhabit there are negative forces trying to undermine the work of the positive on an ongoing basis.

It strikes me as odd that some people can believe in angels and yet not believe in the existence of evil. Just as there are angels, there are also demons, trust me on this, I have fought against them for more years than I can remember and they are real. Negative entities come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very weak and no trouble at all to rid ourselves of, while others can be extreme and much harder to deal with.

This energy system enlists the help of six powerful forces for good in this battle and is intended for use in this ongoing fight. During the attunement process you will experience six bands of colour and within each of these bands is an energetic angelic weapon or tool of truth and justice. These will aid you in the fight against negative forces.

Zadkael – Violet – Dagger/Knife

Metatron – Pink – Cube

Uriel – Red – Book

Raphael – Green – Staff

Michael – Blue - Sword

Gabrael – White – Scroll

Archangel Michael Kyanite Protection Ray £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Archangel Michael is known as the Archangel of Protection, Strength and Guidance. Kyanite is a communication stone in providing clear messages during meditation. It helps to journey deeper into meditation to feel and hear the messages of Archangel Michael.

The high vibration and rapid transfers of energy from Kyanite create pathways where none existed before. Like a universal bridge, it is an extraordinary crystal of connection, opening the mind centres, enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities, bridging gaps in all communication efforts, and providing a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy.

Kyanite quickly aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, bringing tranquillity and a calming effect to the whole being. It is an exceptional stone for transitioning into deep meditative states.

The blue angel light ray represents power, protection, faith, courage, and strength.Michael, the leader of all holy angels, is in charge of the blue angel light ray. Michael is known for his exceptional strength and courage. He’s a leader who fights for good to prevail over evil. When we infuse this blue ray with kyanite crystalline energy it supercharges how we work with Archangel Michael and his angels.

Daily Guidance Archangelic Alignment £25

Founder: Raine Hilton

When we are struggling in life, feel overwhelmed with all that is happening, or become too focussed on each minute detail and are unable to see the bigger picture we can call upon an Archangel to assist us. As they blend their energy with ours our perspectives clarify, and confusing and negative feelings drop away with ease. Once we have attained a clearer, cleaner energy field, fresh new opportunities arise.  Synchronicities happen. Plans work out and life flows seamlessly. You could say miraculously.

We can call upon the Archangels for guidance, protection, inspiration and healing.  You don’t need to follow any particular religion or belief system to work with Angels. There are many different ways we can work with Archangels and in this system I would like to share with you is how to call on the Archangel who governs each day of the week. When we work regularly with any Archangel we build a relationship with them and over time this strengthens and our communications grow more fluent.

Each day of the week is energetically aligned to enhance the focus of specific tasks, goals and magical qualities. Like with spell casting, if we combine the correct ingredients and cast the spell on the right day, time and moon phase etc there is a greater chance of success. Each aspect we align strengthens the whole. So by choosing the correct day and calling on the right Archangel for your purpose you too will activate the natural flow of synchronicity and all that you need will come to you as you need it. We will be combining this with colour therapy to focus on specific issues.

Some may receive direct wisdom and may see or hear the Archangel, for others it may feel like a comforting presence and after meditation they will somehow know what needs to be done and will attract to them the right circumstances and people to help them move forward. You will have an especially powerful connection to the Archangel which resonates with the day of your birth.

You can begin right away to work with your daily Archangels; you do not have to wait until the beginning of a week to start. You may find variations of which Archangel resonates with each day, but these are the ones I am guided to share with you. Learn about each of the seven Archangels and how they can assist you each day. Work with the daily visualisations and healing mantras to empower your week

  • How meditation affects the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of us.
  • What are Sigils and how they can help us?
  • How to repel the effects of negative energy attacks and psychic vampirism
  • Angelite healing and spiritual properties
    • Instructions on how to make, program and work with your own Angel Sigil stones
    • Angelic communication; how to recognise and work with their energy
    • Unique channelled communication from Archangel Michael
    • Evocation of the Archangels for protection
    • Unique channelled ritual communication from Archangel Michael
    • Attunement procedure, after care, channelling and working with this energy
Angels Of Kabbalah

Angels of Kabbalah: Body of Light Healing £20

Founder: Raine Hilton

Kabbalah Angels help you to create a clear channel within you, enabling you to connect with and nurture your Body of Light. When you are intune with this aspect of yourself you become fully receptive to Kabbalah Angels Light Codes. The cells and subatomic molecular structure of the human body hold the supreme intelligence of Source. As you nourish and fill your cells with Kabbalah light, and consciously work to build your body of light, you raise your frequency. As you share your light with others, you increase the vibration of the planet. Light is the most vital source on the planet. When we fill our body with light, we begin our activation process, restructuring, recalibrating, recoding our energetic matrix back to its original framework. We begin the process of shifting into our perfected light body.

These streams of light adjust and fine tune your energy field. As you merge with these energies and pull more light into your body, you heal each system of your body, awakening ancient codes and keys within your soul. You activate latent abilities that have lain dormant for eons in your soul’s blueprint. As you bring more light into your body, you activate higher dimensional coding, reconnecting and reactivating your 12-strand DNA. The sequence of Kabbalah words you will access in your manual resonate with each part of your body. Once you have drawn the energy of this system through you to open you up to scanning and receiving the energy of these powerful words to bring about deep healing at a cellular level.


Angels of Kabbalah: Channelling Wisdom £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Channelling is something we all do naturally; we instinctively bring through the wisdom of our Higher Selves, Spiritual Guides and Angels when we are relaxed and open to sharing with others. Channelling is a universal human experience. Do you struggle to find the right words to help someone, open up your heart, maybe say a prayer for assistance and then suddenly the right words begin to flow through you?

This may happen in conversation or while writing an email. Afterwards, you may not fully remember what you have said. This information doesn’t come from you but through you. We all have this ability, however; our sixth sense that we use to tap into this stream of consciousness may become distorted or blocked by external stimuli. This energy system helps you to step out of the way of your ego (lower self-identity) and bypass the day-to-day monkey chatter distracting you from your true spiritual nature, so wisdom from your higher self can flow through you more easily.

Channelling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness. It’s about learning how to shut out the noise. When you commit to meditating each day, connecting to your higher self, guides and angels the clearer your messages from spirit will come through. As you channel you build a bridge to the higher realms where a loving, caring, purposeful collective higher consciousness awaits you.


Angels of Kabbalah: Creating Order From Chaos £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Working with the Angels of Kabbalah can help us to find meaning and gain a greater understanding of ourselves as we navigate our way through life. This can help us to centre and ground ourselves so we can co-create the future we desire from a place of calm order and not random chaos.

Nothing prepares us for chaos entering our life and yet we are all subject to it at different times. Usually many factors come together and shake our foundation all at the same time. At the time it can seem as if our world is ending because we cannot see the pattern the chaos (from our perspective) is creating.

Positive changes can come from chaos even if we don’t think so at the time. This can be a difficult mindset to develop if the chaos involves losing loved ones, your job or home. Sadly, I think we have all experienced at least one of these at one time or another.
However, what we can take away from this is the strengths we develop because of these challenges. How they make us grow and develop as a person. Perhaps become a little wiser or more enlightened, gain deeper insights into how others in a similar position are feeling and being able to help them.


Angels of Kabbalah: Deep Cellular Healing £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Your body houses an incredibly complex network of systems all working in harmony to provide you with the perfect human vehicle in which to express your soul’s experiences. Your body is far more than just its visible physical aspect; it is also a blend of your thoughts and emotions, life choices, social and family conditioning, personal habits and rituals.

When you choose life enhancing positive options you live within the range of the cellular blueprint for your incarnation and your body supports our choices. Your body knows how to heal. Healing is your natural state. Physical, mental and emotional disharmony can be a reflection of how the world (inner and outer) has been out of alignment. As a conscious life form you have the ability to heal and rebalance youself on a ‘cellular level’ by connecting to the Angels of Deep Cellular healing to assist and support your healing journey.

Deep Cellular Healing is the process by which healing of bodily ailments occurs by the release of suppressed memories and emotions so that cells regenerate normally. Tune into your original blueprint for this life time, call on the Angels of Kabbalah and initiate Deep Cellular Healing to rebuild your body to achieve its full potential so that will go on to support you for many more years to come.


Angels of Kabbalah: Defusing Negative Energy & Stress £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Does it sometimes feel as if life is a daily battle to remain positive when there is so much negativity surrounding you?

We are constantly bombarded by doom and gloom from our family, friends, the media at every turn. Although we cannot escape the facts and consequences of actions and situations, we have the power to choose how we feel about challenging situations and tragic events and how we decide to respond to them.  

This energy will not wave a magic wand and make all these things disappear from your life as that is not what it is about. In fact, it is all of these challenges and how we overcome them that give us the opportunity to be strong, wise, compassionate and to help others. Confrontation allows us the opportunity to stand back and proactively choose the kindest course of action for all concerned.

The Angels, through this energy system will help you to diffuse all of the negative energy surrounding the situation you are in and this will naturally reduce your stress levels. When we are operating from a place of love, kindness, compassion and gratitude we see solutions which were not visible in our fog of negativity.

Angels of Kabbalah: Eliminating Negative Thoughts £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Are your thoughts a true representation of your reality? Does your situation feel hopeless, are you being filled with disempowering thoughts or urges to do something you would never normally consider doing?

When we speak of being influenced by negative forces, entities and energies our first line of defence is monitoring and guarding our thoughts. If you are in the middle of a challenging situation, is it being made worse by irrational fears and anxiety that are spirally out of your control?

These can be thoughts of self harm, irrational reactions, or an urge to harm others, to walk out of a relationship or a job on the spur of a moment. You may be negatively influenced to give up something you know is good for you such as eating healthily, exercising regularly, or cutting down or out of your drinking or smoking. It can be that insidious voice whispering:

 “Just one won’t hurt, no one will know …” or “I can start again tomorrow” or “It will never work, I’m not good enough, strong enough, or worth it.”

Or, it can be more dangerous and prompt you to act against your will in a way that will cause harm to yourself or others. This can quickly lead to more destructive actions and as you are now vibrating at a lower energy frequency you attract more negative experiences into your life. This can lead you to feeling unable to trust yourself, to feel inadequate, indecisive, vulnerable and weak.

When you feel lost, fearful or anxious and unable to trust yourself, this energy will give you the breathing space you need to step back from the situation. This will allow you to actively choose how to respond... not react impulsively… and live to regret your actions. When we monitor our thoughts, restrict our irrational reactions and immediately replace negative thoughts with positive ones as they occur, actively choose to walk away or stop and correct our behaviour we block the Dark Forces and in the process reveal more Light into our life.

Each time we choose to overcome our reactive nature we grow stronger and more resilient; we learn to really know and trust ourselves. We learn to recognise instantly if we are suddenly experiencing thoughts or emotions that are not our true response to what is happening.  As we raise our personal vibrations the Dark Ones find it more difficult to influence us and feel uncomfortable being around us and so will move on.


Angels of Kabbalah: Etheric Red String Protection £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

The Red String is used by followers of Kabbalah as a form of protection against what is termed The Evil Eye. The idea of using such a protection has been known for thousands of years and is to be found in many cultures. The wearing of the red string comes from an ancient tradition in Israel. The tradition is for people to wind red string seven times around the tomb of Rachel, the matriarch of the Jewish people. She was buried between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The tomb is considered holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and therefore can transmit tremendous energy. When we look at others with hate, or with envy, we are sending negative energy their way, and vice versa. The Red String protects us from conscious and unconscious stares. It is worn on the left wrist, left representing the desire to receive, therefore creating a protective shield that fends off negative energy.

For this Angels of Kabbalah: Etheric Red String attunement I have channelled the energy needed to form an etheric version of a protective Red String for you. You can use the red string system purely energetically or you can choose a piece of red string and empower it with this energy. Once made and empowered, and placed within your energy field, it will provide you with a form of ongoing protection against negativity.

Angels of Kabbalah: Building Bridges £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Now and again we may reach a crossroad in our relationships with others where we have to decide if we wish to burn our bridges or rebuild them.  Sometimes the healthiest course of action is to walk away, but where there is a chance of rebuilding the relationship in a new way it is wise to consider. After all there is history there and important shared learning experiences. Rebuilding a relationship allows you to step back from all of the tangled emotions and dramas to reassess your position and establish new boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable to you.

When we create mental and emotional distance from the other person and allow the story of what has happened to be set aside we can see them again as simply our friend, mother, sister, or neighbour. We are given a brand new opportunity to see this person in a new light, an enlightened light. While it would not be wise to simply forget all that has gone between you, it is important to be able to forgive them and yourself for your part in the matter. We forgive so we can let go of all the pain that remembering and reliving the experience evokes within us.

We have a precious opportunity to learn valuable lessons from what happened, to examine what went wrong, how communications broke down, and how this can be prevented in the future. In this manual we will be working with the Kabbalah Angel of Building bridges to overcome your differences with another and rebuild your relationship


Angels of Kabbalah: Inner Light Revealed £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Before incarnation we are perfect, pure, beautiful beings of light. However, when we incarnate onto this world our light becomes dulled as we navigate the complex world of humanity with its rules and regulations, social conditioning, peer pressure, expectations and limitations. We are at the mercy of mental, emotional and physical limitations we have either being born with or negative patterns of behaviour we have formed or accumulated from those around us. Our soul light becomes diffused through the filter of our humanity.

We may put up barriers or wear masks to protect ourselves or hide our vulnerabilities from one another. Sometimes we feel pressured to actually develop another personality from our true state or to assume different personas to represent our different roles in life; such as parent, partner, colleague, boss, friend etc. What may have began as a coping mechanism can quickly become a heavy burden to carry which weighs down their soul and prevents your light from shining brightly. This can make it difficult to be able to fulfil your potential for this incarnation.

In this manual we will be working with the Kabbalah Angel of Inner Light Revealed to help to cast yourself in a favourable light. It will help you to accept and love yourself just as you are and for others to see the real you. When we are true to ourselves we attract to us everyone and everything to support our Soul Path. Life runs more smoothly and our inner light easily illuminates our way ahead. I will connect you energetically to this Angel using this energy system and then I will give you the Kabbalah God Name to scan morning and night and a manta to focus your intention and to help further empower your intention.

Angels of Kabbalah: Miraculous Blessings £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Miracles are described as an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. Miracles are recognised as an effect or event manifesting or are considered as a work of God. We are led to believe they are a rare event that happened more in the Bible than in our life today. In truth, miracles are unfolding all of the time, we just tend to close our eyes to them because they may not manifest as what we want, even if they are what we need. Miraculous blessings are not just about raising the dead, or turning water into wine, sometimes they are the everyday special one-of-a-kind happenings that make you stop and take notice and even turn your life around completely.

They may appear as a friend suddenly getting the urge to turn up on your doorstep in your hour of need, or finding that extra £20 forgotten in an old coat when you are struggling to make ends meet. It could be missing your train and then discovering it later crashed. It could be clicking a link, joining a group and finding the love of your life. It could be the workman next door deciding to use a shorter drill bit than usual and missing drilling into your gas pipe by millimetres and causing an explosion.  These are all examples of miracles I have experienced, and I bet if you think about it, you could come up with a few of your own too. Sometimes these happen seemingly out of the blue and other times because you have worked to attract them to you.

Universals laws state that in many cases Angels cannot intervene unless we specifically ask them to as this would be a contradiction of our right to free will and free choice. If someone picks us up each time we fall, we will never learn to get back up ourselves and stand on our own two feet. We can actively manifest more miracles by following the 5 principles of this system and scanning the right Kabbalah Angel God Name to align ourselves with the right vibrational frequency.

Angels of Kabbalah: Release Fear £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

While some fears are healthy and are what keeps us alive, irrational fears are not. Many lives are ruined by fear of one thing or another and people respond in various ways known as the fight, flight or freeze response. Individuals often feel that their only option is to go through life by avoiding potential trigger situations or by popping pills and potions in a bid to numb their senses. This approach only serves to; put off the inevitable panic attack, or to live only half a life in a self-imposed prison.

Fear hides in the shadows, when you talk about things and “bring them to the light” they lose their hold on you forever. Fear loves darkness and secrets; it shows its power by distorting the facts and clothing them in illusions. The 72 Names of God are the Kabbalah Angels. Each God Name is represented by a specific Angel that you can call on to work with you in your time of need. Many people prefer to just scan the God Names, and yes, this will work for you, but taking the time to form a connection with the Angel behind that God Name empowers you far more.

I have worked with these Angels for many years and I never fail to be amazed at the miracles they have graced my life with; from literally saving my life and that of my family, to making my life flow more easily, more intuitively, bringing me into alignment with people and opportunities to further my Soul Path. In this manual we will be working with the Kabbalah Angel to help you to release your fears. I will connect you energetically to this Angel using this energy system and then I will give you the Kabbalah God Name to scan morning and night and a manta to focus your intention and to help further empower your intention.

​​​​​​ Angels of Kabbalah: Releasing Victim Mentality£15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Do you feel powerless, as if you have no control over your life or specific situations?
Do you feel trapped in a negative cycle as though bad things keep happening to you no matter how hard you try to escape?
Do you blame other people for how your life's going and feel as though everything is stacked against you?
Do you have trouble coping with setbacks and have a negative attitude going into most situations?
Do you find it hard to make changes in your life as you lack support from other people?
Do you lack self-confidence or have low self-esteem and feel like others should recognise that you have been a victim?

If this is the case for you, you may find that you are blaming other people for events or situations that are going wrong in your life; you may be exhibiting behaviour known as a victim mentality.  Those with a victim mentality feel as though the whole and the world are pitted against them and no matter what they do they will never succeed, they feel powerless and at the mercy of others.

You may feel as though even those closest to you; your colleagues, your partner, or even your family or friends are constantly letting you down or are not living up to your expectations. Even though there might be times when you can take back control and be accountable for your situation, you fail to do so.

You might take things personally even when they are not directed at you. You might think thoughts like, “What did I do to deserve this?” You might also feel resentful and persecuted a lot of the time.

This issue could be rooted in; experiences of past trauma where this mindset was developed as a coping mechanism - multiple negative situations where you had no sense of control - ongoing emotional pain that makes you feel helpless or trapped so that you give up - having someone betray your trust in the past makes you feel like you can’t trust people going forward (especially a parent or partner)

When something like this happens and we don’t have any therapeutic tools such as coping strategies in place at the time it is easy to develop a negative viewpoint or victim mindset. This led you to believe that life just happens to you and that you have no responsibility for what happens in your life. This energy system gently encourages you to become accountable and to take responsibility for all you have created in your life and helps you to embrace your future proactively.


Angels of Kabbalah: Letting Go £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Holding on when we should let go, is a situation we have all faced at some point in our life. This may be an unhealthy habit, a destructive relationship, a situation we have become trapped in, a cycle we continue to repeat or simply all of the clutter that has built up in our home. It isn’t just the physical representation of what we are holding onto that is the problem, but also how it affects mentally and emotionally. Even after a relationship or situation has ended, you may find yourself still thinking about what happened, this forms unhealthy bonds which continue to keep you trapped in a holding pattern.

People often become hoarders, not so much because of the items they own, but because of what they represent; the mental and emotional hold it has over them. This could be a memory of a wonderful holiday, or time spent with a loved one, a hideous but well meant gift from a family member. In some cases hoarding acts as “compensation” for partners or children moving out of the family home, the loss of a career or debilitating illness. Each person has their own deeply personal connection to their stuff that others may fail to understand. They often obtain a feeling of comfort and safety in being surrounded by their possessions and see them as an extension of themselves. They worry that by getting rid of their stuff that it will somehow diminish who they are and erode their sense of self identity.

In the same way, some people are trapped in destructive relationships because that is all they have known, perhaps even modelling their parent’s relationship. Even when they finally make the break, the energy imprint is so deeply ingrained that they find themselves drawn into a another negative relationship to continue the pattern. Perhaps you have an addiction that you are struggling to free yourself from, this is another form of needing to let go of the person you were so you can embrace who are you becoming. This energy system not only helps you to be open to new and different possibilities, it also removes the negative energy imprints that the situation has caused. This is important as it stops you clinging onto the past and drawing similar experiences into your life again, or repeating destructive cycles.

Archangels Awareness Series

Archangel Ariel Gaia Healing £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Archangel Ariel is known as “The Great Earth Mother”. Ariel is the Archangel who watches over the Earth (Gaia) and all living creatures.
Archangel Ariel is responsible for supporting the ecosystem, healing and rebalancing the energies of Gaia and working to restore the rhythms and cycles of nature.

We can invite Archangel Ariel into our meditation and healing sessions to help with recoverthe y and healing of Gaia from natural disasters, wars etc, to assist with the health and wellbeing of animals and plants, and to bring peace, harmony and balance into your life through natural means.
Working with Ariel allows us to recognise the cycles and patterns of our life, helping us to let go of situations when it is time to, and to welcome new beginnings. Ariel can assist us in acceptance of loss and death with grace.

You can call on Ariel to balance the individual cycles and rhythms within your physical body to promote wellness and harmony. The stresses and strains of modern fast-paced life often cut us off from the rejuvenating benefits of nature leaving us depleted in the life-giving energy of Gaia. Archangel Ariel helps us to integrate this natural flow of energy into our lives.


Archangel Barachiel Miraculous Occurrences £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Archangel Barachiel is known as “The Divine Facilitator of Miraculous Occurrences”. Barachiel is the angel of blessings and is also known as the chief of all Guardian Angels.

Barachiel intercedes in our prayers to God for blessings and miracles. You can ask for blessings and miracles for yourself, or your loved ones, or for humanity as a whole and they will work through your Guardian Angel to help you to manifest this according to what is for the highest good of all concerned.

Barachiel can be petitioned to help with achieving success in all areas of your life as they love to see humanity expressing themselves in a myriad of beautifully creative ways and to share these blessings with others.

Barachiel will assist you in opening your heart so you can receive the gifts of abundance. They will also help you keep a positive outlook and encourage you to expect abundance in your life.

Our inner thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our outer expression of life. We become what we attract to us, so when we vibrate at a higher more positive frequency we attract everything to us on that frequency. When we approach life with humour and gratitude we open the doors for more blessings and miracles to come our way.

Archangel Michael: Life Rebalancing System £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Archangel Michael is often called on for protection, and is even known by the title of ‘The Great Protector’ he is also a powerful defender of those who are in need of realigning the energetic balance of their life. If you are stuck in any situation where an honest appraisal is needed, such as a court case, a power struggle at work, or guidance for the way ahead, Michael is the Archangel to call on.

Self-limiting ourselves and inflexible goal setting block the flow of positivity. When we put limitations on what we feel we are entitled to in life, or are able to achieve we send this signal out into the universe and the universe responds to that call with exactly what we need to keep us in that holding pattern. When we set goals so rigidly that there is no room for creativity or self expression as we expand in awareness then we are again limiting what we can achieve. It is great to set goals but like a captain at the wheel of a ship, you have to know when it is the right time to adjust your course to reach your destination, or be ready to make a detour when necessary.

By working with Archangel Michael and this energy system will restore a healthy balance and direction for your personal and professional life. If you are caught up in a negative situation and need help to escape from it call upon Archangel Michael to assist you. Archangel Michael will support you as you make positive life changes, and before you know it your life will be very different. Manual also contains a channelled communication from Michael.


Archangel Raphael Heart-Centred Healing £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Archangel Raphael is most identified with the colour green as this symbolic of healing energy and is also linked to the heart chakra. It is through the heart chakra where we both give and receive love to and from one another. This is the most important chakra in the whole system as it is the gateway between the spiritual world and the physical world it is where energy is transmuted between the two realms and then distributed between each individual chakra. Lack of trust or being repeatedly hurt or let down by those close to us often makes us want to withdraw into ourselves as a form of self protection.

This chakra also indicates the force we hold in the world, how we represent ourselves to others, when this chakra is closed it may feel as if we have no power or control over our lives, we may feel that life has passed us by and that we may fear never leaving our mark on the world. This gives way to fears about taking chances and being spontaneous of being afraid to trust in ourselves or in others. Heart-Centred breathing is about directing your attention to the heart area. Bringing our breath and awareness to our heart area brings our attention into our body. We will be using this technique in conjunction with the healing energy of Archangel Raphael and his healing mandala. Manual includes a channelled communication from Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Gabriel Enhanced Communication £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Archangel Gabriel assists us in finding effective ways to communicate with others, especially if there is something which needs to be finalised, discussed or if highly charged emotions or conflicting opinions are involved.

With this energy, your communication chakras are deeply cleansed and rebalanced. Your communication ability is enhanced to such a high vibrational degree so that instead of conversing with one another at the level of the ego, generating ‘me-first’ behaviour, you do so from a higher awareness. This allows you to be open to greater possibilities and alternative points of view. You are able to see life from another’s perspective so you can more easily understand where they are coming from. By doing this you can find common ground with each other and find ways of compromising so that all parties feel accommodated and their opinions validated.

Archangel Gabriel isn’t only concerned with communication between one another but also encouraging communication between humanity and the angelic realms, including our Guardian Angel and Birth Guide. Not forgetting, how we also communicate with ourselves. Self-Talk can be the most empowering or destructive form of communication and deep programming we can do to ourselves. Manual includes a channelled communication from Archangel Gabriel.


Archangel Uriel Divine Illumination £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Archangel Uriel unconditionally serves humanity by sharing her divine light and striving to bring about illumination for all souls. Uriel is bringing forth messages of light and hope and powerful high vibrational frequency energies at this time because humanity has expressed a collective desire to embrace global shift in consciousness.

Archangel Uriel can help you to heal every aspect of your life by purifying your mental and emotional understanding and transforming lower vibrational energies into an awakened and enlightened spiritual understanding. Uriel is ready and willing to assist you in anchoring this powerful light into every cell of your being.

This energy particularly resonates with the crown chakra, spinal column and also the palm the chakras. By holding your arms out to the side as you channel this energy you form a living cross of light and become a beacon of light for others. Manual includes a channelled communication by Archangel Uriel.


Archangel Chamuel Self Love Healing £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Archangel Chamuel is best known for helping us all to form better relationships with ourselves as well as with one another. He helps us to find inner peace and our own connection to the Divine. He will guide and inspire you to find your place in the universe as a pure being of light. He helps us to right wrongs in a way that is in harmony with the greater good for all concerned. He inspires us to express our inner gifts of unconditional love, forgiveness, tolerance and understanding. He brings strength, persistence, confidence and courage to make the changes we need to. As we work on these important qualities within ourselves we begin to emit a powerful new and higher vibrational energy field which will greatly influence our future. When we truly love, accept and understand ourselves we can have a positive influence on how we positively co-create our future.

If we constantly criticise ourselves, fill our minds with negative self talk we program ourselves to be open to more negativity. This negative programming may have begun in childhood where you were told you weren’t good enough; you were compared to your siblings who were achieving greater academic success than you. You may have struggled to fit in with your peers. You may have had to suppress who you truly are to fit in with friends, work mates, even your family and partner. Perhaps you have had to hide your sexual orientation or identity. Our light becomes dulled because we feel unable to express who we are to others, and sometimes to our self. This is where Archangel Chamuel can help you to learn to love yourself, bringing you peace, inner fulfilment and connecting you to the love you have been hiding away deep inside yourself.


Archangel Haniel Intuitive Gifts £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Haniel brings harmony and balance into your life and reminds you to find fulfilment from within rather than trying to find happiness from outside yourself. Haniel reminds us that external joy is fleeting, while the happiness that comes from within is never lost. There may be a particular spiritual ability you wish to work with Haniel on, or perhaps you need help discovering just what your abilities are. Fear often prevents us from exploring this aspect of ourselves, Haniel can help you to overcome this and to joyfully embrace what is yours by divine right and to use your intuitive gifts wisely.

Haniel’s energy helps you to discover and develop your natural intuitive abilities and to use them in a way that will bring balance and harmony to your life. We each have different gifts within us to share with the world. Haniel helps us to do this joyfully and willingly. Our spiritual gifts can be described as falling within the range of Clairsenses. These super heightened senses represent our special ability to see, hear, feel, sense, smell, taste, or know spirit.  Working with Haniel will help you to discover and develop your own senses.


Archangel Jeremiel Divine Visions £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

With Jeremiel's divine guidance, we can discover and enhance our spiritual abilities. His laser-like vision can provide structure and direction for our soul path. He can access information from all our lifetimes to help us utilise our spiritual strengths and abilities in this incarnation. Jeremiel directly aligns himself with our energy field to act as a medium between us and those in spirit we wish to communicate with. He raises our consciousness so energies from the higher realms are more easily accessible.

Jeremiel is one of the more subtle Archangels to work with, as he prefers to communicate through dreams and visions often in symbolic form. This mode of communication helps his messages to go deeper into our subconscious minds, where they take root and bear the fruit of knowledge when the time is right. Jeremiel is the perfect Archangel to work with if your spiritual focus is on developing clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities, learning lucid dreaming, and being open to prophetic dreams, or past life recall.


Archangel Jophiel Wisdom & Transformation £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of Joy, Beauty and Positive Transformations, and is also described as the Yellow Ray of Wisdom, Illumination and Constancy. Jophiel helps in absorbing information, studying for and passing tests, dissolution of ignorance, pride, and narrow-mindedness, and exposure of wrongdoing in governments and corporations.  Jophiel helps to balance negative and positive emotions by helping to see the beauty in all things when events in your life have you feeling down, depressed, or uninspired.

The Archangel Jophiel is often depicted holding a flaming sword, the “Sword of Wisdom.” Some of these depictions show Jophiel with the Flaming Sword of Wisdom guarding the Tree of Life. This flaming sword is a symbol for Jophiel’s ability to cut through the illusions of your thoughts by illuminating the true nature of your spiritual self. Its yellow light from the flame illuminates the reality of your situation. Archangel Jophiel provides assistance with refocusing on positive experiences of life, encouraging inner journeys which lead to the discovery of soul-specific solutions for your life's passions, and raising your energy levels and thoughts toward the light to inspire the giving and receiving of unconditional love.

Archangel Metatron Path Changer £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Metatron is a wonderful Archangel to work with whenever you need to reset your path; to find inspiration or a new direction. Perhaps you have become stuck in your comfort zone, only now, it isn’t feeling quite so comfortable. Or, maybe, inevitable changes are on the horizon for you that you know you will have embrace. Metatron can help you to do this without fear.

A powerful initiator of change, Archangel Metatron orchestrates events on Earth with a magical touch. Miraculous events, transformations, and spirit-to-spirit communications are the areas Archangel Metatron is most passionate about.

In sacred geometry, Archangel Metatron oversees the flow of energy in a mystical cube known as Metatron’s Cube, containing all of the geometric shapes in God’s creation and representing the patterns that make up everything God has made. Those shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter, which are known as Platonic solids. Those three-dimensional shapes appear throughout creation, in all everything from crystals to our DNA. Metatron’s Cube helps us realise the harmony and balance of nature and therefore bring order and direction to our path. Manual includes a channelled communication from Archangel Metatron.


Archangel Azrael Life Transition & Soul Crossing £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

You can call upon Archangel Azrael to help you through the various stages of grief and life adjustments. He can help you to navigate these with grace and acceptance. Archangel Azrael can also help you to develop mediumship and psychic abilities. Archangel Azrael also works with Archangel Metatron, assisting with the Akashic Records. He can help with your spiritual development, with guiding, comforting and teaching others, particularly those specialising in: transitions and life changes, psychopomp work, developing mediumship and psychic abilities and raising our vibrational rate.

Archangel Azrael offers compassion and wisdom and brings healing, comfort, support and love to those grieving after the loss of a loved one. Archangel Azrael is also known as the Angel of Death, but it is essential not to see this in a negative way. Azrael is with you when your physical body dies, soothing any suffering and fear, and assists with the journey as you pass over to the Other Side. He assists with comforting the dying and grieving, and the crossing over of souls of the newly deceased.

Archangel Azrael comforts people prior to their physical death, offering assistance to new arrivals on the Other Side, helping them to adjust and assimilate to life on the Other Side in the spiritual realm.  Archangel Azrael surrounds those left behind, the grieving family and friends with Divine Light and healing energies, helps them to cope with loss, and brings material, spiritual and emotional support. Archangel Azrael stands by as a source of quiet strength and comfort and is available to all concerned.


Archangel Raguel: Harmony Resonance £15
Founder: Raine Hilton

Raguel is the archangel of fairness and justice.
He remains unbiased and impartial allowing him to restore harmony and justice to all relationships and circumstances. Archangel Raguel maintains balance and harmony while managing the synchronistic events collectively as well as those relating to our individual soul contracts. He reminds us that for every action, there is a reaction which affects the paths of our lives.

Working with Archangel Raguel reminds us that we are all in this together, that our actions affect others in far reaching ways, the good ones as well as the harmful ones. He encourages us to work together to uplift all of humankind and to raise the collective consciousness of all living beings on this earth.

When faced with challenging or unfair situations, call on Archangel Raguel to: Restore order and equilibrium through peaceful means. Changes to your soul contracts, Help with teamwork or group situations, Assistance with creating a harmonious environment in your home and at your place of work, Exploring the Hall of Records through meditation and visions.

Often referred to as the Angel of Justice, he helps us with truth and honesty in ourselves and in others. He is the mediator in challenging situations, especially if we have problems with another person.  His energy embodies logic and fairness. He sees situations as they stand and offers realistic and achievable solutions. Learn the benefits of Authentic Communication with yourself and with others to restore your inner power.


Archangel Raziel Divine Keeper Of Mysteries £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

As the gatekeeper of divine information, Archangel Raziel governs the veil between the worlds of Heaven and Earth, the subconscious, dreams, karma, past lives and the gifts of mediumship, using clairvoyance, clairaudience and other spiritual abilities relating to the various clairsenses. Connecting with Archangel Raziel is for those who are led to a deep spiritual awakening such as spiritual teachers that are called to guide others to the scared knowledge. Archangel Raziel helps with: Alchemy, Clairvoyance, Divine magic, Esoteric information, Manifestation, Psychic abilities

In addition to uncovering mysteries, opening psychic gifts, and expanding creativity, Raziel will help you to see, and learn to love your shadow self and all that you are. He brings light to your challenging traits and experiences, helping you to see the bigger picture and the bigger blessings unfolding as a result of all the magical moments accumulating in your soul history.

Raziel sees and can help you to see how all of your soul’s experiences have meaning and he can help you transform past pain, memories, hardships, and trauma into power you can utilise to accomplish your present life purpose. Raziel is also an expert at dissolving blockages, and removing obstacles preventing you from living your highest and greatest truth in this lifetime now.


Archangel Sandalphon - Divine Nurturer £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Archangel Sandalphon is referred to by many names such as “Angel of Music”, “Angel of Glory”, “Angel of Prayer” or “Angle of Art”. Sandalphon inspires and motivates people to care for the planet. He connects and works with humanity on a deeply emotional level. With a strengthened emotional system, you won’t feel trapped or powerless in situations where your negative emotions may hamper your ability to make wise decisions.

Sandalphon brings you the courage to trust your natural abilities, instead of depending on others. A healthy emotional state enables you to make bold decisions that are good for yourselves and others and to see solutions where others cannot. Being an angel of music, he teaches people to sense the harmonious tones and vibrations of others. He teaches us to see beneath the surface, between the layers of music, allowing us to learn to assimilate these nurturing harmonic vibrations within us.

He has a gentle, loving energy. A teacher, a parent, a counsellor all rolled into one divine nurturing presence. He makes it feel easy and safe to look at the deepest darkest parts of ourselves, to face our darkest emotions and fears so that we may release them. Archangel Sandalphon nurtures our souls with music and is responsible for auditory communications between Heaven and Earth, including prayers and clairaudient (extrasensory hearing) spirit communications.

NEW Archangel Seraphiel Purification Flame £15
Founder: Raine Hilton


Archangel Seraphiel can be called upon to help us cleanse and purify our lives and help overcome any addictions, negative cycles or character traits that are distracting us from achieving our pure potential

Seraphiel is named for their mission as the chief of the seraphim angelic choir, the order of angels that is closest to God. Seraphiel is known as the angel of purification because they emanate the fire of pure devotion to God that burns away negativity.

Angels work as God's messengers to people, when the seraphim communicates messages; the effect is intense because of their extreme passion. Seraphiel inspires people to become inflamed with God's pure love.

Archangel Seraphiel resonates with moon magic, tides, seasons, and the phases of life. This archangel angel is known as the “fiery one” because no impurities can withstand his purifying flames.

When you meditate on any impurities, addictions or negative cycles of behaviour, Seraphiel can help you cleanse and purify them. They can support you in ridding yourself of any harmful substances and energies that are a hindrance to your life.


Archangel Zadkiel Sexual Life Path Healing £15

Founder: Raine Hilton

Archangel Zadkiel is the Archangel of Freedom, Benevolence and Mercy. He assists you in working through negative feelings and experiences to reach a place of love, acceptance, forgiveness of the self and others. He assists in healing from situations of abuse, and issues relating to yourself as a sensual, loving, creative, sexual being. This energy systems works with a whole range of sexually related issues in a gentle, understanding way.

Many struggle with issues relating to sexual identity and orientation especially those who have had a restrictive, closed-minded or strict religious upbringing. This energy helps you to assimilate all you are experiencing to bring you to a place of wholeness through peace of mind and emotional healing, to live a life that is authentic for who you truly are. Archangel Zadkiel brings you acceptance, love and understanding. If you are struggling to discover yourself, he will illuminate and support your journey of self discovery without judgement or recrimination. He will encourage you to lovingly explore this aspect of you and to be open to new experiences, accepting that you are born this way.

If you have suffered sexual abuse, or have had relationships which have left you feeling unfulfilled, stifled or pressured in anyway sexually, this energy can help you to joyfully regain your true sensual self again. If you are in a relationship and feel that your sex life has lost its spark, and the passion you enjoyed when you first met, this energy system can help you to rekindle this.

Perhaps you have a family member or friend who is exploring their sexual orientation, or identity, and you are struggling to accept them because of your own inbuilt conditioning and prejudices. Zadkiel encourages us to love ourselves, and to love others as God loves us. He helps us to understand and accept milestones and new situations in our life journey – even if it hurts or challenges our beliefs and perceptions. He gives us strength to confront any limitations, and reminds us to be grateful and appreciate the love we have in our lives. He is gentle, inspirational, calm and sympathetic as we learn to accept others and to love unconditionally as we gain an understanding of diversity.