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Egyptian Attunements


With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with plenty of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls.
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
  • Lifetime email support

When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me to book your attunement/attunements.


Hatshepsut’s Gateway To The Kingdom £7.99 Special Offer!
Founder: Philip Hilton


This energy fuses the energy and wisdom of Hatshepsut, whose title was “She is First among Noble Women”, with the power and latent energy of her mortuary temple, which acts as an energetic conduit, through which this combined energy forms the Gateway of the title of this energy system.
You will not only be attuned to The Gateway of her temple, also known as The house of Eternity, but to Hatshepsut herself. In essence this is a dual attunement, though energetically you will receive both energy streams as one. Her energy is one of strength, wisdom and the ability to see a thing through to the end. Coupled with the divine energetic stream from her House Of Eternity. This provides a gateway of power for you to tap into.

Call this in whenever you have need of any of the following:

  • You need to make serious decisions
  • You have need of assistance in quelling arguments or unrest
  • To smooth troubled waters after an argument
  • Whenever you need to be at your best
  • Whenever you are faced with seemingly impossible choices
  • For any family disputes
  • When you are responsible for another and must act on their behalf

Nefertari’s Gateway To The House Of Eternity £7.99 Special Offer!

Founder: Philip Hilton

Nefertari, also known as Nefertari Meritmut, was an Egyptian queen and the first of the Great Royal Wives (or principal wives) of Ramesses the Great. Nefertari means 'beautiful companion' and Meritmut means 'Beloved of [the goddess] Mut'. She is one of the best known Egyptian queens, among such women as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut. She was highly educated and able to both read and write hieroglyphs, a very rare skill at the time. She used these skills in her diplomatic work, corresponding with other prominent royals of the time. Her lavishly decorated tomb, QV66, is one of the largest and most spectacular in the Valley of the Queens. Ramesses also constructed a temple for her at Abu Simbel next to his colossal monument there.

This energy fuses the energy and wisdom of Nefertari with the power and latent energy of her mortuary temple, which acts as an energetic conduit, through which this combined energy forms the Gateway of the title of this energy system. You will not only be attuned to The Gateway of the temple, also known as The house of Eternity, but to Nefertari herself also. In essence this is a dual attunement, though energetically you will receive both energy streams as one.

NEW Nefertiti Alignment £7.99 Special Offer!
Founder: Philip Hilton

Nefertiti, great royal wife of Amenhotep IV (better known by the name he adopted later in life, Akhenaten), is one of history's most recognised mysterious figures. Glowing passages describe her radiance, like the one found engraved on a stela at Amarna, Egypt, that said:
 "The leading woman of all the nobles, great in the palace, perfect of appearance, beautiful in the double plume, the mistress of joy who is united with favour, whose voice people rejoice to hear, great wife of the king, his beloved, the great mistress of the two lands— Neferneferuaten, Nefertiti, granted life forever, and for eternity!"

Her husband radically changed Egypt, transforming its polytheistic state religion to the worship of one deity, the solar disk Aten. He also moved the Egyptian capital to a new city he built named Akhetaten, meaning “horizon of the God Aten.”

This energy Aligns you with this woman who was not only a great Egyptian queen and known beauty, but who was also a powerful royal in her own right.

The evidence is shown in depictions of the royal couple that she was elevated above all other women and men in the kingdom at this time in history. She, like her husband served their god The Aten, without the need for priests, as with other rulers and Gods previously worshipped in Egypt.

It also appears that she ruled as co-regent and alone after her husband’s death. She may have even taken on a full pharaohic title and ruled as the king Smenkare.

Anubis Alignment £25

Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy puts you into exact alignment with the God Anubis, by connecting you with his energetic signature.
Once aligned, you will be able to download the relevant light codes during your attunement and then, whenever, you wish to work with Anubis, you will have the link embedded within your auric field.

Anubis is one of the Gods who can be seen as something of a duality, in that he can be fierce, as well as protective, strong, as well as nurturing.
You could say that he is a deity that stands for justice and truth and those who would fear him have a good reason to do so.

Anubis is one of the most iconic gods of ancient Egypt. Anubis is the Greek version of his name, the ancient Egyptians knew him as Anpu (or Inpu). Anubis was an extremely ancient deity whose name appears in the oldest mastabas of the Old Kingdom and the Pyramid Texts as a guardian and protector of the dead.

As Anubis is the god of death and the underworld, he encourages us to face our shadows. Our shadows are those hidden aspects of us: our fears, past traumas, dislikes, and things that otherwise have been hidden from plain sight. These are the things that no one knows about us, and things that we might not even realise about ourselves. It’s painful work, but it is necessary. Ask Anubis for his aid in this healing process.

Call on Anubis during rituals for protection. The Romans saw Anubis as a fierce protector and placed his statue at gates and in other places to protect them from spirits and invaders. They also called on Anubis for justice against those who had wronged them and to help break curses. You can do the same. He will also help you find lost items.


NEW Egyptian Crystalline Light Codes Activation £25
Founder: Philip Hilton

Crystals and their energies have been known for thousands of years. Down through the ages, this knowledge has informed healers, diviners and shamans.

The Ancient Egyptians were so knowledgeable about spirituality and magick that the Greeks sought to be like the Egyptians. It is often said of the Greeks that theirs was the birthplace of civilisation.

However, the Greeks themselves sought the secrets of the universe directly from The Egyptians. Pythagoras himself only founded his famous school of geometry and mathematics and philosophy after returning from his studies in Egypt.

You will be working with an etheric crystalline power pyramid of three sacred stones, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian to bring about harmonic vibrational resonance to your mind, body and spirit: Turquoise for your emotions, Lapis Lazuli for the mental aspect and Carnelian for the physical body.

Carnelian for the body as it can help balance all aspects of the physical, as well as the emotions and mind, making it a stone which works beautifully with the other two in the pyramid formation.

This energetic alignment will place you in direct succession to the Egyptian light-encoded inner knowing ability and usage. During the attunement process, you will download the code to each of the three crystals in this pyramid, all of which were sacred to the Ancient Egyptians.


Hem Ikh  £25

Founder: Philip Hilton

The name of this healing system roughly translates into English as a Ball Suspended in the Air. This refers both to the power inherent in the Sun Gods Ra and Aten, as well as the shamanic journey which is made out of the body and moves through the ether like a suspended ball. The magickal practices of Ancient Egypt were termed Heka and this was considered a gift of the God of The sun, Ra. It was given to enable mankind to ward off ills and shape their destiny. The word Heka had the dual meaning of Healing and Magick, so Magickal Healing, which is exactly how Shamanic Healing could and has been described by people. Egyptian Shamanism makes use of tools, frameworks and techniques, as does any core Shamanic practice. However, that having been said, it is a practice different in intention, purpose and execution. Hem Ikh is my own Shamanic Healing practice and as such you are being taught something which has organically grown over time and via direct spiritual channelled experiences and communications. This system has been many years in the making and is only the cornerstone of my own Egyptian Spiritual Healing Practice. As an Hem Ikh Egyptian Healing Practitioner, you will learn the following:

  • How to make and use an etheric Shabti (you will use this likeness of yourself for various healing and Shamanic practices.)
  • You will learn the meaning and use of The Twelve Hem Ikh symbols (these have unlimited uses in Egyptian Shamanic work, which includes Healing, Protection, Clearing Negative Energy, Chakra and Aura balancing, Balancing Dark and Light, Property Cleansing. The symbols can be used on their own or in combination, depending on the need of any particular session.
  • A crystal is a very useful Shamanic ally. Within the manual is a list of crystals which you might find useful during Egyptian energy work and Healing. All of these have strong associations with Egyptian healing.
  • You will receive an extensive list of Herbs and their uses in Egyptian Healing.
  • You will also receive The Hem Ikh Flush and be taught how to use it and also its symbol.  This flush is a very powerful tool as a standalone.
  • You will receive a 31 page fully illustrated manual with in-depth information which will enable you to become a powerful Egyptian Shamanic Practitioner or allow you to take your existing practice to a whole new level.
  • There are no prerequisites for this Healing Attunement.

    Imhotep Attunement £10

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    Of all the names which have come down to us from Ancient Egypt, Imhotep stands out to the modern ear, even stronger than Tutankhamen. His name has been immortalised thanks to Hollywood. Imhotep means ‘one who comes in peace. It can also be translated as ‘one is pleased’ or one who pleases’. The man Imhotep was far more than the prince/priest portrayed on the screen. Imhotep’s reputation as the reigning genius of the time, his position in the court, his training as a scribe, and his becoming known as a medical demigod only 100 years after his death are strong indications that he must have been a physician of considerable skill. Imhotep is still held in esteem by physicians who consider him “the first figure of a physician to stand out clearly from the mists of antiquity.”

    The energy you will receive will put you in direct alignment with Lord Imhotep, giving you not only insights into his abilities and wisdom, but also a very real energetic connection to the essence which is the man/God divine personage that is Lord Imhotep. Once you are attuned you will be linked in to his knowledge and wisdom in a subtle sense. This will be in an intuitive way, rather than a direct one. You will notice glimpses of hidden knowledge come to the surface, provided that you are open and offer up silence and inner stillness within yourself in order that he may bring forward his divine essence in order to fill the void being offered up. You may call on Lord Imhotep’s Wisdom to feel a certain knowledge and confidence flowing through you. Also to assist you in gaining insights into problems and life challenges.

    NEW MA’AT Alignment £25
    Founder: Philip Hilton

    This energy puts you into exact alignment with the Goddess of truth, balance and justice. Being aligned with this goddess gives you access, once you have downloaded her light codes, to her energetic blueprint of the correct balance of truth, harmony, universal law and correct morality. Important tools for reclaiming a justified life in an ever changing modern world where rules are becoming elastic in the face of social media, hard selling and fast food style life consumption. This goddess will realign you to what is important for you and your own personal truth. Manual includes prayers to Maat and a meditation to work with her.

    Call on MA’AT for any of the following:

  • Any time you feel lost and unsure of the right way to act
  • Whenever you are faced with a situation where you have to make a decision
  • When you have to speak your truth
  • Whenever others are telling lies that affect you
  • When you feel unsure of the right way to act in a situation
  • If you lose your way and find yourself acting in a way that feels wrong
  • If faced with a situation that goes against your moral compass
  • Whenever you are feeling judged by others or the universe in general
  • To be certain that you are acting from your highest intentions and not from base instincts and desires

 Nephthys and Isis Polarity Alignment £25
Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy puts you into exact alignment with the Goddesses Isis and Nephthys, by connecting you with their direct energetic signature.
The Two Sisters are not so much opposites as complements to each other. It is interesting that Isis and Nephthys seem to have become attached to different aspects of Hathor in Their association with Her.

Sad at Heart Nephthys became connected with Hathor, Lady of Joy and Divine Intoxication. Lady of Governance Isis became connected with Hathor the soft-eyed Cow Mother, the Mother of the God, and the Lady of Amentet.

Yet, as always, these roles are fluid and the Two Sisters flow into one another, even as They express different aspects of Their Divinity.
However, even though at times they can seem almost as one, they are very much their own beings and as such each has their own specialist areas of working and aiding those in need of their own particular skills.

Calling in first their allied energies and then calling on them for assistance can be both an inspirational as well as a rewarding experience. The manual contains prayers to both Isis and Nephthys, and a guided meditation to meet and work with them.

Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System £25

Founder: Philip Hilton

The Neteru Healing System is a new expression of an ancient universal energy force. Like Seichim it is a powerful healing system and is complete in itself. You do not need to be attuned to any other Egyptian, or Reiki system to use this. In fact it is suitable for even those with no healing experience. It is a gentle, yet powerful system. The Neteru System is perfect for both hands on healing, as well as distance work. With this Healing system you will also learn a unique Chi-Ball method, The Black Scarab & Golden Pyramid. This is an extremely powerful and effective tool for passing on distance attunements and has never before been released before. Other uses for Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System:

Animal Healing: The same techniques used for humans can also work very well for animals, regardless of size, or species.

Self-Healing: This is somewhat self explanatory. Simply use the energy on yourself.

Room cleansing: To use the energy for room cleansing simply direct the energy from your hands  in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualise a deep purple light sweeping the room. Whilst doing this

Energy Balancing: Use for this when a room feels negative, or someone has recently had an upset, or argument. direct the energy from your hands  in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualise a pink  light sweeping the room At the same time feel love emanating from your heart chakra.

Osiris Alignment £25
Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy puts you into direct alignment with Osiris. This particular energy stream allows energetic access to this deity known for his knowledge, wisdom and special abilities.

Once aligned, you will be able to download the relevant light codes during your attunement and then, whenever, you wish to work with Osiris, you will have the link embedded within your auric field.

One of the most revered of Egyptian deities, Osiris is looked on as the creator, the God of Fertility, the afterlife and the moon.

He is usually depicted as a man with green skin and a beard associated with the pharaoh, wearing a crown with two large ostrich feathers, and legs partially wrapped like a mummy. In his hands he holds a flail and a symbolic crook.

Osiris was not an Underworld (Duat) deity to be feared. In fact, his reputation as a good and benevolent king probably created a sense of security for people nearing the end of their lives. Although people did not need to fear the deity himself, it was no easy task to enter his domain.

Learn about: The Hymn to Osiris - God of Transition and The Afterlife – God of the Moon – A Prayer to Osiris - Osiris as the Egyptian Underworld Deity - Meditation to Connect with Osiris


Pyramid Light Codes Activation £25

Founder: Philip Hilton

Not only have people been fascinated by the pyramids of Ancient Egypt for thousands of years, but in the background there has always been a reverence, a feeling of awe and this in its own way has inspired many ideas, thoughts and theories down the years.

Pyramid-power has been spoken of for a very long time and has been suggested for a number of apparent miracles, including that of sharpening blunt razor blades, when these have been placed in a miniature replica pyramid structure.

The fact that there is power and energy within the pyramid structure is a fact. It was within The Great pyramid at Giza that Aleister Crowley had his Book of the Law dictated to him.

The pyramid itself is so positioned as to act as a gigantic energy conduit channelling divine light energy. This attunement brings you into direct alignment with that energy by downloading the pyramid light codes which act as a link locking the energy in of The Great Pyramid at Giza within your own energetic system. Enjoy a guided mediation to connect to The Great Pyramid and learn to work with its energies in a myriad of ways to enhance your spiritual path and connection to Egyptian energies.


Ra Solar Triad Alignment £25

Founder: Philip Hilton

Ra (Re) was the primary name of the sun god of Ancient Egypt. He was often considered to be the King of the Gods and thus the patron of the pharaoh and one of the central gods of the Egyptian pantheon. He was also described as the creator of everything. Ra was so powerful and popular and his worship was so enduring that some modern commentators have argued that the Egyptian religion was in fact a form of veiled monotheism with Ra as the one god.

Ra was more than any other god, in that he appeared as in different forms of godhead. In the morning at dawn he was Khepri the scarab beetle headed god. At noon he became Aten the sun disc and at sunset he was Re-Horakhti the falcon headed god. Because of these three different aspects to Ra, so this energy is a triad and you will be able to use it in three different ways at three different times of the day. Ra’s is an energy of both inspiration, sustaining ability and also rejuvenation.

Learn About:

  • Khepri, Aten and Atum
  • The Eye of Ra
  • A Hymn to Ra
  • Guided meditation to connect with Ra
  • Working with this energy at different times of the day
Scarab Activation £10

Founder: Philip Hilton

The energy you will receive will put you in direct alignment with that of the Egyptian energy force which is The Scarab. This is not an attunement to the insect, but to the subtle, yet powerful force of life affirming energy beyond any earthly symbolic representation. The energy of The Scarab is two-fold, first is the powerful grounding foundation which aligns you with the inner strength of this ancient energetic stream. This is followed by the Winged Scarab, this literally gives ethereal wings with which to fly spiritually.

The first part is protective and grounding, the second freeing and powerful leading to a step-up to another level of connection with this ancient energy stream. This then is not a healing system of itself, but is instead an energetic force with which to add to your existing Light-Worker abilities and in so doing elevate your latent abilities. This attunement elevates the ability to work with other Egyptian healing systems, acting as a boost to higher vibrational areas of light working. This energy stream is connected to Sirius.


Sekhmet Alignment £25
Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy puts you into exact alignment with the Goddess Sekhmet, by connecting you with her last remaining living statue in modern Egypt, which is situated at Karnak. This statue is a conduit to the Goddess herself and is the perfect portal for us to connect with both her and her energy.

Once aligned, you will be able to download the relevant light codes during your attunement and then, whenever, you wish to work with Sekhmet, you will have the link embedded within your auric field.

Sekhmet is something of a Goddess of duality, in that she can be both fierce, protective, strong, as well as nurturing. Many fear her as a Goddess of fury; however, those who know her are only too aware, that she is most of all, a loving mother figure and is loyal to her children. Once introduced and known to this deity, she is forever a guiding hand and a loving heart to those loyal to her.

Included in the Manual: About Sekhmet - A Prayer to Sekhmet – Ways to Celebrate Sekhmet – A Hymn to Sekhmet – Guided Meditation to Connect with Sekhmet – Working With This Energy

Sphinx Light Codes Activation £25

Founder: Philip Hilton

People have been fascinated by the figure of The Sphinx for longer than records exist. In recent years there has been a strong theory that postulates that there is a hidden library of spiritual information beneath the great body of stone.

This is in a sense true, yet not in the way you might think. Stories have been told for millennia concerning the Sphinx and its connection with secrets, knowledge, and power.

The truth is far stranger and we will look at this a little later in this manual.

The energy we will be using is a direct connection to the energetic ethereal body of The Sphinx itself, and in doing so; you will be downloading knowledge and wisdom light codes for your own development and spiritual growth.

To have this particular set of lights codes is to be aligned with that self-same wisdom people have sought down the ages; though of course on a subtle ethereal level, rather than on a mundane level.

Learn about: The Dream Stele – Orion’s Belt – The Hidden Library – Guided Meditation to connect with the Great Sphinx


The Four Adorations Empowerment £15

Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy gives you the opportunity to become in tune with the never-ending cycle of the sun. The ancients were aware that there are four high points during the day and to mark these in a physical, spiritual and mental-emotional way was to make you as one with the sun. The Four Adorations mentioned in the title are the method in which you will achieve this. The attunement energy will put you in synch and allow you to draw strength and energy from the sun’s life-giving rays.

By becoming aware of the sun’s path across the heavens is to also become aware of where you stand in relation it and to understand your own place within your life and its cycles.  As you move through the days of your life you do so by following the path of the life-giving sun. Life today has given us a great many technological breakthroughs from medicine to communication and entertainment. Unfortunately it has also removed us from our natural environment and changed our relationship with nature and divinity.

We are no longer a part of all things; we now operate or at least try to operate as distinct individual pieces rather than connected one with the other. We have lost so much in our rush to be bigger, better and greater than our past history. We now stand devoid of so much of the beauty of our natural world and incidentally our place in the universe.

By using this energy and performing these four rituals on a daily basis you can pull your energetic self into alignment with universal energies. It is so simple to do and will take less time to perform than you would imagine. The results will surprise you.


The Rays Of Aten £20

Founder: Philip Hilton

Aten, like Ra, was worshipped in Ancient Egypt as a Sun God. And so The Rays in question are life-giving and of a generative nature, which is why these energies have such amazing healing abilities. It was said in a prayer to Aten. "Hail, Aten, thou lord of beams of light, when thou shinest, all faces live."
This then is the shining energy of which I refer to as The Rays Of Aten. Unlike other energetic systems you have only to think of the life giving properties of sunlight to understand the warm golden touch of this ancient stream of energy. I channelled this healing system during a number of sessions during 2016 and the manual was written and finished during the first days of January 2017. As I mentioned in my Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System, these are not new energies, but streams of ancient energies being reintroduced into our modern age.

Healing: For healing you need only channel the energy stream and use as you would Reiki or any other healing energy. Intention is the most important single aspect. Use your hands when directing the energy, even if you are working at a distance, as this energy is associated with the palm chakras.
Balancing Energies: If there is an in-balance in a person, animal or dwelling you can call down The Aten energy with the intention of restoring balance.
Negative Clearing: Using the palms of your hands as representations of the service of Aten, you can command the removal of negative energies and entities.
Energising stagnant situations and inertia: The Aten energy is perfect for pouring into situations and those unable to move forward with plans or life. The warm energy has the latent ability to warm the seeds of movement, life and restoration.
As you can see from the above list this system is very versatile. You could say that it is as versatile as sunlight itself. This healing modality is a pure energy stream and as such does not lend itself to being mixed with other energies and systems. It is advised that The Rays Of Aten be used as a standalone healing energy system.


Thoth Alignment £25
Founder: Philip Hilton

This energy puts you into direct alignment with Thoth, allowing energetic access to this deity known for his knowledge, wisdom and special abilities.
Once aligned, you will be able to download the relevant light codes during your attunement and then, whenever, you wish to work with Thoth, you will have the link embedded within your auric field.

This most revered of Egyptian deities is looked on as the creator of writing, wisdom, knowledge, medicine, science, magic and the moon.
Although he would subsequently take many forms, the original Egyptian god Thoth was a lunar deity with very ancient roots. He is usually portrayed as a baboon, an ibis, or a man with an ibis head.

He is one of the oldest Egyptian gods, and evidence for his worship goes back to at least the early Old Kingdom Period (2686-2160 BC), though there were always whispers of him before this.

Manual contains; Thoth through history, a prayer to Thoth, God of Knowledge and Writing, Lord of the Moon, Ways to Celebrate Thoth, a hymn to Thoth, Guided Meditation to Connect with Thoth, working with this energy