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Psychic & Intuition Development Systems

With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:
  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
    When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me.


    For anyone who is serious about their spiritual development I cannot stress enough the importance of protection when working energetically, so please check out my
    Psychic Protection Attunement Page

    Angel Guide
     Blessing Attunement 
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    This energy system serves to align you to the energetic signature of your individual Angel Guide. Once your Angel is assigned to you they will have access to all the information held in your etheric template for this incarnation that they will need to guide you along your soul path. They will be aware of any karmic agreements and life goals you made before your incarnation, as well as other members of your soul group. They can then guide you towards the right people, situations and places to help you attain your life goals.
    Your Angel will gently guide and assist you in being open to the flow of inspiration and synchronicity, and it is in these magical moments your consciousness can make quantum leaps in how you perceive life and in the decisions you make. Your Angel Guido will come from one of the Archangelic Legions. For example, my Angel Guide is with the Legion of Archangel Raphael because of the healing and guidance work I do with my clients. Depending on your life path you will be drawn to an Angel best suited to you.
    Everything works on vibrational frequencies so you will get the assistance you need according to your lifestyle and life plan. The Archangels each have their own special areas, talents and roles to play so the Angel you are assigned will work within that particular skill set. Your Angel Guide will be available for you to call upon for many forms of assistance, including: Healing, Protection, Inspiration, Spiritual Development, Soul Path Guidance, Advice, Comfort, Support, Strength, Seeking justice.
    With this system you will learn about:
    • Angel Guides
    • The Role of Angel Guides
    • Angel Appearances
    • Angel Hierarchy
    • Angelic Guidance Channelled Communication and Activation Communication
    • Ritual to Connect with your Angel Guide
    • Meditation to meet your Angel Guide
    • Angel Journal & Letters
    • Angel Altars

    Angelite Purification Sigil Connection Attunement 
    Founder: Raine & Philip Hilton

    I have worked with this system’s energy for many years; it began firstly as a spiritual technique taught to me by Archangel Michael to help me to bridge the gap between our physical realm and their Angelic realm. As you can imagine energetically there is a huge difference in the vibrational frequency of our physical world to that of the Angelic realm. By working with this energy system we have been able to build a resonance which is harmonious for both parties to meet in creating the perfect working environment for healing, guidance and channelling. I have been guided to bring this energy through in the form of a spiritual attunement. This technique combines two different aspects; the crystal Angelite and Angelic energy in the form of Sigils. This provides representations of the physical and the spiritual realms. Working with the Sigils of the Archangels imprints the signature of their energy into your auric field; this alone can often be enough to deter further attacks. You can then call on this energy to help you in many different ways, whenever you need support, guidance, protection or cleansing and healing. These sigils have many uses;
    • To connect you more clearly to the Archangels
    • To aid in channelling
    • To enhance meditation
    • To invoke any of the individual Archangel’s healing powers or energies.
    • To assist you with seeing the truth in a situation and helping you to seek guidance and justice for the highest good of all concerned
    • Protection from fear or psychic attack
    • Healing from Archangel Raphael
    • To protect you on a journey
    • To assist in personal or space clearing or cleansing
    • To create a protective circle for working magically or spiritually
    • Acts as a filter system for other attunements systems you may wish to call in or work with by cleaning up the lineage and removing any negative energy that they may have picked up on their way to you.
    • To sever cords/attachments after working magically or when healing others and also removing energetic traces of you*
    * This is really important if you have come into contact with negative entities while healing another person or you have been working in a hostile environment as it prevents the entity from picking up on your energy signature and following you back and causing you problems.
    Angeliteis known to assist and attune the user to the angelic realm and to facilitate angelic contact. It provides powerful Angelic protection for yourself and your environment.  Angelite also heightens perception and awareness, enhances telepathic communication and can in some cases enable out-of-body journeys to occur. It enhances astrological understanding  Angelite helps you to communicate your truth in a way that is compassionate and accepting to those around you even if the circumstances are difficult ones and the recipients are not usually responsive. It helps you to accept that there are some situations and even people that cannot be changed. It alleviates psychological pain and promotes feelings of peace and tranquillity.
    This 19 page manual will teach you about:
    • How meditation affects the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of us.
    • What are Sigils and how they can help us?
    • How to repel the effects of negative energy attacks and psychic vampirism
    • Angelite healing and spiritual properties
    • Instructions on how to make, program and work with your own Angel Sigil stones
    • Angelic communication; how to recognise and work with their energy
    • Unique channelled communication from Archangel Michael
    • Evocation of the Archangels for protection
    • Unique channelled ritual communication from Archangel Michael
    • Attunement procedure, after care, channelling and working with this energy

    Atlantean Orichalcum Power Amplifier Attunement £15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Orichalcum has long being talked about as having links with Atlantis, often referred to as Atlantis Gold. It was an important mineral to the Atlanteans with powerful magical properties that we also can tune into energetically and use to empower our spiritual and magical workings.

    Orichalcum is frequently mentioned in Plato's Critias, in which he tells the story of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. Plato claimed that orichalcum was mined in many parts of Atlantis and that its buildings, including the royal palace and the Temple of Poseidon, were covered with it, making them shine with a red light.

    Orichalcum was once valued more highly than gold. Orichalcum ore is a rare and enchanting mineral found within the depths of the earth. It possesses a captivating appearance, with shimmering veins of golden and copper hues. When exposed to light, it emits a faint, ethereal glow, hinting at its magical properties.

    Orichalcum is a unique fusion of rare minerals infused with traces of elemental magic, making it highly sought after by those who seek to harness its power. It resonates with the magical energies of the world and acts as a natural conduit, capable of absorbing, storing, and amplifying mystical forces.

    This resonance can be felt by those who are particularly sensitive to energy. These properties make it a prime energy stream for imbuing your spiritual tools and altar with powerful and lasting magical effects.

    Alternatively, you can just activate and run this energy stream through your aura and working space before any rituals, healing, shamanic journeying, meditation, divination, etc, whenever you need to enhance your spiritual abilities.

    NEW Chintamani Alchemy Reiki £15
    Pre-requisite: Reiki 2
    Founder: Raine Hilton

    If you could choose to set your intentions and manifest something important in your spiritual life what would you focus on?

    The chintamani is a powerful and illusive wish-fulfilling gem known in a variety of legends from around the world since ancient times. Its energetic light codes can have a great influence on you depending on the vibrational frequency and the intention of your focus.

    Chintamani is a stone of initiation. When you invite its energies to merge with your own, it can empower your intention turning what was before merely possible into something actual - transforming potential into manifestation.

    When you are working toward spiritual awakening and transformation of the self, it can tune you into the inner processes that need to occur for it to happen to bring you closer to enlightenment.

    When we channel the power of Chintamani within the Reiki stream of consciousness this gives us a practicable framework to develop this stone’s ability for our own spiritual journey. Using the etheric bridge of Reiki allows us to channel its powerful empowering and manifesting abilities.

    Daily Guidance Archangelic Alignment £25
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    When we are struggling in life, feel overwhelmed with all that is happening, or become too focussed on each minute detail and are unable to see the bigger picture we can call upon an Archangel to assist us. As they blend their energy with ours our perspectives clarify, and confusing and negative feelings drop away with ease. Once we have attained a clearer, cleaner energy field, fresh new opportunities arise.  Synchronicities happen. Plans work out and life flows seamlessly. You could say miraculously. We can call upon the Archangels for guidance, protection, inspiration and healing.  You don’t need to follow any particular religion or belief system to work with Angels. There are many different ways we can work with Archangels and in this system I would like to share with you is how to call on the Archangel who governs each day of the week. When we work regularly with any Archangel we build a relationship with them and over time this strengthens and our communications grow more fluent.
    Each day of the week is energetically aligned to enhance the focus of specific tasks, goals and magical qualities. Like with spell casting, if we combine the correct ingredients and cast the spell on the right day, time and moon phase etc there is a greater chance of success. Each aspect we align strengthens the whole. So by choosing the correct day and calling on the right Archangel for your purpose you too will activate the natural flow of synchronicity and all that you need will come to you as you need it. We will be combining this with colour therapy to focus on specific issues. Some may receive direct wisdom and may see or hear the Archangel, for others it may feel like a comforting presence and after meditation they will somehow know what needs to be done and will attract to them the right circumstances and people to help them move forward. You will have an especially powerful connection to the Archangel which resonates with the day of your birth.
    You can begin right away to work with your daily Archangels; you do not have to wait until the beginning of a week to start. You may find variations of which Archangel resonates with each day, but these are the ones I am guided to share with you. Learn about each of the seven Archangels and how they can assist you each day. Work with the daily visualisations and healing mantras to empower your week

     NEW Dream Quartz Psychic Supercharge £15
    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Dream Quartz Psychic Supercharge is a crystalline energy source empowerment to enhance your spiritual development, especially in key areas such as lucid dreaming and astral projection.

    This system is recommended for those who already have some experience in multiple areas of spiritual development and who need an added boost. This is useful if you feel you have drifted from your path and your regular spiritual practice as it will supercharge you and help you develop what is already activated within you.

    This energy system can help you connect with your higher self aspect and access the spiritual realms. Dream Quartz can also stimulate your creativity and imagination which helps with meditation and visualisation. It is a calming and peaceful energy that promotes deep relaxation and brings about relief from anxiety and stress.

    Many people use this crystal to help promote prophetic dreams and dream recall. This energy may help in past life exploration for those sufficiently advanced on their spiritual path. You may also be able to communicate with your spirit guides through mental telepathy.

    When meditating with Dream Quartz, you may find that you can connect more deeply with your subconscious mind and access information that you may have been previously unaware of.

    Dream Quartz is also thought to help ground you when you are feeling scattered or disconnected from reality. If you are having trouble focusing on the present moment, Dream Quartz can help you to feel more centered and rooted in your body.

    Elven Star Connection Empowerment £10
    System Originator -  Raine Hilton
    Anyone can work with the Elven Star Symbol, also known as the Seven pointed star, Septagram, Heptagram, and Fairy Star. Many are aware of its multitude of symbolic meanings, but few are going deeper and seeing how it can be used as a powerful connection to Fey and also as a healing and guidance system. This system takes you on a powerful journey beneath the surface of the symbol sharing with you its gifts.
    • Learn how its powerful symbolisms relate to many aspects of ourselves, our world and the universe.
    • Learn two techniques for drawing the Elven Star and how it can be used for healing yourself and others, and for protecting yourself, sacred space and home.
    • Learn a beautiful pathway meditation to guide and help you manifest the desires of your soul path into the physical.
    • Learn how to make Faery Connection Elixir

     Enlightenment Consciousness - Maitreya 
    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton
    Ascended Master Maitreya has been expected for generations by all of the major world religions. Globally he is known as The World Teacher: but to Christians he is known as Christ, while Hindus know him as Krishna, Jews as the Messiah; Buddhists see him as Maitreya Buddha; and to Muslims the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. Maitreya has come forward to share with us the gifts that self realisation brings, and through this ease the pain and suffering created from the level of our ego. As we progress through these levels of enlightenment consciousness we will cease to feel owned by our material possessions. However, this is not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy and appreciate all that we have achieved and instead choose to give it all up to live an austere lifestyle.
    When we are aligned with our soul’s purpose, all that we think, say and do resonates in harmony and supports our journey through life. Everything we need to know lies within us; we do not need to seek outside of ourselves to find the meaning of life. We just need to consciously commit to taking the time to regularly tune in and listen to our inner voice. Regular meditation within a sacred space strengthens this connection as you tune out the outside word and journey deep within yourself.
    As we get our life on the right track we learn to live a life of authenticity. We become comfortable in our own skin and don’t feel that we have to live up to anyone else’s ideals. There is no one we have to impress or aspire to be. We are perfect just as we are; all of our life’s lessons have led us to this point right now, preparing us for the next stage of our consciousness towards enlightenment. Each time you make a healthier soulful choice in life you reveal a little more of this light. Every decision you make for the highest good of all and not just to benefit yourself will feed this positive energy into the collective consciousness.
    You will learn the ten levels of consciousness and how they relate to where you are right now. As you read his unique channelled communication this will further open up your awareness taking you into your attunement to Maitreya who will assist with your enlightenment consciousness evolution. Learn how to use this energy to connect more deeply with him to work on any issues or blockages in your personal, professional life or spiritual path.

    Faery Guide Blessing £25
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    Some people are aware of their Faery Guide while others consciously choose particular ones to work with that they feel drawn to by studying books about them or through meditation or journeying. A Faery Guide is not something every child is naturally assigned at birth. Although we are all assigned a Spiritual Guide at birth, some may receive a Guide who is a member of their soul group, a family member who has passed over, or one of Starseed origin for example. It all depends on what resonates with that particular person and what they have planned for this incarnation.  But as we grow older if we decide to dedicate ourselves to a Faery path we can petition the Faery Godmother to assign a Faery Guide to us, no matter how old we are.
    This energy serves to align the child or adult to the energetic signature not only of the Faery Godmother in question but also their individual Faery Guide. You may choose to work with this energy to ask for a guide for yourself, or on behalf of a child. When a child is selected for this service, it is not a random or well meaning act on the part of the adults in question, but a very real pull on behalf of that child towards their Faery Guide. There are no coincidences, merely strands vibrating on the web of life. In essence every child is potentially Faery blessed, yet not every child touches Fey. The modern world is filled with a multitude of distractions. The purpose then of this attunement energy is to ensure a strong connection and by doing so build a doorway between the worlds. 

    This system contains:
    • A unique Faery channelled communication
    • My experiences of working with Faery Guides
    • Learn about the role of the Faery Godmother
    • Rituals to connect you with the Faery Godmother (for child & adult)
    • Guided meditation journey to meet your Faery Guide

    Hands of Light Crystalline Flush 
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    The Hands of Light Crystalline Flush energy system has a twofold function. Firstly it will gently cleanse, rebalance and empower your Palm Chakras using the beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline Crystal and secondly it will flow through to activate and enhance the elemental flow from each of your finger chakra points. Our Palm Chakras indicate how we share energy with one another. Pain or illness can block these energy centres making it difficult to give or receive life force energy. There can also be other underlying issues such as trust and confidence, that what we are sharing will be received in a positive light. If we feel that this isn’t the case we withdraw our light which means we have less to share with others and are less able to receive light energy also. We need to become a clear, healthy and strong channel in order to heal others. When someone is in need of healing or comfort we instinctively reach out to them gently placing our hands on or around them. When we consciously or unconsciously heal someone our palm chakras open up fully and energy is drawn through us to the recipient. Some may feel a warmth or tingling sensation when this happens depending on how and spiritually open they are.

    You will be able to further empower your healing abilities by activating the 5 elements within each of your fingers. When you activate these for self healing or for healing others you restore elemental balance and harmony. This brings about a beautiful feeling of connection, of being centred and grounded. You can more easily bring through higher guidance and wisdom and are motivated to put this information into action. As your hands grow more sensitive to energy, through aura scanning you will find it easier to sense any blockages or disturbances in the etheric field of yourself or others.  You can channel the Paraiba Tourmaline Crystalline energy with any other healing attunement systems you work with such as Usui Reiki.

    Learn About:
    • Paraiba Tourmaline Crystalline Energy
    • Palm Chakra & The Elements
    • Sensing The Aura
    • Aura Scanning & Elemental Healing
    • Self Healing & Working With Others Healing Routine

     Hawk’s Eye Psychic Activation 
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    Hawk’s Eye Psychic Intuition energy system will help to facilitate deeper intuitive insights and awareness to help you to see beyond the surface. Hawk’s Eye crystalline energy is an excellent aid for increasing the sensory gifts, known as Clair-senses: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairalience, and Clairgustance.  Hawk’s Eye provides us with an eternal link with cosmic forces that provide inspirational guidance for one’s life.

    We will also be working with the Hawk as a Power Animal Guide to bring you protection, strength and guidance. This will enhance your ESP visionary power bringing you the ability to view your spiritual truths from a higher perspective allowing you to fulfil your Soul’s purpose.

    Learn about:
    • Hawk’s Eye Crystal
    • Hawk Power Animal Guide
    • ESP (Extrasensory Perception)
    • 4 Psychic Development Exercises

    Higher Self Awakening £20
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    The Higher Self Awakening Energy System brings you into alignment with, and helps to integrate the guidance and wisdom of your Higher Self in a gentle, caring and enlightening way. This insightful awareness unfolds as you are ready to receive, allowing you to harness the best of your mental awareness, emotional insights and physical abilities and to channel them through your Higher Self Awareness.  

    Many still operate from the level of their conscious ego aspect, with only the occasional flow of intuition and guidance allowed to trickle through. This can make for a journey, where decisions are made on a battlefield of heart versus mind, creating a laborious trek through life, rather than a glorious adventure of the Higher Self and the Human Self Aspect working in perfect harmony.

    You may feel that your life is grinding you down under a burden of responsibilities and expectations and wonder what your true Soul Purpose is. You may feel drawn to changing how you are doing things to living in a more meaningful heart-centred way. This energy stream strengthens your connection to your Higher Self, helping to clear away any blockages or limited thinking regarding your capabilities and self beliefs. Higher Self Awakening will not only deepen your connection with your Higher Self, but also with any Spiritual Guides, Angels or Deities you may wish to work with.

    Learn About:
    • Your Higher Self Aspect’s Role
    • Soul Life Purpose
    • Fate and Free Will & Soul and Karmic Contracts
    • Working with this energy

    Lucid Dreaming Recall Energy £25
    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Throughout history the importance of dreams and their meanings has been a source of intrigue. We only have to remember how in the Bible Daniel’s prophetic dreams were so powerful that they influenced the decisions of kings.

    This energy when used with a few simple suggestions will help you to enhance your natural psychic abilities by taking an active part in your dreams, and to recall what happened on awakening. This energy will also act as a shield allowing you to enter through a protective portal of light while you are dreaming to prevent negative energy attacks and “dream hacking”.

    In this state of open awareness you will be able to achieve specific tasks you have set for yourself, or journey to anywhere in the universe. You will be able to more easily recall meeting up with your Spiritual Guide or other deities which work with you during dream time allowing you to put into action their wisdom and guidance on awakening.

    Dreams can appear as if you were watching a movie of something unfolding, sometimes you may be a part of it, or you may be just observing from a distance. Other times you may see symbolic imagery which will need deeper interpretation.

    Learn about:
    • Your sleep cycle
    • Definition of lucid dreaming
    • Step by step guide to planning your lucid dream

    Magical Hare Intuition Energy £20
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    The image of the Moon Gazing Hare has captured the imagination of artists since ancient times. We see many examples all around the world in artwork and sculptures. This evocative representation conjures a magical image of seeking guidance and wisdom under a moonlit sky. Hare can also aid people in recognising the signs around them by attuning to lunar cycles and understanding the tides of movement in their own lives.
    The spiritual association of the Hare is certainly one of magic and mystery. The Celts linked the Hare with the full moon as the gestation period for the Hare is 28 days the same as the cycle of the moon. The Hare is a true earth element animal, spending its days underground in a maze of burrows, coming out to play in the late evening sunset.
    Working with Hare energy will quickly help to ground you. The Hare exists in the physical and the spiritual worlds, and as such, can help you to balance your magical life with your mundane life, so everything you do becomes imbued with magic and wonderment. The Hare teaches us that we should never feel that we have to make time for our spiritual path because everything we do should be a spiritual act.
    Learn about: Hare as a totem guide, its healing properties wisdom and guidance – Moon gazing – How to work with this energy – Moon Gazing Guided Meditation with the Hare

    Moqui Marbles Shamanic Journey Empowerment 
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    Moqui Marbles are sacred Shaman Stones which deeply resonate with the Gaia Earth Matrix; this makes these high energy stones particularly grounding and energising. If you are feeling distracted and detached the oversoul energy of these stones will quickly bring you back down to reality. Moqui Marbles ground and root you so that you can live in the moment and enjoy it too. They help you to feel the pull towards the magnetic Earth. Moqui Marbles have been used for centuries by spiritual tribal members (Shamans) and other mystics. They are considered sacred among the sages of many ancient tribes. The stones have been used in rituals to contact extra-terrestrials, spirit vision quests, and astral journeying.
    Working with these stones through this energy system allows you to tap into their wisdom in a far deeper way; my personal journey with them began in 2017. You will be attuned to both the masculine and feminine energy streams contained within these stones. Their strong vibration enables you to balance your feminine/masculine energies. They also help with the purification of negative energies, encouraging you to release what is no longer needed within your system and then grounding these negative energies for transmutation into light.

    Learn about:
    • Moqui Marbles Healing Properties
    • My experiences with Moqui Marbles
    • Working with this energy
    • Working with physical Moqui Marbles

    Peruvian Opal Crystalline Infusion For Self-Awareness
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    We all have a strong need to know who we truly are; we each have a history – our life story of how we came to be where we are today. Our self identity is formed from our own unique experiences, how we have approached and overcome obstacles, how we perceive the world around us and those we share our lives with. We are constantly changing and evolving, taking onboard new information all the time. Part of this process of self awareness is sifting through it all and keeping only that which continues to serve us and can help us in our future. The state of self awareness is an inner knowing of your whole psyche; this includes your strengths and weaknesses, your thoughts and beliefs, as well as your motivations and emotions. With enhanced self awareness we have a greater ability to understand other people’s perception of us. This can affect the way we respond to them in turn.
    By actively choosing to develop our self awareness we are then able to make proactive changes to the thoughts we are having and the interpretations we choose to make about them. As we take charge of our mental processes and how we choose to perceive them we also begin having an effect on our emotional state. As we become more emotionally insightful, we learn to re-program ourselves for success and life mastery. Where we choose to focus our attention, emotions, reactions, personality and behaviour will determine where we will go in life. This is how we begin to manifest the physical representation of these. We can then determine if we are supportive of ourselves and our dreams and goals, or are condemning or repressing our needs and desires. Sometimes even with the best of intentions we are self-sabotaging ourselves.
    Peruvian Opal will:
    • Stimulate creativity
    • Help ideas flow more freely
    • Help us face the future
    • Help release stress
    • Soften the impact of stress from the outside world
    • Take away tension in communication.
    • Help release the trauma of old wounds
    • Aid restful sleep
    • Quieten the mind
    • Aid astral travel
    • Improve psychic ability

    With this energy system you will:
    • Work through the 3 Steps to Self Awareness
    • Consciously Co-create with the 5 Part Cycle of Awareness
    • Learn about Peruvian Opal Properties
    • How to work with the energy

    Remote Viewing Energy £25
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    Remote viewing is a natural psychic ability we all possess and yet few of us ever consciously activate it. Sometimes, remote viewing happens spontaneously and affords us a brief glimpse of someone or somewhere that isn’t physically in our sight. This can be in our present time or it may be an event we perceive as being from the past or future. Through remote viewing we can visit realms other than ours; there is no limit to its uses or when or where we can go. When we choose to actively develop this gift we can use it as a valuable tool during meditation sessions to acquire accurate information about another person, a distant place, or a specific occasion without using our physical senses or any other obvious means. 

    Remote viewing is closely associated with the ability of clairvoyance, so if this is a psychic ability that is already well developed within you, this energy system will help to strengthen your connection. It will surround you with highly protective shielding light energy which will help to keep you focused during your remote viewing, and its calming attributes will cut down on the stray thoughts and distracting monkey chatter. Do not worry if you feel that you are not particularly psychic as remote viewing is something everyone can learn to do. It will not happen overnight, so patience and regular practice is essential, again this energy system will help to open up your perceptions and put you into a receptive state.

    Learn about: Remote Viewing Scientific Evidence - Using Your Senses to Remote View - How Remote Viewing Is Used – Working with this energy – Remote viewing techniques – Additional exercises to enhance your senses – Progressive muscle relaxation guided mediation

    Selenite Crystalline Communication Bridge £15
    Founder; Raine Hilton

    Many people are interested in communicating with their spirit guides, angels, star being deceased loved ones, etc. You may have had some success already, or maybe you struggle to connect or maintain a strong consistent connection.

    Our spiritual abilities are already within us waiting for us to activate and develop them. For some, it can feel as if they are operating through a thick fog as they struggle to activate their clairsenses and connect fully. You are a little like a lighthouse shining through the fog, as the fog thins the light grows brighter. The heavier the fog the more diffused the light is.

    This energetic fog may be made up of a whole host of conflicting emotions; some of these can be your own fears and hesitations about truly connecting to your spirituality. Another thing can be, that you have not dedicated as much regular time as you need to allow your gifts to fully develop.

    When we connect with spirit we are in essence reaching out and building an energetic bridge between their place in the universe and ours. We can raise our vibrations a little higher, and they can lower theirs a little, and by doing so we can create a sacred space with which to work together. The more developed you are the easier and more fluid this connection becomes. Working with this energy system allows you to develop an etheric crystalline Selenite bridge which protects you as well as strengthens your connection to the other side.

    Silver Cord Crystalline Flush £15
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    This Flush energy system will gently cleanse, strengthen and protect your Silver Cord and Etheric Body in an Armour of Light while you astral travel using the powerful and little known crystalline energies of Faden Quartz.  Faden Quartz energy can be used to increase spiritual connection; it will activate and work by surrounding and protecting the Silver Cord that connects your astral self to your physical self while you travel “Out of Body” in safety.
    This crystalline light energy will work on your whole etheric body, repairing and healing any damage or weak areas and strengthening each of your auric layers. The Faden is believed by healers to bring the physical and spiritual bodies together, activating a healing, harmonising, balancing and strengthening connection between them. So, for anyone who is or at sometime in their life has felt “broken” this crystal is for you. The very nature of this crystal will teach you that broken can heal and as you heal, you heal stronger.

    Learn about: 
    Silver Cord - Out of Body Experiences (OOBE) & Near Death Experiences (NDE) - Faden Quartz energy and DNA healing link - Out of Body Techniques to use with this energy.


    Sorcerer’s Stone Cosmic Journey £15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Sorcerer’s Stone Journey Empowerment energy opens up the natural intuitive abilities of the spiritual adventurer allowing you the opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe.

    This will be a unique experience for each of you; depending on your stage of spiritual development and how advanced your abilities have progressed. You may be drawn to your Celestial Home, or you may witness the creation of the Universe itself.

    In this sacred space, you can safely travel through timelines revisiting your past lives to bring illumination and healing. This is a highly protective and grounding energy to work with.

    This prevents you from feeling disorientated and disconnected from your physical life down here. It also helps you to embody any spiritual lessons you discover so you can put these qualities into action and build on them.

    “Sorcerer’s Stone” also known as Nuummite is a reservoir for Gaia’s ancient energies. Nuummite is a 3 billion-year-old protection stone that has witnessed Earth’s transformation through time.

    When you gaze into a piece of Nuummite, it feels like you’re seeing a piece of our galactic Universe frozen in time. As you tune into the energy of the illuminating sparks within you’ll see a resemblance to shooting stars flying through the night sky. This awakens memories of lifetimes past and the wisdom accrued through numerous incarnations.

    Outside of using this energy for meditation purposes, you can also channel a stream of Nuummite into you if you need protection or are struggling to manifest an idea or a goal or are having problems focusing or concentrating.

    Soul Star Crystalline Infusion £15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    The Soul Star Crystalline Infusion energy system will gently cleanse and rebalance your Soul Star chakra. This is the eighth chakra in our energy system, and is also known as the seat of the soul.

    The soul star chakra is the first transpersonal chakra. It is the point where Divine light and love flows into the body. The crown chakra and the soul star are connected by a spiritual gateway; this is known as the Stellar Gateway. Through this gateway Divine light and love filter down into the crown chakra for distribution throughout the etheric body.

    The soul star chakra symbolises Divine wisdom and spiritual compassion. For those who are already spiritually developed accessing the Akashic records is a smoother process. This information is blocked by an energetic veil to protect those who are not ready to know information relating to past lives and karmic agreements.

    It is through your soul star chakra you connect with Spirit and your Higher Self. It is here that you receive Divine wisdom, guidance, and intuition. As this chakra downloads the energy it awakens your spiritual gifts and they will start to develop more rapidly.

    The Soul Star chakra is the doorway between your higher self aspect and your lower self aspect. Opening this chakra and stepping through the veil that separates your earthly self from your higher self will expand your spiritual awareness and perceptions.

    Celestial Quartz are powerful record keepers. Celestials hold the information relating to the evolvement of our planet and the part we play in it, as we move to the light. Celestial Quartz helps connect us to our guides and angels, helping those in the physical, make contact with the higher realms.

    Celestial Quartz is associated with Atlantis and the deep spiritual wisdom of this mysterious, ancient culture. It provides a channel for keepers of these crystals to connect with luminaries of other worlds in order to assist in the healing of our planet and for the enlightenment of the beings which inhabit it.

    Stellar Beam Calcite Gateway Crystalline Infusion £15
    Founder: Raine Hilton

    The Stellar Gateway is your second transcendental chakra, located 12 inches above your head. It vibrates a beautiful radiant pure gold colour. This chakra becomes our literal gateway to the stars, and to ever higher vibrations it contains all of your experiences. It is your divine spark and the true essence of who you are at soul level. Those who are sufficiently spiritually developed will naturally be drawn to consciously activating this chakra to access and channel higher energies directly from Source.

    It is at this level that you will experience ultimate consciousness of true oneness. The Stellar Gateway monitors the intensity of light our auric field can work with. It prevents us from being overloaded with energy and universal truths. The Stellar Gateway enhances communication with enlightened beings such as Spiritual Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.

    Stellar Beam Calcite is a high vibrational crystal that radiates harmonious and loving energies; it’s recognised to be one of the principal ascension stones. When channelled, it elevates spiritual growth and improves your connection to the divine and with beings in the higher realms.

    The Stellar Beam Calcite may also assist you accessing from the Akashic records. This crystal is helpful for those developing their mediumship abilities. Its harmonious vibration also provides a beautiful link with the Angels. The name “Stellar Beam” reflects the magical and powerful established connection of this crystal with spirituality, emotional intelligence, and higher realms.    

    Telepathy Reiki £25
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    This energy system when used with the exercises in the manual will help you to develop your natural Telepathic abilities. When you consider telepathy, you may imagine yourself having mystical powers and being able to communicate with others through the power of your mind as being something that is very difficult to achieve.
    The truth of this is that we all can do it; it is a natural ability that is inherent in all of us.  You may find it unbelievable to know that you already do it without intending to do so, quite effortlessly. Your ability has been passed down from your ancient ancestors, when in such times this ability to connect with the collective consciousness kept everyone safe, alive, and was a way of sharing food sources and shelter as well as dangerous places to avoid.
    Telepathy is the process of receiving psychic impressions from another person. How information is received varies according to the abilities of the sender and the receiver. You may be more clairvoyantly inclined so may hear the persons voice. Or you may sense them thinking about you, see an image of them in your mind, or smell their perfume and this will trigger a response within you. No matter your level or kind of ability this energy will help you to unlock your natural Telepathic gift.
    Learn about: Telepathic activities - Telepathic links with others - Telepathy & animals - Telepathy & other realms - Telepathic awakening – Sending & receiving information - Working with the relevant Reiki symbols with this energy – Telepathic exercises and techniques to enhance your ability.

    The Three Jewels of the Tree of Oneness  £25
    Founder: Philip Hilton
    The Jewel Tree in question is none other than The Tree Of Life, known by many names across the globe. The Three Jewels are the threefold path toward that state known as enlightenment or Nirvana. This energy allows for a pure connection to not only the jewels but to the tree itself, offering a multitude of energetic streams for you to tap into and to aid in your ongoing personal spiritual development and that of others you seek to help on your journey of earthly experience. This is transmitted and received as a wide-band single attunment, which is embedded with multiple light-codes, enabling a stable and yet powerful working environment.
    This energy system is a perfect progression for those lightworkers who feel ready to operate within a Buddhist framework or for those wishing to expand their own awareness of the multiplicity of universal energies now re-birthing within our own dimension. This attunement will not only bring your energy system into alignment with a multitude of light beings ready to assist in the ongoing journey of healing and spiritual development, but will also offer the following
    • The World Tree and its connection to Buddhism
    • The hidden reality behind the text
    • The Three Jewels as a Spiritual Conduit
    • The Hidden Teachings
    • The Jewels and The Tree

    Unicorn Higher Awareness Attunement 
    Founder: Raine Hilton
    Unicorns still have the magical ability to enchant children and adults alike in todays hectic materialistic world. I have worked with Unicorns energetically for many years; they are gentle, wise, noble creatures. They are well known for their impressive healing power as well as their ability to awaken our natural intuitive gifts so we can expand our awareness and move deeper into the Faery Realm. They are naturally shy creatures and will only work with those with a loving heart and pure intention. Their gentle spirit makes them ideal for working with children to heal and rebalance their energies or to encourage them to develop their spiritual gifts in a way that is safe and comfortable for them. Many children have incredible spiritual awareness but find it difficult to share their experiences with adults in case they are disbelieved or ridiculed.
    For adults, Unicorns reawaken the belief in magic that was lost as they left childhood behind. This magic is not only about belief in Faery, but just as importantly, belief in yourself and your own abilities. Too often we allow our dreams to turn to dust, not even attempting to follow our heart, or to listen to the yearnings of our soul. We are constantly being programmed by the media, influenced into believing that life cannot get any better for us, being told that things will only grow harder and we should be lucky to have what we have. When enough people believe that, hardship manifests and negativity spreads quickly. It takes only one person to turn the tide and inspire the next one they meet. We can each make a difference in the lives of others. It only takes one small light to ignite a roomful of candles. The Faery Realm inspires and guides all those who are willing to learn through energy systems such as this one.
    Working with these sacred beings can help us to unlock our natural intuitive abilities and to feel secure enough to release any blockages preventing us from doing so. Our Higher Self aspect already know all we are capable of and also everything we agreed to complete for our soul journey for this incarnation. Fear, superstition, our upbringing through our formative years, our culture and community, even our loved ones can hinder our spiritual expression and development. The aim of this attunement system is to help you in releasing your spiritual inhibitions and negative self beliefs so that you can connect fully with your Higher Awareness and embrace your natural intuitive gifts, sharing them confidently with the world. This attunement will strengthen your connection to the Faery Realm and enhance any other Fey based system you are work with. 

    Learn about:
    • Unicorn Attributes & History
    • Working with Unicorns
    • Sleep Protection
    • Unicorn Healing
    • Truth Seeking
    • Unicorn Healing & Higher Awareness Guided Meditation Journey
    • FREE bonus Unicorn Healing Elixir Self Empowerment

    Violet Rhodolite Ear Chakra Crystalline Flush £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton
    Located next to and slightly above each physical ear, the ear chakras energy centre holds clairaudience, communication, and divine connection powers.

    When new higher vibrational light codes stream through, those who resist or hold onto fear regarding their spiritual path, due to negative spiritual programming in their formative years or negative past life experiences block these light codes from coming through.

    If these lightcodes are unable to integrate into the lightbody the energy can build causing health and wellbeing issues. When this affects the ear chakras it crystallises into blockages and may cause ringing or whistling, aggravates or causes tinnitus, balance or hearing issues.

    The ear chakras are responsible for our ability to hear beyond the material world, in addition to our capacity to hear deeper truths in words spoken in this realm.

    Violet Rhodolite Ear Chakra Crystalline Flush guides your spirit during times of contemplation, balancing peace and solitude with harmony and activity. It assists in the illumination of intuition and maybe a source of inspiration to enhance the meditative and channelling states

    Violet Rhodolite is known as a Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind. It helps one receive abundance on an emotional level, stimulating one’s sense of self-worth and alleviating feelings of inadequacy. It assists in owning one’s gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others.

    Learn about: Violet Rhodolite Properties – The Ear Chakra – Positive Affirmations – Working with This Energy - Ear Chakra Awakening – Ear Chakra Meditation