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Wand Healing


How the elements affect our wellbeing

Before beginning your healing session I will tune into you and assess the balance of elements within your body.

Sometimes if we have too high a level, or are depleted in a particular element(s) it can throw our whole system out of balance.

For example someone with too high a water level may be overly emotional, depressed, melancholy, trapped in the past emotions of their memories unable to look to the future.

Too low a level and they may find it hard to connect to their emotions so will repress or deny them, or have problems forming relationships with others.

In a physical sense a water imbalance may lead to bloating, urinary or kidney infections, hormonal imbalance, menstrual problems. As water is an intensely emotional element and affects the heart chakra, we can also include heart problems in this too. This is the same for an overabundance or lack of each of the other elements.

Sometimes we may see a combination of elements which are too high such as Earth and Water when you think of how these combine as mud, this can explain feeling weighed down and heavy, lethargic, depressed, finding it hard to look to the future, literally feeling as if they are Ďstuck in the mudí.

If we see too high a combination of Fire and Air which are both masculine traits we see smoke, someone who maybe feel overly aggressive or of a forceful personality, flies off the handle when things donít go their way, is impatient, anxious,  isnít grounded (Earth) or in touch with their intuitive side (Water).


Wand Healing

By using the Wand Healing technique you can add to or remove excess energy from each elemental aspect to bring wholeness and balance.

This is a unique healing session and will bring resolution to out of balance elements within the person.

The fee for this session is £60

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