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Shamanic Healing Systems

With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
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    Crazy Horse Medicine Way - North American Shamanism  £25 
    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The energy generated by this healing system is both an ancient stream of pure beneficial high vibrational healing and also a connection to a spiritual lineage stretching back into the far distant past. This energy and connection will not make you Native American, nor will it confer membership of any tribe or Nation. The energy is a pure spiritual connection to a particular energetic strain which happens to be from the North American indigenous people and associated spiritual beings and connections. There are different ways to use this energy and the more you invest in your own understanding of The Medicine Way, the more useful you will find it. There is so much to discover. However, that said, once connected, Spirit will teach you more ways of connection. To use this energy, simply call on it, as you would any other healing energy and experience it flowing through your system. Ways to use the Medicine Way.

    Healing: Hands-on or distant ~ simply follow the instructions for calling it in and then use your will to send it to yourself or your client.
    Animal healing: As above
    Cleansing: People, objects, property. This energy once called in is very versatile and positive, making it ideal for cleansing purposes.
    Vision Journeys: These are like mini Vision Quests. Call in the energy as instructed and then meditate either with an open mind or else with a set purpose or question in mind. This can be greatly enhanced by adding in things such as being within a Medicine Wheel of stones or even Cards or Crystals.
    Sacred Pipe: You will receive an added attunement to an ethereal Sacred Pipe, channelled by the system creator using his own Sacred Pipe as an energy conduit.

    Within the pages of the 38-page manual you will learn the following:

    • The working and uses of The Medicine Wheel / Sacred Hoop
    • The Four Directions.
    • Sacred Herbs for cleansing and healing.
    • Native American Astrology.
    • A Sacred Pipe ceremony.
    • The real purpose of Drums and Rattles in Medicine Work.
    • A channelled message from Crazy Horse - TashunkaWitco. 

    Elen Of The Ways – Initiation & Healing System - British Traditional Shamanism £20

    Founders: Raine Philip Hilton

    There are two attunements, each with its own separate manual. The first attunement aligns your own energy with that of Elen and during which you will receive your Elen initiation. The 23 page manual offers insights into who Elen is and how best to understand her and work with her energy. You will also learn her history and how she is one of the most overlooked of all Goddesses. This is a very powerful initiation  to aid in your connection and work with this the Goddess of Mother Nature. To further enhance your working relationship with Elen, you will be taught the following: 

    • What creatures are sacred to this Goddess
    • What is this Goddess’s Tree
    • What her colour/colours are
    • What places are sacred to her
    • Ritual ways to connect to Elen
    • You will receive 5 unique Glyphs
    • A mandala for shamanic journeying
    • A mandala for self-healing
    • 3 Totem creatures to work with

    The second attunement, is an attunement to a full healing system, during which you will be attuned to and given the following.

    • A complete healing manual
    • You will receive 27 unique healing symbols

    This attunement is nothing short of a gateway into a newly revealed ancient system of healing. Once initiated and fully attuned to the healing energy symbols, you will have at your disposal the means to operate using ancient feminine natural frameworks.

    Herne The Hunter Initiation £20

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    This healing system forms the masculine counterpart to The Elen Of The Ways Initiation and Healing System, which is a prerequisite for taking this initiation.

    This very powerful attunement has been newly channelled for Autumn 2017.

    For nature to be a singularity, it is formed from both the divine feminine and the divine masculine, which come together in oneness.

    There is a single attunement for this system.

    To both facilitate your working relationship with Herne The Hunter and to enhance your understanding of his nature, you will be taught the following:

    • The many names and faces of the Horned God
    • You will receive 5 unique glyphs, which will unlock the secret ways of working
    • Ritual ways to connect and work with Herne
    • What are the best material items to use to better your connection with Herne?
    • A mandala for Shamanic journeying
    • A mandala self-healing
    • A unique channelled communication from Herne
    • Two complete poems which will aid your understanding in a very significant way
    • A 32 page manual giving details, stories and ways for you to better understand the male side within each of us.

      Hem Ikh - Egyptian Shamanism £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The name of this healing system roughly translates into English as a Ball Suspended in the Air. This refers both to the power inherent in the Sun Gods Ra and Aten, as well as the shamanic journey which is madeout of the body and moves through the ether like a suspended ball. The magickal practices of Ancient Egypt were termed Heka andthis was considered a gift of the God of The sun, Ra. It was given to enable mankind to ward off ills and shape their destiny. The word Heka had the dual meaning of Healing and Magick, so Magickal Healing, which is exactly how Shamanic Healing could and has been described by people. Egyptian Shamanism makes use of tools, frameworks and techniques, as does any core Shamanic practice. However, that having been said, it is a practice different in intention, purpose and execution. Hem Ikh is my own Shamanic Healing practice and as such you are being taught something which has organically grown over time and via direct spiritual channelled experiences and communications. This system has been many years in the making and is only the cornerstone of my own Egyptian Spiritual Healing Practice. As an Hem Ikh Egyptian Healing Practitioner, you will learn the following:

    • How to make and use an ethericShabti (you will use this likeness of yourself for various healing and Shamanic practices.)
    • You will learn the meaning and use of The Twelve Hem Ikh symbols (these have unlimited uses in Egyptian Shamanic work, which includes Healing, Protection, Clearing Negative Energy, Chakra and Aura balancing, Balancing Dark and Light, Property Cleansing. The symbols can be used on their own or in combination, depending on the need of any particular session.
    • A crystal is a very useful Shamanic ally. Within the manual is a list of crystals which you might find useful during Egyptian energy work and Healing. All of these have strong associations with Egyptian healing.
    • You will receive an extensive list of Herbs and their uses in Egyptian Healing.
    • You will also receive The Hem Ikh Flush and be taught how to use it and also its symbol.  This flush is a very powerful tool as a standalone.
    • You will receive a 31 page fully illustrated manual with in-depth information which will enable you to become a powerful Egyptian Shamanic Practitioner or allow you to take your existing practice to a whole new level.
    • There are no prerequisites for this Healing Attunement.

    Nwyfre Celtic Shamanic Healing £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    An ancient energy born into a new age. This Healing energy born of the Celtic stream is both powerful and gentle in its ways. Nwyfre can be used for healing, both hands on and distant, as well as for space clearing. In the illustrated manual which comes with this system you will be taught the history of this energy which has roots in Druid practice and belief, as well as Shamanism and Faery work. You will learn of the following:

    • A technique for healing using a stone or piece of wood
    • A Celtic Vision Journey technique
    • The Nwyfre Cauldron hand Position
    • How to construct your own Crane Bag
    • How to make and use a Silver Branch
    • Learn about the Ogham staves of divination
    • The Celtic Wheel of the year
    • Learn what the 7 Sacred Woods of the Beltane Fire are and what they mean
    • The Celtic Moons
    • Celtic Birthstones- Find out what yours is
    • The Celtic Zodiac – Are you a Hound or perhaps a Wren
    • Includes 2 articles originally published in magazines by the system creator

     Raven Runelore Shamanic Healing System £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    This healing system has come through as a way to unite the Magick of Raven to its sister vibration, that of the Runes. For in this context the subtle energetic Raven is the battle warrior and chooser of the slain, The Valkyrie. Of course these titles are symbolic and it is in the Valkyrie/Raven Goddess nurturing through strength capacity which we work with and not the shadow side. The Raven brings the power and the Runes provide the energetic key to enable us to unlock and use them. This system is perfect for Healing, Protection, Energy Clearing and Negative Energy Removal. In the accompanying 34 page manual you will learn the following:

    The 4 symbols of Raven Runelore – These Bindrunes are the keys to unlock the energy. During your attunement you will receive the four symbols energetically via direct transmission. These keys are:

    • The Healing Symbol                
    • Negative Clearing Symbol  
    • Protection Symbol         
    •  Success Symbol
    • These symbols can be used during all sessions and allow a direct access to the Shamanic healing energies.
    • You will learn the Nine Sacred Herbs of Odin.
    • The Viking Lodstone and its uses.
    • Raven as Guide, Power , Totem Animal.
    • The 24 Nordic Runes and their use.

     Sacred Mountain Sacred Earth - South American Shamanism £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The energy stream channelled for this healing system is from that pure source which is The High Andes. It is a Shamanic Healing System, but it is not to be confused with Other Peruvian Shamanic systems, as this works with very different areas than those generally taught.
    Ways to use the Sacred Mountains Sacred Earth.

    There are three activations which come as part of this system.

    • The Chumpi Band Activation

    • The Stone Hands Activation

    • The Double Crystal Skull Activation

    For a standard healing session you will work as you normal, using the Sacred Mountains Sacred Earth Energy, as you would any energetic healing modality such as Reiki. That said, with this healing system you can take things a step further and choose to bring in any or even all of the activations in order to create your tailor-made perfect session. 

    Within the 26-page manual you will be taught the following:

    • The Medicine Wheel of the Inca.

    • Ancestor spirit calling flutes.

    • Chumpi Stones of the Andes. What they are and their use in healing.

    • Andean Stone Healing Hands. Learn why these are perfect for distance work.

    • The Mesa Cloth, its use application and purpose.

    • Crystal Skulls, what part they play during a healing session.

    • The Holy Wood of The Andes, its use and purpose.

    • Medicinal plants of Peru for healing and spiritual purposes.

    • Inca Hymns, for greater energetic connection.

    Wildwood Shamanic Healing £25 

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    Wildwood Healing is a strain of energy which resides within the Celtic Shamanic area. It has links to Druidy and lineage roots in Traditional Witchcfraft, such as SeaWitchery. The energy is the wild nature which runs through the very landscape of those parts of Northern Europe once united by the Great Forest. A time before fences and ownership, when tribes moved with the animal herds and humanity was just another part of the tapestry of nature, watched over by divine nature in its varied guises, This energy system brings vital forces forged from feminine and masculine, energies, blended with the green ray of the living generative force of life itself.

    This system is perfect for those already invested in the Elen and Herne/Cernunnos systems.

    Within the 26 pages of this manual, you will learn the following:

    How to harness and work with the Triad of universal energy

    The 3 symbols of Wildwood Shamanic Healing

    Metals, Crystals and Herbs attuned to the essence of these energies

    What each of the three energy strains is used for

    Dolphin Emotional Release Attunement £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Dolphins bring us the gift of heart centred energy which is perfect for any form of emotional release healing. They aid us in removing fear based blockages, allowing us to become infused with healing Dolphin light, making this attunement perfect for anyone in need of breaking negative cycles or releasing trapped energy caused by trauma, illness restrictions or disabilities of any kind.

    The healing power of dolphins is something that has long been publicised. You’ve probably seen the inspiring headlines where parents bring their children to a “healing retreat” and their condition is miraculously changed for the better. Dolphin therapy can be compared to working with a therapy dog. These retreats and therapy programs are generally geared towards patients, children and adults, who suffer from depression, anxiety, abuse, health and mobility disorders and it has especially been found to be helpful for autism.

    Dolphins bring a friendly, kind, intuitive and almost otherworldly energy to this planet, and anyone lucky enough to have been around them can attest to their special qualities. Dolphins are free spirits who display considerable care and intelligence in their interactions. They are models of how we could be in our own lives.

    Now it is time to bring the healing Dolphin energy to you so that you and your friends, family and clients can also experience total relaxation and release from fears, worries and emotional blockages.

    This is a very simple system to work with, there are no complicated symbols to learn or draw, just a beautiful guided meditation healing journey to follow. Learn about:

    • Dolphin attributes
    • Dolphin Whistles
    • Dolphin as your Power Animal
    • Dolphins Dream Interpretation
    • How to make your own seasalt from seawater for a deeper meditation connection
    • Pebble & Salt Water Ritual for Emotional Release
    • Dolphin Emotional Release Healing Guided Meditation Journey

     Gaia Grounding Energy£15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Gaia Grounding Energy System will strengthen your connection to the Earth (Gaia) as well as help you forge a deeper relationship with the world of the Fey. This beautiful energising system will aid you in releasing negative energy build-up as well as improve and revitalise your overall health and wellbeing. If you often feel drained and exhausted or have little enthusiasm for life you may have blockages in your root chakra as well as in the soles of your feet, or knees. You may even be suffering from energy leakage through weak aspects or holes in your auric field.

    When we are overly concerned with material matters and living purely in the physical realm we become cut off from our higher guidance which can make life feel as if it is one long struggle. We drop out of the vibrational flow of synchronicity and forget to look for the joy in life and show gratitude for all we have. We fail to make an impact in our chosen profession and find excuses not to listen to our Higher Self about what we really need.

    Being ungrounded can cause conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression; feeling like life is spiralling out of control. In a physical sense this can cause fluid retention and painful joints as we are unable to energetically detoxify our body.

    For those of us who work with some of the higher vibrational frequency energy systems this can cause us to become ungrounded,  and feeling as if we are disconnected from the here and now, struggling to integrate our sense of self back into daily life.

    When we are healthily grounded we have a much stronger sense of our self, we can easily and practically resolve any issues that arise. This is because when we are truly present in the moment, we are expressing our spirituality through our physicality rather than seeing this as two separate identities we need to juggle time for. Learn about:

    • Our grounding chakras
    • How being ungrounded can affect us.
    • The importance of grounding
    • How the Amygdala reacts to stressful situations
    • Four grounding techniques to use with this energy
    • Gaia crystal healing

    Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System £25

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The Neteru Healing System is a new expression of an ancient universal energy force. Like Seichim it is a powerful healing system and is complete in itself. You do not need tobe attuned to any other Egyptian, or Reiki system to use this. In fact it is suitable for even those with no healing experience. It is a gentle, yet powerful system. The Neteru System is perfect for both hands on healing, as well as distance work. With this Healing system you will also learn a unique Chi-Ball method, The Black Scarab & Golden Pyramid. This is an extremely powerful and effective tool for passing on distance attunements and has never before been released before. Other uses for Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System:

    Animal Healing

    The same techniques used for humans can also work very well for animals, regardless of size, or species.


    Powerful energy for cleansing and re-balancing the whole energetic system

    Room cleansing

    To use the energy for room cleansing simply direct the energy from your hands  in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualise a deep purple light sweeping the room. 

    Energy Balancing

    Use for this when a room feels negative, or someone has recently had an upset, or argument. direct the energy from your hands  in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualise a pink  light sweeping the room At the same time feel love emanating from your heart chakra.

    Sea Goddess  Cliodna 9th Wave Initiation £20

    Founders: Raine & Philip Hilton

    This attunement channelled between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 is a powerful connection and working healing system connected to the most powerful Goddess of the Sea  Cliodna, though little spoken of is the mighty lady of The Ninth Wave. The sheer majesty of this being is nothing short of breathtaking. This could be the most powerful  attunement to Sea magic so far available. If you have a serious interest in sea-based magic, healing or ritual, this attunement will become an important part of your future working. Within the 19 pages of this manual you will find the following unique connections to this Celtic Goddess.

    • An original channelled communication from Cliodna.
    • A unique Ritual to enable you to connect with Cliodna
    • Different methods on connection 
    • 3 never before revealed Keywords which will enable you to unlock the power of the Sea Kingdom for healing and ritual
    • A completely different method for working healing or magic using 9thWave Mandela’s for synchronising your own working to the ebb and flow of the rising and falling sea tides
    • Revealed, the personal initiations of Raine and Philip Hilton, who were both initiated by Cliodna during a 9th Wave Ritual on a Yorkshire beach during the winter of 2014


    Shamanic Attunements By Other Channellers

    Activation of the Labyrinth - £10


    Originator - Lisa 'Ladywolf' Center

    First let me explain: The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own centre and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. The labyrinth is an archetype with which we can have a direct experience. We can walk it. It is a metaphor for life's journey. It is a symbol that creates a sacred space and place and takes us out of our ego to "That Which Is Within." Labyrinths and mazes have often been confused. When most people hear of a labyrinth they think of a maze. A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze is like a puzzle to be solved. It has twists, turns, and blind alleys. It is a left brain task that requires logical, sequential, analytical activity to find the correct path into the maze and out. A labyrinth has only one path. It is unicursal. The way in is the way out. There are no blind alleys. The path leads you on a circuitous path to the centre and out again.

    A labyrinth is a right brain task. It involves intuition, creativity, and imagery. With a maze many choices must be made and an active mind is needed to solve the problem of finding the centre. With a labyrinth there is only one choice to be made. The choice is to enter or not. A more passive, receptive mindset is needed. The choice is whether or not to walk a spiritual path. At its most basic level the labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey to the centre of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you. The Activation to the Labyrinth will learn the history of and the types of labyrinths.  Then begin your activation and enjoy your journey


    Activation of the Medicine Wheel - £10

    Originator - Lisa 'Ladywolf' Center.

    The circle of life is reflected throughout Nature; the Moon, the Sun and Mother Earth.  There have been ‘circles’ found all over the world. These have been describes as;

    • Vortexes where healing energy can be given and received

    • Maps to the heavens through representation of the Moon and Sun

    The Native Nations of North America created many wheels that are still present today. It is said that if you follow the Sacred Hoop and consider the lessons you learn there, it will change you. It is the Medicine Wheel that connects us to ourselves and the rest of the Universe. Medicine in this text refers to anything that promotes harmony in our earthly walk. Some people see disease as nothing more than disharmony in our earthly walk. Some people see disease as nothing more than disharmony within the soul of the person. The true meaning of medicine as it is used in this case is nothing more than spiritual energy .For example, when you become attuned to the Medicine of Coyote, You will call the spiritual energy of Coyote to you. When you walk the wheel you call the energy of the Creator, your totems, the Stone people, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon and more to you.


    Activation of the Shaman - £10


    Shamanism is not religion specific. Shamans do not worship nature rather respect and honour her with gifts and behaviour. The energies of this attunement connect you to the Shaman within. It activates the inner discovery, wisdom, and spirit for empowerment and healing. The Shaman is a lifetime student, always learning, growing, and gaining wisdom. Wise in the ways of spirit communications and healing, the Shaman within you can guide you on your spiritual journey in this world. The principals of core shamanism are: 


    1) You are called to be a healer rather than choosing that path on your own

    2) Shamans have the ability to function in both worlds

    3) There is a shared concept of the other world

    4) They have access to the spirit world via an altered state of consciousness

    5) They all have sacred objects

    6) They all feel that they have a responsibility to the community in which they live


    Ama Deus Shamanic Healing - £25

    Ama Deus (pronounced “amma – day – uss”) is an ancient, energy-based system of natural healing. Ama Deus means “I love God”. This beautiful system combines the unconditional love of The Divine Source with a series of ancient multi-dimensional symbols that are vehicles for the transmission of this exceptional Shamanic based Vibrational Energy. The Ama Deus Shamanic Healing energy and symbols are designed for much more specialized uses and actions than those of Reiki and some other Vibrational Energy Modalities. Ama Deus Shamanic Healing provides an excellent vehicle for sending energy over long distances complimenting and extending other methods of Vibrational Energy work. As with all Vibrational Energy/Medicine modalities, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing works through the Heart Chakra with the practitioner acting as a channel for Divine LOVE utilising Shamanic Energy techniques. Ama Deus is a simple, powerful and ancient system. It can be learned in a few days – but takes a lifetime to master.

    Ama Deus Shamanic Healing can used for many issues including: 


    • Healing for self and others
    • Distance Healing
    • Healing for emergencies
    • Healing for animals, birds and plants
    • Healing for Mother Earth
    • Assisting those nearing their transition from the Earthly plane
    • Assisting departed Souls during their transition back to Spiritual Beingness
    • Purification of food, water, medicines, etc
    • Physical and emotional healing of the heart
    • Recollection of past lives
    • Journeying to YOUR Akashic Records
    • Supporting World Leaders
    • Helping babies make a smooth transition into the world
    • Receiving a spiritual gift on your birthday
    • Receiving spiritual information during your dreams
    • Supporting world leaders in making important decisions
    • Healing the Earth
    • Exorcism
    • Psychic protection/self-defence
    • Dispelling negative energy
    • Cleansing/protecting your home
    • Physical Healing
    • Emotional Healing
    • Gaining insight and wisdom through dreams
    • Improving mental clarity
    • Reconciling the spirit
    • Sealing the aura
    • Cleansing, empowering and programming crystals

    Angels of the Earth - Animal Healing - £12

    System Originator - Founder - Linda C. Colibert

    This system combines Divine Earth Energy with the energy of the Archangels to communicate and help heal animals. This attunement is helpful for domestic and wild animals alike combining the Divine Earth Energy and power of Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel to intervene and communicate with and heal animals. Divine Earth Energy is called forth to heal animals in body, mind, and spirit. Your connection with this energy will heighten your telepathic and empathic abilities to both, communicate with and heal animals. It will also connect you further with their senses so that you can assist them with many things. You will learn some reasons why animals become ill, and some information about the life path purpose of animals. Some of the information in the manual is as follows: 
    Hands on healing with Angels of the Earth Animal Healing - Healing with Visualisation & Angels - Animal Chakras - Animal Chakra Clearing - Animal Clearing Auras - Animal Emotional Distress - Animal Psychic Surgery - Animal Healing Pain & Swollen Joints - Helping Animals to cross over - Finding lost Animals

    It is recommended that you be a Reiki Master, or/and Kundalini Master to receive this attunement. However, this is only a suggestion. If you have some experience working with energy healing and other reiki systems, then you may still receive this attunement

    Animal Empowerments - £20

    Animals are always so willing to help us in any way they can. They are non-judgemental, loving and completely honest every moment of their lives. Each animal, whether, mammal, bird, fish, insect or reptile brings wisdom to you in their own unique way. They help you to go within and discover your true self and they always have a message for you. These creatures are just as much a part of the Universal Source as you and I and have much love and knowledge to pass on. All we need to do is be still, be aware and listen. Explore, attune and learn to work with 9 different creatures. You will be attuned to all 9 creatures in a single attunement session or chi ball. Contents include: 

    Bat Empowerment - Dragonfly Medicine - Great Horned Owl Empowerment - Butterfly Empowerment - Dolphin Breath Initiation - Spider Medicine Empowerment - Jaguar Initiation - Dragon Empowerment - Crow Empowerment


    Animal Path Healing - £15

    This system was written for those who want a closer walk with animals wherever we may encounter then in our daily lives. We often begin to understand ourselves better through astrology which is based on animals. There are countless legends and myths telling of the magic and strength of them.  Healers and Shamans have always recognised and established a strong relationship with their animal brothers. Tribes have called upon specific ones for protection, blessing, deeper understanding and empowerment. We can take on the strength and nobility of a lion, endure and be sure footed through rocky ground as a mountain goat, or call in the fox for when we need to cleverly blend in with our surroundings and many more besides. This system contain 3 symbols to work with, information on animal totems, birth totems, clan totems, power totems, life theme totems, life mission totem, lesson totem and shadow totem.

    You will receive 1 attunement and 1 healing meditation.


    Bear Reiki - £15


    Bear Reiki is second in a series of animal totem Reiki courses, Tiger Reiki being the first. Bear Reiki gives insight, brings in new energies and is loving and protective. Bear is an important totem or power animal for many who are mystics as well as shamans and seers and can greatly help you in your spiritual path and healing sessions. Bear is believed to be the one who helps in introspection in many Native American tribes. This energy can be used alone or combined with other streams of energies. Bear Reiki brings in new energies and is loving and protective. In this totem animal Reiki system, you will learn about the different types of bears and how to access various types of bear energy in your healings. You will also connect with the Celestial Bears to help you on your healing journey. The Bear hibernates in the winter. Hibernation is not just a time of sleep but a time of gestation prior to rebirth. In this way, the bear symbolizes those periods in our lives where we go within for answers. Once we take the time to explore our inner knowing, we will wake up in the springtime of our life cycle, stronger and wiser. Bear Reiki was originally channelled by Korey Long. The original energy was used by intent only but symbols have been added to this new version of Bear Reiki with a manual and certified certificate.

    The Bear animal totem symbolizes many positive qualities including:

    Physical Strength - Health - Fortitude - Healing Powers - Introspection - Intuition - Seeking Your Truth - Grounding

    Black Elk Shamanic Healing System - £25
    System Originator - Dean Kingett

    This powerful Shamanic healing system brings you ethereal tools to work with from the spirit world.   These tools will assist you with your healing work and include a Shamanic rattle and wand.   It will also help you to open a vortex to help clear negative energy from people, places and properties. Once you are attuned it also gives you the ability to pass the attunement on to others. There are no pre-requisites to this attunement.

     Dynamic Sacred Space - £15
    System Originator; Mariah Windsong

    Dynamic Sacred Space is a Divine Hexoctahedron (48 triangular faces) structure you activate around your body when you want secure sacred space. This shape is often found on diamonds. It provides added security from astral onlookers and other less pure energetic interferences.
    It consists of these three attunements which are prepared and received in one session:
    1. Ethereal Nickel Empowerment: Surface Protection, Catalyst
    2. Ethereal Taenite Empowerment: An Hexoctahedron Nickel-Iron Meteor
    3. Dynamic Sacred Space: Blends the energies, sets, strengthens, sanctifies, and secures the structure.
    This is particularly good for when sacred work or a large ritual/event is required and there is no time to protect the space and those within it properly. It is also wonderful for when you are in an unfamiliar physical location or a location that other people use also.


    Gaja Reiki - £10

    System Originator - Eva Norein

    The word ‘Gaja’ means Elephant in Sanskrit. The Gaja Reiki is based on powerful and loving energies of The White Elephant, The Lotus flower and The Navratna jewel. These are the three symbols introduced in Gaja Reiki. Since the beginning of time, the elephant has been known for its power and strength. The elephant is the biggest animal on earth and has long life span; hence it possesses great knowledge and wisdom. White Elephant represents purity and peace.

    The White Elephant symbol has a white elephant with its trunk lifted. The lifted trunk signifies overcoming of obstacles and obstructions- emotional, physical and mental. It also represents pure unconditional love, power, passion, purity, light, happiness and love for family. You can meditate on The Elephant Symbol or visualize it in any difficult situation.

    The Lotus Flower symbol - The Lotus flower symbolizes purity of heart and mind. It represents good luck, long life, good health and honor. It is also known as enhancer of spirituality. Meditating on Lotus symbol brings clear ideas, calms the mind and improves concentration. It cleanses, balances and strengthens the aura, aligns all the chakras which improves overall health and brings harmony. It can be visualized in any color for meditation.

    The Navratna symbol is also called as nine jewels of India. It is a combination of 9 jewels representing 9 planets. Wearing Navratna jewellery can cure and prevent many diseases. You will be attuned to Navratna jewel as Etheric Crystal. The nine jewels and planets are:


    • The Sun- Stone is Ruby (Stimulates basic instinct of survival, strengthens physical and emotional healing.
    • The Moon- Stone is Pearl (Balances hormones as per moon phases)
    • Mars- Stone is Red Coral (Brings love, prosperity, peace and strength)
    • Mercury- Stone is Emerald (Stone of love and romance, improves intuitions)
    • Jupiter- Stone is Yellow Sapphire (An all-rounder stone)
    • Venus- Stone is Diamond (Protection in extreme situation)
    • Saturn- Stone is Blue Sapphire (Brings determination, knowledge and wisdom)
    • Rahu- Stone is Hessonite (Brings self-respect and respect for others)
    • Ketu- Stone is Cat’s eye (This stone is for mind)

    Hawaiian Goddess Trilogy - £20

    Channelled by Lee Newman

    Experience the powerful healing energies of 3 very powerful Hawaiian Goddesses.

    Goddess Hi'iaka gained her powers as a Goddess from her Grandmother, Goddess PApa. She restores the dead to life and fends off dangerous creatures. Her psychic visions allow her to be adept in all forms of magic.

    Goddess Haumea embodies the mystical Makalei tree, an abundant source of Hawaiian food supply. Her skill at childbirth is recounted in many stories; children sprang from different parts of her body validating her power of fertility. Haumea acts as Divine midwife to many human mothers, and her control of fertility extends to that of plants in the forest wilderness. Haumea was said to be continually reborn; therefore allowing her to continually mate with her offspring. Haumea was not immune to time, but she could transform herself into a young woman again when she grew old. Haumea symbolizes our ability to transcend physical age and remain young in spirit reminding us to care for the wild places.  

    Goddess Pele was born as a flame in the mouth of her mother. She is very much an earth Goddess creating new land with every outpouring of lava. Goddess Pele was destined to become a Water Goddess, but when she discovered matches her fascination with fire took her in a new direction entirely. Like a Volcano's lava that creates new land, the Goddess Pele reminds us that, even fiery eruptions and emotional upheavals are followed by new life and change. Summon her to clear and purify all that is not needed. She challenges and assists us into bringing forth that which lies dormant in the very core of our being. This awakens us to use our gifts creatively and fully for all to experience. A passionate Goddess, Pele guides us to greater wisdom. She is the keeper of emotions and is always willing to share her "knowing" and lessons of transmutation to help us rebuild the landscapes of our lives. 


    Hawaiian Trilogy Reiki - £25

    The Hawaiian Trinity Reiki Attunements consist of three separate modalities that were combined to give you the Hawaiian Trinity.

    * Each of these attunements will be sent out on separate occasions and not in one session as many places seem to be doing, this way we are giving each system the respect it deserves.
    The three attunements are as follows: Aloha Reiki - Kahuna Reiki - Uhane Nui


    Aloha Reiki: Aloha means affection, love compassion, mercy and other sentiments of similar nature. It is used in Hawaii as a greeting of hello and good bye. The Aloha Spirit Law is an important part of Hawaiian philosophy with the outline below. Aloha & Reiki - So you see it makes sense to combine Aloha and Reiki with one another because they are both about Universal Love. 

    Aloha is a powerful instrument of healing assisting one with:
    Unconditional Love - Peace & Serenity - Kindness - Humility - Patience - Spiritual Wisdom
    The manual contains information about: You Upihipili or Inner child - Activating Aloha Reiki - Aloha Reiki Symbols - Aloha Blessings - Aloha Reiki Energy Lei - Aloha Reiki Attunement

    Kahuna Reiki: In Kahuna Reiki you will work with the energy of Father Amakua also known as your Higher Self.Kahuna Reiki Assists with:

    Bringing Clarity - Increasing Insight & Intuitive - Awareness - Emotional Healing - Connecting to Sacred Space - Listening to Spirit -The Amakua is connection with the divine and Kahuna Reiki will help you to strengthen that connection. The manual contains: Activating Kahuna Reiki - Kahuna Reiki Symbols - Kahuna Reiki Meditation - Techniques - Kahuna Reiki Attunement

    Uhane Nui Reiki: Uhane Nui Reiki is all about recognizing the "Spirit Greatness" in each and every one of us. In Kahuna Reiki we work with energy of Amakua (higher self) to release and connect with spirit. In Uhane Nui Reiki we unleash beautiful spirit within us, to shine forth brightly. Uhane Nui Reiki allows us to integrate our consciousness with our spirit. Uhane Nui Reiki helps with:

    Integration of Body, Mind, Soul - Alignment of ego and conscious mind with soul purpose - Finding and expressing our life purpose - Becoming Spiritually Aware and Empowered - Recognizing we are spiritual beings having a human experience - Increasing our sense of divine connection and awareness -Achieving the state of flow that comes from connection with Spirit - Uhane Nui Reiki will remind you that you are a child of God and Spirit in this human from to learn and grow.
    The manual contains: Activating Uhane Nui Reiki - Symbols - Mahalos Practice - Uhane Nui Affirmations - Uhane Nui Breathing Techniques - Uhane Nui Drumming - Uhane Nui Reiki Attunement process


    One Spirit Master/Teacher - £20

    One Spirit is a very powerful energy based Shamanic Healing System that uses your heart, unconditional love, and symbols. One Spirit takes you inside yourself, so that you can look deeper, beneath the surface and see your true self. Within you are Animal Totems that protect your chakras. There are animals with their own special abilities that guard each chakra- each chakra has its own animal guardian. The system is similar in that both Reiki and One Spirit teaches how to heal yourself and others, how to send energy distantly and remotely, and both Reiki and One Spirit works to heal body, mind and spirit. One Spirit also teaches you how to love and forgive yourself unconditionally and without judgement. The main difference between Reiki and One Spirit  is that One Spirit connects you to your animal guardians-animal totems and animal spirit guides and helps you to get to know them, how to heal and help each other, to work together toward specific goals, including healing yourself and Mother Earth. We are all connected. We all have One Mind, One Body, One Heart, One Spirit. We are One. 


    Rainforest Reiki - £15

    Rainforest Reiki uses the power of the animal kingdom to promote healing. The animal kingdom is filled with beautiful creatures that have become our familiars, our pets, our totem animals. We all feel deep connections to one animal. Rainforest Reiki allows us to use the collective energy from all the animals, or break it down to only one animal to promote healing on a physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional level. This course offers a look into totem animals, types of totems, Animal Symbology, Meditations, Healing Process, and Attunements.

    Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki - £15

    System Orginator: Linda Colibert

    Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki connects you to Spirit and your higher self so that you can discover the root of your problems and issues. The energies of this attunement help you to recognize the pieces of yourself that have been lost or given away and helping to heal these issues through retrieval of the pieces of yourself. In order to be truly happy, you must be whole and complete. When you regain the lost pieces of yourself, you also regain your self-esteem, your courage, and your self-confidence. Working with the energies of this system will help you to speed the healing of these important issues that are holding you back and blocking your happiness. In the manual, you will learn about Shamanic Soul Retrieval, a meditation to help you retrieve your own soul parts, how to help others and how to pass this attunement on to others. 

    The Shadow Self Empowerment - £10 

    System Originator – Jay Burrell

    This is a very empowering attunement which helps us to embrace and work with our Shadow Self rather than repress or reject that part of us which we can learn so much from and can actually help us in our day to day life.

    In Jay’s own words -‘When you have accepted that your Shadow Self is an integral part of your personality and is also a part of your true self, you will start to become aware of a much deeper and more meaningful connection with who you truly are. You will realise that the thing that you have kept in the shadows and hidden from the light is actually something that can greatly aid you on your spiritual path. One of the biggest steps that you can take on this day is to choose to live a more fully enlightened life by embracing this aspect of your being. As soon as you are no longer expending energy by working against yourself and hiding your dark side, you will find that more energy will be easily accessible for you to live in your own personal power. Just imagine all the energy that you can tap into to aid you with your healings and personal spiritual development. What would you do with it?

    When you learn to embrace all aspects of your being you will find that your life will reflect more light and love into all of your surroundings. You will also discover more acceptance and tolerance of others, since you will also be more loving towards yourself. As soon as this aspect is integrated into your personality, the old shadow self energy will be transformed, leaving you a brighter, loving and more centred person’.


    Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment - £15

    Founded By Linda Colibert

    Then is no prerequisite for this system but a good knowledge of energy healing and meditation would be beneficial.

    The Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment connects you to your personal Spirit Steed to carry you and guide you on astral and spirit journeys. This opens your third eye and psychic centres, and helps to enhance your abilities. You will be guided through an astral meditation that knows no limits of time or distance, and also a spirit journey of discovery. You will be given information on how to use the energies to increase your psychic awareness, how to get guidance to help you with improving your life, and how to meet with (or connect with), those who have crossed over. Your Spirit Steed will carry you safely to the past, future, and other realms for guidance and wisdom to help you improve your life and heal yourself and issues that must be dealt with.


    Stone Reiki - £15

    Stone Reiki is a wonderful system that uses the energy of the stones – not crystals. You will be able to connect to such sacred places as Stonehenge, Sedona as well as river or garden stones. All stones have a consciousness and amazing healing and wisdom. This energy will bring in 5th dimensional level energy and help you to create new levels of awareness by working with the stone kingdom.

    You will also be attuned to the very powerful silver-platinum ray, as this is the ray that the stones work within their healing. *Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master 


    Tiger Reiki - £15

    Tiger Reiki system is a powerful system with two symbols and instructions on connecting with your Guardian Tiger. This is a beautiful system to increase courage and strength. Tiger Reiki was originally channelled by Kory Long and Stephanie Brail has expanded the system to include symbols and other practises to it. Symbolism; the tiger has an important role in several spiritual realms and mythology. The manual explains the 5 great tigers from Chinese mythology and many other tiger symbols and mythology from the past. In Chinese mythology and symbolism there are 5 tigers that serve guard to the universe against the forces of chaos. You'll also find out about the colour tigers and how they can help you in your healing sessions. Tiger Reiki is a perfect system for the cat lover and/or anyone who performs healing sessions on cats - the system works great on pets and humans!

    The 5 tigers in Chinese mythology are:

    • Red Tiger - Winter - North - Water
    • Black Tiger - Winter - North - Water
    • Blue Tiger - Spring - East - Fertility - Vegetation
    • White Tiger - Autumn - West - Metals - After Life
    • Yellow Tiger - Sun - Centre - Chinese Emperor

    The manual also explains:

    Activating Tiger Reiki - Symbols for Tiger Reiki - Working with Tiger Energy - Your Guardian Tiger - Working with cats - Attunement for Tiger Reiki


    Totem Reiki - £15

    Totem Reiki   is based on the idea that we have a spiritual connection with a special animal “totem” who serves as a spirit guide and helper during our lifetimes. A totem is any natural or mythical animal to which you feel a close connection during your life or some particular period of your life. The energy of the totem animal speaks to you in some way that is relevant to your own personality or circumstance in life. Totem Reiki is different. The purpose of Totem Reiki is to connect you with your personal animal totem and then ask the animal totem to assist you in your healing sessions when you feel guided to do so. The totem is connected to your spirit, by getting to know your animal totem; you can gain insight and understanding of your own life circumstances more clearly, and share in the totem power or 'medicine'. Animal totems manifest a specific kind of energy that will align to forces of the spiritual realm that are influencing your life.What we are specifically interested in, when it comes to totem animals and Reiki is the “specific kind of energy” that an animal totem can bring to your healing sessions. Much in the way a specific flower essence can work to heal a specific issue; certain animals have qualities that are naturally healing and uplifting to various conditions and emotional states. For example, the elephant can enhance the quality of loyalty, where the butterfly assists in transformation.


    Dolphin and Oceanic Energies

    Aquamarine Dolphin Reiki - £15

    Aquamarine is an emotional healing ray that connects you to the peaceful compassionate energy of the Dolphins. It restores balance and harmony very quickly, and due to its very gentle flow – it is suitable for all. Aqumarine will work with past, present and future emotional issues. It will also work with other healing modalities and Reiki forms, as well as crystals – particularly Aquamarine


    Dolphins of Atlantis Healing System - £20

    The Dolphins of Atlantis have finally come to share this wonderful energy healing system with us. It will add a new untouched dimension to your healing work, and facilitate personal spiritual growth. It also brings an almost identical therapeutic and healing experience to that the Atlantean Dolphins gave to the Atlanteans. This system is best shared with advanced energy healers. The Dolphins of Atlantis Energy Healing Systems 40 page manual is packed with information and many new healing skills. These include:

    • Atlantean Dolphin Auric Hands-on and Distance Healing.

    • Atlantean Dolphin Crystal Healing Grids.

    • Dolphin Healing with Light.

    • Atlantean Dolphin Healing Bath.

    • Atlantean Dolphin Wisdom and Love Meditations.

    • Earth Healing with the Atlantean Dolphins.

    • Creating Etheric Larimar (for use in healing).

    • The Larimar Healing Energy  Ball.

    • Atlantean Dolphin Healing Breath.

    • Atlantean Dolphin Guided Meditations.


    Dolphin Prism Empowerments - £35

    The energy of the dolphins and the galactic encoding they hold for humanity is ready to come to the surface for a deep breath of fresh air. As we reach a higher state of being able to see and hear their fluid messages we come to a holding place of information. The dolphins are the keepers of this earthen place swimming about in the ethers and ley lines of earth looking with a keen eye for those who they recognize as the guardians. As with one who keeps the stories to pass down from generation to generation these Stellar Dolphins are at the point of passing their knowledge to those who will listen and then do something with that knowledge. Each person on Earth is united in body, mind, soul, and heart with the frequencies of at least two dolphin energies. These dolphins are very much alive. They mostly swim inter-dimensionally, but are completely yours for the thinking. They will swim into your heart when you need love, swim into your body when you need healing, swim into your soul when you need the company of the stars. They are as much a part of you as the oceans. The blue blood of your body has the same chemical composition as the mother ocean herself. Call to the dolphins to cleanse the debris of self and carry it to a port of call that will infuse it with a higher light. These Dolphin Empowerments are meant to indeed show you and help you to understand that love is the glue that holds all together.

    This includes a 50 page manual and 5 separate attunements.

    • 1 Dolphin Prism Empowerment - Shangri-la Crystal Cave Empowerment
    • 2 Dolphin Prism Empowerment - Rainbow Dolphin Dreams with Quan Yin
    • 3 Dolphin Prism Empowerment - Rainbow Dolphins, Orcas, Belugas, Humpbacks Dreams with Mother Gaia
    • 4 Dolphin Prism Empowerment  - Dolphin Rainbow Sphere
    • 5 Dolphin Prism Empowerment  - Dolphin Golden Temple Empowerment

    Dolphin Reiki Trilogy - £25

    System Originators: Shanti Johnson and Sheryl Carter

    Dolphin Trilogy Reiki evolved from the healing system of Dolphin Reiki, which Mark Scott created. The dolphins and orcas shared this trilogy system with Shanti Johnson and Sheryl Carter. It comprises three systems, which are Dolphin Healing Reiki, Orca Empowerment Reiki and Dolphin Crystal Reiki:  

    Dolphin Healing Reiki

    This is the first level of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. You will learn a Dolphin Healing Reiki breathing technique to centre yourself and help you connect with the dolphins. Using this technique regularly will help to circulate life force energy through your body efficiently, which will enable you to release lower energies from your cellular memory, reprogram your cells, open blocked energy pathways and increase your vitality. You will also learn a dolphin meditation, how to perform a Dolphin Healing Reiki treatment, how to perform distance healing and how to carry out the attunement process. You will be shown the Dolphin Healing Reiki symbol, which will help you in your personal and healing work.  

    Orca Empowerment Reiki

    This is the second level of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. You will learn an Orca Empowerment Reiki breathing technique, an orca meditation, an empowerment technique, how to perform a healing treatment, how to perform distance healing and how to carry out the attunement process. You will also be shown the Orca Empowerment Symbol which you can use for your personal use and in your healing work.   The orca encourages us to heal by releasing our memories, taking deep breaths and communicating through sound.  Orca Empowerment Reiki can help you to activate and work with your soul star chakra and bring back lost soul pieces.  

    Dolphin Crystal Reiki

     This is the third and final level of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. The energy of the dolphins is combined with crystal energy to form a strong healing system which can heal on all levels.   You will learn about dolphin crystals, how to cleanse crystals, the Dolphin Crystal Reiki breathing technique, a Dolphin Crystal Reiki meditation, how to make a Dolphin Crystal Reiki Box, using Dolphin Crystal Reiki in a session and carrying out distance healing. You will be shown the Dolphin Crystal Reiki Symbol which you can use for personal use and when performing healing treatments.  

    Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use this energy for healing yourself and others. You will also be able to pass these attunements on to others.  

    Dolphin White Wave Healing - £15

    System originator – Caroline Lloyd

    This is a new powerful tool for clearing away negative and stagnant energies that build up around us on a pretty regular basis. It is an energy that works quickly to break down and remove this unwanted residue from the physical and auric bodies, which if allowed to build up, can eventually manifest as disease or altered mood states. It is suitable for self and client healing, and can be used in a variety of ways such as room clearing and purifying the energy of an object.

    This is a combination of energy from Dolphins in our physical realm and those of the higher realm. The energy appears to be split into two frequencies, higher and low. The Earth Dolphins work specifically on the lower and heavier ‘earth’ energies that bother us so much on a daily basis for they are already familiar with the challenges here already! The Higher Dolphins therefore are better suited for working with the higher ‘spirit’ energies as they reside in those realms and have the advantage of ‘seeing the bigger picture’ with detachment. Their energy can be used for self healing as well as healing others. This includes learning techniques for;

     Auric Cleansing, Whole Body Treatment, Clearing Techniques such as: Situation Clearing, Room Cleansing, Water Cleanse. Incorporating crystals with Dolphin White Wave Healing energy, Room Crystal Cleanse, Client Crystal Healing, The Power Shower Meditation. 


    Friends Of The Sea Empowerment - £10

    System Originator: Carol Ann Tessier

    A single empowerment to this energy will connect you to the beautiful energy of all these sea amazing creatures, our oceanic teachers, which you can then work with individually or collectively as you wish. I really do recommend taking the time to journey with each one after your attunement, it is truly amazing the wisdom they have to share with us and a great way to meet and connect to your sea totem guide. You will be attuned to the energy and wisdom of: 
    seahorse, orca, polar bear, dolphin/porpoise, sea eagle, turtle/tortoise, penguin, seal, gull, octopus/squid, crab, manatee/dugong, manta ray, jellyfish, whale, oyster, sea slug, eel, lobster, coral, barracuda, sand dollar, hermit crab, starfish, horseshoe crab, and sea fan.
    As a sea witch myself I find this to be one of my favourite sea connection energies. It also works well with my Sea Goddess Cliodna 9th Wave Initiation Attunement

    Ocean Mother Full Moon Initiation - £10

    There was a time when we remembered the Goddesses of the waters of the Earth.  Though we do not speak of them much anymore they have remained constant and are ever present.  This initiation is a dedication to the Ocean Mother, the Goddesses connected to her and at its most powerful during the Full Moon.  You can call the energy to you by intention and it can be sent the same way.  The ocean may not represent or even suggest Goddess to you but the chaotic power and still serenity of this great body cannot be ignored.  Call that power to you and use it in your life to heal and nurture yourself and others. Great Mother Ocean teaches us to “go with the flow”.  The tides are controlled by the Moon, so honour the Moon’s influence in your life.

    The Goddesses included in this single initiation are:

    • Sedna (Inuit)
    • Aphrodite (Greek)
    • Yemaya (West African)
    • Oshun (West African
    • Saraswati (Indian
    • Tiamet (Sumerian

    Turquoise Flame Attunement - £10

    The Turquoise energy ray stands for loving yourself. Turquoise stands for Atlantis and for the dolphins with their skill to communicate from one heart to another and their ability to confide in the depth of the ocean and to ride the waves exactly so, as they come and go. So, as the breath comes and goes. Turquoise expands the lungs in order that we can assimilate as much of the valuable life energy (or chi/prana) as possible, rebuild, to ride the waves of our lives. To resist against these waves that come and go anyway creates congestion in our energy field. So Turquoise Flame brings back the flow into our life and primarily into our emotions. The Turquoise ray is a channelled system given to us by the angel essence Amai. That means that the Turquoise Flame is not directed by one of the raised Masters, but is an Angelic energy which is made available to us additional to the twelve divine rays to carry into the new energy. This ray is especially closely connected to Lady Nada, Serapis Bey and Hilarion.


    The Ocean Breeze Empowerment - £10

    System Originator - Elizabeth Ami

    Wash away accumulated psychic debris with the Ocean Breeze Empowerment. This is a powerful cleansing energy for renewal and revitalisation. The breeze is peaceful, calm, and refreshing. The breeze washes away accumulated psychic debris we pick up each day. The empowerment enhances vision, understanding and mental clarity. Insights and inspirations present themselves as the psychic debris is gently washed away. 


    Totem/Power Animal/Creature Empowerments


    The following empowerments/attunements are FREE to call in yourself 

    OR If you wish to have a personalised attunement either by chi ball or real time method there is a charge of just £7.50 per empowerment.


    * Please note: the following empowerments and attunements are not part of the Ultimate Shamanic Package or any other sales offer including other Shamanic attunements

    Many people are aware of the existence of spirit guides; often known as  guardian angels, but  are unaware that we also have an animal guide, also known as an animal totem too. Those of us who work with animal guides, find them useful for entering different realms and planes of existence during Shamanic workings and also meditation, that we would otherwise be unable to access by ourselves.

    Animal spirit guides can appear in many shapes or forms. They each have their own unique way of imparting wisdom, to motivate and inspire us. Through meditation and when the time is right for you, you can also meet and learn to work with yours. You may already find yourself drawn to a particular animal; this could well be how they are making themselves known to you. If your totem animal is one which appears below then to learn more about your power animal/creature and to help strengthen your connection and aid communication you may find one of the following attunements listed below helpful.

    Alpaca  - Ant - Armadillo - Bat - Bear - Black Panther -Buffalo - Butterfly – Butterfly Goddess - Chipmunk – Condors - Cougar – Coyote – Crab – Crocodile – Deer – Dog - Domestic Cat – Dragonfly - Eagle - Eagle/Hawk/ Kite -Elephant - Elk - Flamingo – Fox – Frog - Gannett - Great Blue Heron – Hawk - Heron and Egret - Honey Bee – Horse – Humming Bird - Meerkat – Owl - Power Animal Empowerment - Prairie Dog -  Puffin – Raccoon – Raven – Rhino – Seagull – Snail – (Spirit of the) Snow Leopard - (Beauty of the) Swan - Swan – Turkey – Turtle – Vulture – White Elephant - White Tiger - White Whale - White Wolf - Wolf – Yak – Zebra

    The following meditation will relax and open you to new ways of thought, and allow you access to insights that can inspire, motivate and guide you through your life journey.

    Meditation to meet your animal guide

    1 Prepare your meditation area, you may wish to play relaxing music, none vocal is best as it is less distracting. You could burn some incense or essential oils, light candles; anything that will make your room feel relaxing, inviting and cosy. Turn off your phone; and make sure you won’t be disturbed.

    You may prefer to meditate seated, or to lie down, either is fine as long as you are comfortable and not likely to fall asleep!

    Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, long slow deep breaths; feel your body growing heavier and more relaxed. With each breath you take feel yourself sinking further down into your couch, chair or bed.

    As you breathe more deeply, feel yourself sinking further and further down, down through the ground, feeling and smelling all the roots of trees and plant caressing you on your way past, floating through underground streams and rivers, down ever down, until you reach the centre of the earth. Breathe deeply absorbing all the energy of Gaia, the very essence of life on this world, feel it flowing through your body, feel yourself becoming one with her.

    2 As the Gaia energy pulsates through you, you begin to feel lighter and lighter. Now you are floating back up to the surface, lightly and gently as a bubble of air passes through water. You emerge in a clearing in a beautiful forest; the sunlight is gently streaming through the branches, you feel more alive and invigorated than ever before. As you walk through this clearing embrace all your senses, what can you see, hear, smell, feel or taste?

    In front of you is a fallen tree, sit down and close your eyes, feel yourself relaxing further. Count slowly back from 10 – 0, with each breath you take and number you count you are becoming even more relaxed. When you reach 0, ask in your mind or out aloud for your animal spirit guide to make themselves known to you.

    3 Count slowly to 3 and then open your eyes. When you open your eyes you could be anywhere; any country, any terrain. It could be day or night time. You could be swimming safely through the ocean, basking on the beach, walking through a jungle, or climbing a mountain, be open and expect the unexpected!

    4 When your animal spirit appears, move towards it and greet it respectfully, as in these realms there are no communication barriers, you will be able to converse freely and easily. They may impart wisdom to you or take you on a journey. Over time and with further meditation and meetings, and the time is right they will shape-shift by merging with you. You will take on their shape, and will then be free to travel to many different realms and dimensions. This takes a high degree of trust, respect and unconditional love. When the journey is over you will return to the forest clearing, where you will both separate and be free to go your own ways again.

    5 Thank your animal spirit guide and sit down on the fallen tree as before. Close your eyes, and slowly with each breath, count your way back from 0 – 10. With each breath you will feel more wide awake. When you reach 10 open your eyes. As soon as you feel able, write down everything you can remember about your meditation. As time goes by new insights will come to you, and any messages or teachings given may become more relevant at a later date.

    6 Now your session has finished it is important to break state, close and ground yourself. You can do this by visualising all your chakras gently closing down to a normal size, and by visualising a large black cloak wrapping itself around you as a signal to the spiritual realms that you have finished working with them. If you don’t do this, you are at risk of leaving yourself open, and connected to other dimensions. You may continue to see and hear things, not good if you are trying to work or sleep! It can help to eating a light snack or go for a walk in the fresh air, anything that will ground you in the physical world.

    With Each Purchase You Will Receive:
    • One in-depth guide to each system
    • One attunement guide with some great ideas how you can best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls.
    • All attunements sent by Chi Balls to call in at your own convenience.
    • One emailed certificate per system
    • Your lineage

    If you would like to purchase any of these systems please email me requesting this attunement by name @

    I will then send you a PayPal invoice

    Once your payment has been received you will be emailed your manual and information regarding your attunement.