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Medicine Way Healing

Before getting in to the beauty and purity of Native American Medicine work and teachings, let me offer a word of common sense. If you are a non Native American, do not under any circumstances ever claim to be one.

I have never claimed to be anything but who I am and I advise you to do the same. You can’t become a thing you are not, just as a lion can’t be a Tiger, a non native cannot become a native simply by association and wishful thinking.

If you are non native and consider yourself walking the Good Red Road, that is one thing, but if you think you are for example a Lakota, because you practice aspects of the Lakota spirituality, well think again.

Give away all your money and go and live on the reservation with just enough clothes to survive and get used to being treated as a second class citizen. Do this and you might have an idea how it really feels.

The world of spiritual ‘New Age’ thoughts, dreams and practices appears to be peopled with so many wannabe born again Hippies drifting around in a haze of Sage.

This is an insult to not only the Native American, but also to any non Native who is serious about their own respectful practices. This is a serious deeply meaningful relationship with spirit, not the next great high. This isn’t Yoga of North America, it is a contract with the Great Mystery. T

hose who practice the Medicine Ways in a respectful and personal manner will understand all too well that it is far from a fluffy and pretty way. It is a painful series of soul enriching experiences that make you run from yourself, until you reach a point and either accept who you are or turn away and live a life in the shadows.

Iam a Lakota Sacred Pipe Guardian and healer

Please note: that I never offer or charge for Sacred Pipe ritual or ceremony. If I consider you would benefit from my praying over the Pipe for you, then I will include this as part of your healing session at no extra cost to yourself, as these are never charged for. However, healing is different and, an energy exchange is also needed. In the old days healers would ask for tobacco or other items as energy exchange, in the modern world money is simply another and, more convenient form of energy exchange.

This healing session allows me to work within a Sacred Hoop or Medicine Wheel setting. During your session I will take a Vision Quest Journey. During this and working with Spirit, I will make contact with both your higher self, as well as your own Spirit Guide.

During the session I will make use of a number of tools I have been gifted, including Sacred Medicine Sticks, these are very old and as such hold a great deal of power and healing energy.

I also make use of a number of arrowheads for both a type of dowsing, as well an energy directing tool. I have been working with these ancient energies for more than twenty years.
Medicine Sticks used during sessions

After the session you will receive full detailed feedback via email and after this unlimited future email support.
The fee for this session is £70

To make a booking email me

The heavy weight of carrying the Sacred Pipe

An old elder once said that being a Sacred Pipe carrier is not about owning a Pipe or about smoking one, it is about something else completely different. He said “The Pipe is not an object, it is an obligation, a Sacred contract with the whole of creation.” You see when someone is a Pipe carrier they have entered into a Sacred relationship, a relationship which can be seen on the outside as a ceremonial ritual, but on the inside is where the person meets Spirit.  Take away the Sacred Pipe and the Pipe carrier is not going to stop praying the Pipe, they will use another pipe. Take this away and they will offer the Sacred herbs to the directions. Take these away and they will simply face and pray to the directions.

If they are forced to be immobile, they will use their mind and in so doing be able to once more use the Sacred Pipe. The Pipe is an altar, a beautiful way for a human to pay tribute to all of creation within a simple act. For within the Pipe ceremony all things are honoured and prayed to. The stem is male and is joined to the female bowl. Herbs are placed in the bowl, having been offered to all the directions and once lit, the prayers become visible breath drifting out toward creation. This is a simplistic explanation, but will give an idea. The obligation is to be a humble person who prays on behalf of all beings, all life which exists, not just animals and people, but winds, insects, rocks, trees, the visible and the invisible.

A Pipe carrier is given the charge not from people, but from Spirit. A message can be given to someone that they are to gift a Pipe, but the contract is with the unseen. I had a dream many years ago. In the dream a beautiful young woman offered me a Pipe. At the time I had no idea of the meaning. Years later someone explained the significance of that dream and I learned of the Buffalo Calf Maiden who brought the Pipe to the Lakota nation. It was still years after that that I was gifted a Pipe. My Sacred Pipe was made for me by an enrolled member of the Dakota nation. He is a third generation Pipe maker. The bowl is Pipestone, also known as catlinite and the stem is made from Sumac wood.

A painful lesson
I was working with a teacher called Buckskin in the Spirit world. When I was there everything was fine, but whenever I returned I would begin to doubt all I had been shown. One day Buckskin walked up to me, in the Spirit World and said perhaps this will help you remember. He dragged an animal claw down my chest. It was a sharp scratch and then I came out of the Vision Journey. My chest hurt and when I looked the scratch was still there, very fresh. I never doubted again.
Personal Pipe experiences
The first night my Pipe came to the house an unexpected storm raged overhead for hours. Another time right in the middle of a ceremony using the Pipe, yet another storm was heard outside the house, with rain lashing at the windows. This storm lasted for the whole time the ceremony lasted and was heard to stop at its end. When we looked outside, there was no trace of a storm, not a leaf out of place and no rain anywhere. Another time halfway through a ceremony small animals were heard moving around the room, making all kinds of curious noises.
A life half remembered
I have both been told a number of times and also had visions of another life. A life lived as a Lakota at the time of the Indian Wars. My name was Feather Moon Wolf. I was married to Fox Feather, who is my wife Raine in this lifetime.
Teachers and Guides I work with
White Star In The Morning, he was my first point of contact with The Good Red Road and that relationship has lasted down the years. Wa-Na-Nee-Che. Buckskin. I am now working with a teacher and guide called Thunder Horse.
Spirit Nation, a Native community I co-managed
In or around 2003 I was made the manager of a Canadian First Nation MSN Group, called Spirit Nation. I helped teach Native American spirituality to many young Native people. I remember one such young man who had many problems relating to alcohol. I had been counselling him for weeks, when one night it came up in conversation that I was from England. His next question was “Are you white?” When I told him that I was, his whole attitude changed toward me. He raged about me stealing his heritage and culture. The night before he had told me that I had given him back his faith in Native Spirituality. His attitude was in my humble opinion one of learned response.

It was simply you white people have treated us badly and so you are all as bad as each other. A pure racist aggressive patriarchal defence. I am appalled at the Native American holocaust, for that is what it was. It was hideous, add to that the wholesale mass destruction of a culture and spirituality and you have some of history’s most unforgiveable acts ever perpetrated on a race. I myself am not one of those people responsible, we are living in a different world, things are still far from good for the Native American, but things have improved. There are many Native American activists who operate from a standpoint of hatred toward non Natives who practice NA Spirituality. They say no non Native should be allowed to be a Sacred Pipe carrier or do ceremonies.

The ones who shout with the loudest voices do not practice these things themselves as a rule, but don’t see why anyone else should do these things either. What do the true elders say? Well The most respected ones say that Sacred knowledge must be shared and that this message comes from Spirit. Elders such as Bill Eagle Feather, Frank Fools Crow, Nicholas Black Elk, Wallace Black Elk and Pete Catches. These were all very respected among their people as very wise Medicine men. And all of them wished to share their knowledge with anyone who was sincere and respectful.

To practice the Medicine Way you need to be grounded and centred in a difference place, not from the patriarchal society of the normal Western world, but instead be based within a matriarchal universal view. This is far from easy for most people who are used to how the so called modern civilised world operates. Those coming from a Witchcraft or Druidic viewpoint will understand this, for others it can be no mean feat. Once understood and embraced it is liberating and aids tremendously in all forms of spiritual development.