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New Home Blessing and Cleanse

When we move into a new home it can be a very exciting time, it also happens to be one of the most stressful experiences we can have.

Stress creates stale low –level negative energy and also acts as a beacon to attract more harmful negativit

When you add this to an unknown dwelling you may be opening yourself up to more than just a few sleepless nights in a new place.

House Blessings are common and always a good idea, however, having the new house or apartment cleansed and then blessed will offer you the best start possible.

During the cleansing shamanic part of the session I will seek out any energies, spirits and or faeries in and around your new home.

I will also engage with any local land-spirits and see if all is well there. If there are any issues, I will attempt to resolve these within the same session.

Any other things which may crop up I will explain in the detailed feedback after the session is complete and fully written up for you.

During this session I will do the following:
  •  I will cleanse your new home
  • Check the home and surrounding areas
  • Make contact with any spirits including land spirits
  • Remove any unwanted energies
  • Clean build up stale energy
  • Rebalance the energies
  • Bless the home
  • Send you detailed feedback
  • Offer unlimited email support, during and after the service

After I have finished your full and complete healing cleansing session, I will then perform a full house blessing, this can be tailored to your own spiritual or religious belief system. Just tell me what works for you.

The all inclusive fee for this session is £70

To arrange your session email me now