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Personal & Property Cleansing


Just as our homes need a physical over-haul at least once a year, which is usually termed ‘spring cleaning’, so to do our homes need a spiritual renewal. This is different to a standard house cleanse.

What I offer with The good vibes Tune-Up is no less than a full healing session for your home. This service will of course include a full cleanse, as well as a complete elemental balance.

A card reading will be conducted for the home and a full shamanic journey will take place.

If anything of a physical nature is needed, I will advise you of all the steps needed to fulfil this in your detailed feedback.


Included in the Good Vibes House Tune-Up:

Card reading which will focus on the house, its past, present and future.

A detailed energetic study of the home

A house cleansing session

Shamanic Journey

A complete re-balance

An energy boost

Detailed feedback

Unlimited email support, during and after the service


I use negative energy as an umbrella term to cover a great many different types of phenomena, these can include one or more of the following;
  • Ghosts
  • Low level negative entities
  • Nature spirits
  • Poltergeists
  • Higher level negative entities
  • Geopathic stress
  • Phantom recordings

As you can see by this short list, we are not talking of something which is simple. The list is by no means exhaustive and merely covers some of the more common elements which I encounter in my work. When something out of the everyday norm occurs, people will label it quickly with something they have heard about, or which is already waiting to surface from their sub-conscious. Our upbringing, education, religious background and or our belief system all help to inform us and suggest how we should and will respond to a given situation. Even if you say that you are a confirmed atheist, well this is still your belief system and will inform your reactions. We tend to react to circumstances, when we should stop and think and then act in an informed manner.

Misdiagnosing a situation is far more common than most people would credit. Ghosts for example are quite rare when compared to phantom recordings, these are events, usually of a dramatic emotional and often traumatic nature, which are trapped in the fabric of a building or place. Often water will act as a recording device.

This type of event will replay in the same manner time after time. For example the classic haunting with the grey lady walking down the corridor, only to vanish through the wall. Many people will attest to the manifestation and always their stories tally. Because of course this is not a true ghost, that is to say a spirit with purpose and agenda. No it is simply a trapped event. Yes these trapped events can be shocking and at times very frightening, but they are not as serious as a true ghost manifestation. Recordings need first understanding and then if desired, removing. 

Nature spirits are very different and need very careful interaction. We are as much walking in their kingdom, as they are in ours. We must learn respect when dealing with those who used to be called Faery. Just because we became more technologically advanced and ceased to believe in these creatures, did not stop them existing. The twee fairy of Victorian childhood literature has little to do with the very real world of those called the Fey. They have always been here and are often misunderstood as ghosts, poltergeists and other phenomena.  Certain faeries can be removed or banished. However most have the right to be listened to and appeased. These are very highly evolved intelligent beings and as such have their own reasons for doing the things they do. Often if they are attracting attention, or acting up, it is to draw our attention to a particular injustice. An example could be a mistreatment of the local environment, even gardens have their devas and these need to be respected.

People can also have negative energy attached to them in a number of ways. There are entities that leech positive energy and feed on emotional states such as anger, fear and depression.  There is much talk in science areas of sleep paralysis, in my experience this is usually caused by something I term ‘The Hag’ I call this particular entity a Hag, because it is normally in this appearance that it attacks people, while they are in sleep state. People often wake up and are unable to move or cry out and are forced to experience a Hag sitting on their chest and draining their energy. This is a very frightening experience and I do not mention it to scare people, simply to mention a thing which is far more common in spiritual work, than is realised.


The most common form of energy drain is by something known as a cord of attachment. As we move through our lives, we experience more than just physical bonds to people. Spiritual bonds are stronger than their physical counterparts. Imagine, if you will, an unbreakable invisible cord, like a rope fastened from an area on your body and stretching to another person, where it fastens to them. When we’re in love, for example, the feeling of being attached to another is a wonderful euphoric experience. However if the relationships ends, do we really want to carry on moving forward on our life journey, still linked to the love of the past? Links are forged in many relationships and through direct emotional attachment and energy exchange. Cords can be made by love, anger, fear, hatred, dependence, to name just a few. Most people have cords tying them to their parents at the very least. I can help you remove all such cords and move forward with your life.

Personal belongings direct and indirect possession. 

Sometimes we will inherit something from a family member, or buy something which we are unaware of the history and then begin to experience manifestations within the local environment.  Objects are able to carry energy, both negative as well as positive. You may have a house which is perfectly balanced and you yourself could be in a perfect spiritual condition and still succumb to a negative influence and do bear in mind that negative influences can and often will affect any or all of the following

  • Health problems
  • Money problems
  • Bad luck
  • Lethargy
  • Arguments
  • Sleep related problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Worries
  • Stress

If you are experiencing any of these things, you may have a problem. Why not email right now and book this service, or to find out more details.

Our homes are in essence a reflection of our everyday lives and should nurture us and give us pleasure.  Over time negative energy begins to fill the home and a feeling of staleness begins to hang in once loved rooms. Energy is the one force that moves through everything, but energy moves without boundaries and so negative as well as positive is to be found in varying degrees of balance in every single place

Just as everything is energy, so we each contribute to the energy which surrounds us. Each action, word and emotion gives birth to positive and negative energies.  A child’s laughter creates a stream of positivity. On the opposite end of the scale, an argument causes spikes of aggressive negative energy. Each deeply felt emotion lives on in the very fabric of our homes, offices and businesses. We cannot see these, but we certainly can feel their presence. Those times when you have walked into a room and for no reason, have decided you like, or dislike the place. The other times you have known that people had been arguing. Expressions such as ‘you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife’ speak of this knowing.

Just as we feel the need to wash and bathe away the fatigue at the end of a busy day, so too do our properties need cleansing. House cleansing removes the stale stuck energy. We are not talking spiritual entities,(these can also be connected with the property and can be dealt with too)no stuck energy is not so much negative energy, it is more waste and needs moving on, in order for it to be energetically recycled.

During a house cleanse, I will dowse the property using a floor plan and will check for various types of energies. Once I have an idea of how things are, I will undertake a shamanic journey to the property and cleanse it. I will also re-balance the energy and make certain that a free flow is moving through the various areas. I will provide detailed feedback and you will also have unlimited email support both during and after the service.

In order to take advantage of this service you will need to fill in a questionnaire. This is so I am as aware as is possible of not only the property, but also your own history as relates to the property. All parts of the service, as with all my services are completely confidential. Nothing is ever disclosed to any outside party, unless with permission from yourself.

The cost of this service is £60

To take advantage of this service or for further information, simply email now