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Spirit Photography

Many times people want proof that spirit truly exists and yes, even I sometimes find it difficult. Living in a modern world cut off from nature and peace, quiet and stillness, it is good to be able to have something concrete to focus on.

Each image on this page was photographed either by me or my wife Raine. There has been no enhancement done to any picture, apart from cropping for the purpose of clarity.

I offer these pictures as direct evidence of the spirit world.

Dryad in the woods.
Face in fire
Face in fire closeup
Face in fire with enlargement
Face in Lily pond
Raine pictured with two Fey Guides Fintak and Pinella
Fire Fairies dancing
Spirit energy captured in a kitchen
Lady of the woods and friends
This ancient lamp hadn't been lit for 4000 years. 
This picture was taken during a candle magic spell
There is an energy portal in this area
The face of a fey guide called Ralff can be seen in the wood above the candle
Dryad in the woods
These photographs were taken during the different stages of spell pouch creation
Picture taken after a Fairy ritual at Raine's desk
Watching the Watcher
All images copyright Philip & Raine Hilton 201