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For legal reasons, I am stating that all items are strictly  for entertainment purposes only. Information from healing sessions or attunements are a service and not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. I do not take any responsibility for recommendations made and no guarantees issued towards the validity of information exchanged. Reiki and other healing systems should only be used alongside traditional medical treatment and should not be viewed as a replacement. If you ever have any concerns do please contact your Dr or health care provider 

By receiving a healing, empowerment or attunement, you are agreeing to indemnify me from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or other rights.

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Good Vibes Shamanic Services makes no claim as to the effectiveness of any item, or product purchased from this website. All Magical/Witchcraft/Shamanic/Talismans items bought are offered as curios & sold as such. Therefore all information concerning magick/spiritual properties is offered as items of interest and not fact. We take no responsibility for the use made by the purchaser of any product sold by us. 
Our Spell Pouches/ Medicine Pouches/Magickal Spell Bottles contain herbs which may be harmful to pregnant women, unless otherwise stated in product description. Also contains small items such as crystals, these can be choking hazards and should be kept away from all children and animals. No product sold by Good Vibes Shamanic Services is intended to be ingested. We will not be held liable for the effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of spells & other Magickal items. All items are sold for curiosity value only. 
Oracle and Tarot readings are no substitute for professional counselling and should only be used as a possible guide to what could occur in your future. We all have FULL control over our lives at ALL times. A card reading will only foretell that which will occur as circumstances stand right now.


Payment Options:

Here at Good Vibes Holistic Services we process payment rransactions throughg Paypal.

Returns Policy.

Good Vibes Holistic Therapies has a strictly no returns policy. This is because of the nature of the items offered for sale. 

Contacting Us.

You can contact us here at Good Vibes Holistic Services at any time using our emails hiltonphilip85@gmail.com - goodvibesgirl@live.com. We will endeavor to reply to your email within a period of 24 hours, sooner in most cases. We are always here to help!


Once you have paid for your chosen system and the manual has been sent to you a refund or exchange cannot be given.

If you change your mind before the manual has been sent then a refund or exhchange will be given.

Once a time and date has been agreed for your attunement or healing session it can only be changed if 24 hours notice is given.

If you would like any new information taken into consideration or have any questions you would like answered before your attunement or healing session you must contact me 24 hours before your session or I may not be at my computer to see it.

There is no time limit on calling in your chi balls after they have been prepared for you

In the case of an appointment attunement I always chi ball the energy in addition at no extra charge in case you are disturbed or unable to make your appointment at the last moment. You will still be attuned and this information and energy will be held with your higher self aspect ready for you to call in whenever you are ready. So you will not miss out on the experience.

Once you have paid for your attunement systems or if you have paid for a block of healing sessions there is no time limit on taking them


There is a large divide in the spiritual/healing community over whether it is ethical to charge for healing and other spiritual services and I would like to share my take on this. In an ideal world it would be lovely to be able to do this full time for free but myself and many others also have bills to pay and children to clothe and feed. The work we do is no different to dentists, psychotherapists or others who work in mainstream medical services and receive money for their time, effort and expertise. Money is just a token for that energy transferred, no more and no less. We think nothing of using this energy (money) to pay for our fuel bills which is also energy. Energy is continually flowing throughout our lives, just changing form and names. Also at a deeper level it is important that an exchange be made for such services. We live in a universe which is held in perfect balance, energy flows from one place to another, at no time is there ever a void. It is the universal nature of give and take. When a healing session, reading or attunement is given for free it creates an imbalance. The client unconsciously doesn't value the service or feels unable at an energetic level to fully accept it because they have given nothing in return; therefore what they are being given is meaningless to them. This is especially important when it comes to energy healing or attunements as this may compromise the power and the belief in the system as well as the tutor/master/therapist.

Even going as far back as when Dr Mikao Usui walked this physical plane, the originator and founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, he stressed the importance of there being a fair exchange of energy, whether this is in goods, services or money. After all money is only another form of energy as is everything around us. In fact he experimented widely with this principle by allocating a portion of his time to giving free healing to the ill, poor and homeless. He did this alongside his regular paying clients. To begin with all his clients improved, but after a short time he began to see a profound change among those who were receiving the free healing. The ones who did not return energy to him in some form soon began to decline in health and quickly found themselves back to where they had started. He realised what was happening and suggested that those who could not afford to pay him in money returned the energy to him in some other form, for example by working for him around the home or garden in whatever capacity they were able to, As the energy exchange grew so did the health of his clients improve, and this time for good.

This is why for many energy workers without an additional income it is essential to charge a fee for spiritual services. This is often abused by many, some charging ridiculous amounts of money sometimes as much as hundreds and even thousands of pounds. I certainly do not condone this and try to offer a fair price for my services. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be able to learn healing techniques and to have access to healing for themselves as well as other spiritual services such as card readings. There are hidden costs to energy healing that many people are unaware of; this includes renting, lighting and heating work premises, websites costs and insurance, the working hours allocated for the services provided, including all the preparation for attunements and healing sessions, the therapists side of the session begins long before the client’s side does! There is also the upkeep and replacement of the equipment used; the time spent writing manuals or completing courses to deepen my healing and therapy knowledge and experience.

To my mind it isn’t so much the energy itself I am charging for, only my time and the upkeep of my business and also my health. As a channel for healing I need to keep myself as pure as possible, this for me means, no smoking or alcohol. I eat a healthy vegetarian, organic high vibrational diet. I make plenty of time for meditation and exercise. Putting myself in the best shape mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually means that I can offer you the best service possible. I am also committed to ongoing study so that I can in turn channel this knowledge further into my work. I pay for my courses, for my tutor’s guidance and expertise, which in turn is turned into the energy that I pass onto others.

The attunements I offer are ones that I am well versed in and work with on a regular basis. There have been a number of so called ‘energy shopkeepers’ who buy attunements in bulk and pass them on without another thought, many times they haven’t even been attuned to them! They believe that by buying in bulk they can offer them at ridiculously low prices and make a profit. This means that by the time the new student receives these attunements the stream of energy is so weakened that it is practically useless. By the time they are ready to pass it on it is nonexistent. This is why by charging a fair price for a my sessions everyone benefits. I do have a number of free attunements and empowerments on offer, as the originators of these particular systems stipulate that money must not be charged for these I respect this. When I receive a free attunement I like to give something back such as some healing, or even another free attunement to balance this flow of energy.



This is a question I am asked repeatedly, so in an attempt to clarify this I decided to write this article. I have been an energy healer for many years, hands on (in person) as well as from a distance and have had equally good results from both. This has also been my experience of attunements. All attunements are energy; energy knows no boundaries, no limitations and flows where intention goes. I know that many would argue that you need to be attuned in person, if that is so, how was the very first attunement sent to the originator of that particular system? Directly from spirit of course, some may call it God, Goddess, Jesus, Great Spirit, Universal Energy or any other number of names, it is this very essence that all energy is transferred from one source to another.  Many people are unable to accept such a pure simple explanation and feel the need to complicate it, to make it sound grander and more complex than it truly is, this is only the ego speaking. A mother instinctively reaches out to sooth and calm a hurt child, a mother also knows at that same deep instinctive level when her child is hurt and they are miles apart. The bodies we inhabit, the physical shells we choose to put up around ourselves in which to dwell  may separate us from one another in this realm, but do not exist on a spiritual level. We are all connected, we are all one and it is in this oneness that we tap into when we send healing or distance attunements.

Once someone has been attuned to a particular system they are then able to pass this onto others. I see these attunements as different ‘flavoured’ streams of Universal Energy. They all vibrate at a different frequency and once ‘tuned’ into that frequency we can then work with that particular stream of energy. If we were to imagine the source of Universal Energy as a huge radio station and within that were housed all the individual stations. We acting as radios are capable of receiving a whole range of different frequencies, but only when we are tuned into the particular one we want and are locked in do we have access to it. We don’t need to live next door to the radio station to hear the music; it is capable of travelling vast distances to reach our ears. This is the very same principle behind sending energy from one source to another. Accessing attunements is very similar to downloading a software program from the internet. To do this you need to have a computer, internet access, and the relevant website to be able to download this particular software program. When it comes to attunements first you need to prepare yourself, be in a receptive frame of mind, then you need to find someone who is already attuned to that particular stream of energy and is willing to pass it on to you.

I have worked online for many years, hosting live web chats where healing was passed on and spiritual development was taught. In the time we spent together we were as open and receptive to each other as if we were sat in the same room. It didn’t matter if the other person were living a few streets away or was living at the other side of the world the close bond we shared was just as powerful. The energy that I pass on does not come from me but through me from the Universal source. It doesn’t know the difference between flowing a few inches from my hands or a few thousand miles. In my experience I have found distance attunements to be more powerful than hands on. From the feedback from my students we have come to the conclusion that this may be because; When you are in your own surroundings you are naturally more relaxed, there is no pressure to ‘perform’ or to act in a certain way in front of the Master.

As there is no such thing as time in a spiritual sense, in the physical world even though the attunement has been sent the recipient may continue to experience it for a period of time afterwards. This is often the time that a guide may step forward or the student may be taken on a journey. There is nothing worse than to be in the middle of an amazing experience for some to say ‘right your time is up now’. You are able to journal your experiences straight away and are free to express yourself in any way you wish. You may have the urge to sing or dance, to go for a walk in nature, you may feel inspired to write or design something to mark the moment. Or you may just wish for time by yourself for quiet contemplation. These things may all be hampered if you have to come down to the real world with a bump and are already thinking about your journey home, the shopping, work, your partner or children. The spell has already been broken.
Not everyone lives in an area where they have easy access to a Master of a particular system. They may also live in places where their community or social group doesn’t support, understand or tolerate this type of thing. Others may be housebound either due to family commitments or health issues or may simply be unable to spare the time or money for lengthy travel or hotel costs. By offering attunements by distance the Master also doesn’t have to travel which cuts down on time and costs all round so everyone benefits. It is important that if you are to consider distance attunements that you are able to have access to your Master as often as you wish. As a student you should never feel alone in what you are doing or feel helpless because you don’t understand a particular part of it.  I always aim to responds as quickly as possible and I am available before and throughout the attunement process, and for attunement related questions afterwards.  When looking for a Master yourself, you must keep this in mind, it is too easy to part with money only to realise that once you have your manual you are on your own.