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 Good_Vibes_Girl_StarNew GVHT Attunements For NovemberGood_Vibes_Girl_Star

New GVHT Attunement Series - Healing With The Ascended Masters  
Enlightenment Consciousness - Maitreya
 - £25

Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

This is the second attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

Ascended Master Maitreya has been expected for generations by all of the major world religions. Globally he is known as The World Teacher: but to Christians he is known as Christ, while Hindus know him as Krishna, Jews as the Messiah; Buddhists see him as Maitreya Buddha; and to Muslims the Imam Mahdi or Messiah.

Maitreya has come forward to share with us the gifts that self realisation brings, and through this ease the pain and suffering created from the level of our ego. As we progress through these levels of enlightenment consciousness we will cease to feel owned by our material possessions. However, this is not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy and appreciate all that we have achieved and instead choose to give it all up to live an austere lifestyle.

When we are aligned with our soul’s purpose, all that we think, say and do resonates in harmony and supports our journey through life. Everything we need to know lies within us; we do not need to seek outside of ourselves to find the meaning of life. We just need to consciously commit to taking the time to regularly tune in and listen to our inner voice. Regular meditation within a sacred space strengthens this connection as you tune out the outside word and journey deep within yourself.

As we get our life on the right track we learn to live a life of authenticity. We become comfortable in our own skin and don’t feel that we have to live up to anyone else’s ideals. There is no one we have to impress or aspire to be. We are perfect just as we are; all of our life’s lessons have led us to this point right now, preparing us for the next stage of our consciousness towards enlightenment.

Each time you make a healthier soulful choice in life you reveal a little more of this light. Every decision you make for the highest good of all and not just to benefit yourself will feed this positive energy into the collective consciousness.

You will learn the ten levels of consciousness and how they relate to where you are right now.

  • As you read his unique channelled communication this will further open up your awareness taking you into your attunement to Maitreya who will assist with your enlightenment consciousness evolution.
  • Learn how to use this energy to connect more deeply with him to work on any issues or blockages in your personal, professional life or spiritual path.

New GVHT World ShamanismAttunement Series - Herne The Hunter Initiation - £20

Channelled and created by Philip Hilton

This healing system forms the masculine counterpart to The Elen Of The Ways Initiation and Healing System, which is a prerequisite for taking this initiation.

This very powerful attunement has been newly channelled for Autumn 2017.

For nature to be a singularity, it is formed from both the divine feminine and the divine masculine, which come together in oneness.

There is a single attunement for this system.

To both facilitate your working relationship with Herne The Hunter and to enhance your understanding of his nature, you will be taught the following:

  • The many names and faces of the Horned God
  • You will receive 5 unique glyphs, which will unlock the secret ways of working
  • Ritual ways to connect and work with Herne
  • What are the best material items to use to better your connection with Herne?
  • A mandala for Shamanic journeying
  • A mandala self-healing
  • A unique channelled communication from Herne
  • Two complete poems which will aid your understanding in a very significant way
  • A 32 page manual giving details, stories and ways for you to better understand the male side within each of us.

Good_Vibes_Girl_StarNew Attunements For November From Other ChannellersGood_Vibes_Girl_Star 

Brigid's Flame Reiki - £15.99

Founder Joanna Rowan Mullane

From the manual: " Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of the Hearth Fire, Creativity, Poetry, Inspiration, Smithcraft, and healing. Bridhid is action, focus, strength, and purpose. Her influence touches every stone, tree and river. She is light...she wants us to live fully, to appreciate our strengths, as well as our weaknesses , so that we may be reborn to the light that is already within our own heart."

Learn to work with this beautiful energy along with the four sacred symbols within this system. Each symbol is linked with crystal energy to further empower the energy and provide a closer connection to Brighid’s energy. Learn which healing herbs are sacred to Brighid.

Prerequisite: It is beneficial to have experience working with Reiki symbols.

Cry Of The Phoenix Energy - £10.99

This is an intense and fiery energy which should be accepted with full awareness of the changes you wish to manifest within yourself. Working with this energy will allow you to release those aspects of you which are holding you back in life.

The Song of the Phoenix is said to be more beautiful than that of a Siren though no Phoenix will harm you as a result of following its song. It is to that beauty we focus our attention as we consider the nature of this attunement.

This energy has several purposes, those being the following:

Understanding your own personal Power

Working to reclaim your personal Power that has been given away to others consciously or unconsciously

Knowing your Self and knowing it well so that you are able to stay in alignment with that Self

Transforming/transcending that which you find to be unacceptable within your Self allowing it to be more in alignment with who it is you wish to be rather than who you have become

Learning to operate outside of the Ego in a manner that facilitates active participation of Spirit in your current incarnation for the purpose of learning the lessons Spirit has chosen for you in this life


Digestive Care Energy System - £25

System Originator – Mariah Windsong

Digestive Care™ energy system is designed to assist you and your body to have an efficient and comfortable digestive system. Digestion of the information resulting from situations in your life, and your positioning to them is another factor in your digestive system health and comfort. Digestive Care™ contains a Digestive Shakti™ who brings assistance targeted at specific areas and purposes and these energy functions: Aloe Vera Healer™, Villi Healing Session™, and Gut Instinct Trust Ray

Digestive Care™ energy session helps you to digest whatever is going on in your life at this time. It helps you to properly take in what you need to and eliminate the remainder, energetically speaking. People who are very empathic can respond negatively to even good healthy food if it was prepared by someone who was emitting anger or frustration energy. These adverse energy influences can be reduced by “clearing” your food with intention always before eating it.


Efficiency Empowerment - £12

System Originator – Mariah Windsong

Benefits of activating your Efficiency Empowerment may include, but are not limited to:

You find yourself powering through tasks more efficiently. Distractions have less of a pull on you. Your mind puzzles out problems more efficiently. You are able to navigate political and social situations more efficiently. You notice efficient solutions to all kinds of challenges. Your day's flow improves and you enjoy life better. Your memory improves for the topics you need right now. As your efficiency increases you look at situations differently. Your find that you have more time for entertainment or spiritual pursuits. You have more time for visiting with family and friends. Your efficiency improves even in regards to how you care for your body and your exercise routine is adhered to easily.

Problems solved by Efficiency Empowerment may include but are not limited to:

Distractions ruling your attention.  Problems feeling insurmountable. People pressing in on you and using your time. Difficulty deciding what to do next in your day. Feeling of not enough time to get the urgent stuff done today.

Lightarian Gateway Program - from £155
By the Lightarian Institute

As the Earth goes through her many energetic shifts and changes at this time, many of us feel an urgency to stimulate and enhance our own personal process. With the groundwork set through completion of the Lightarian Buddhic Track and the Lightarian Angel Track programs, an individual has allowed more of his or her spirit into the physical body. This Ascension/Descension process has removed polarities and opened up the way to recognising and working among various dimensional realities of the Earth plane. The Lightarian Gateway program provides training for navigating such dimensional planes, working with the Crystal Skull, Blue Flame of Wholeness, and gem grid, and interacting with several Master ET and Seraphim groups.

Simply stated, our Lightarian perspective regarding personal development within the interdimensional realities through the Lightarian Gateway program includes the following:

Usage expansion of the Crystal Skull and Blue Flame of Wholeness received through the Purification Ring program

Recoding of the body at the cellular level which will aid the individual to work better with energetic vibrations and the Lightarian Gem Grid

Adjustments in the individual’s energy field, including the unified heart chakra

And most importantly, collaboration with different Master ET groups and Seraphim groups to learn how to navigate physical realities and interdimensions more easily

The process of becoming a Lightarian is ongoing. As one accelerates the developmental process as offered through the Lightarian modalities, there will be a natural progression toward personal transformation manifested though the raising and increasing of personal vibration, expanding awareness, and the growth and depth of feeling, thinking, acting, living, and being. A stronger, clearer link between one’s lower incarnational self and Higher Self energies will develop. With the reunion of body, mind, and spirit to cleanse and raise the vibration of the mind and physical body to such a degree that they were reunited with Higher Self--all which occurred through the Lightarian Buddhic Track and Lightarian Angel Track programs--we are ready to expand our usage of the Crystal Skull, the Blue Flame of Wholeness, and the Unified Heart Chakra, as well as learn how to connect with the gem grid and navigate different dimensions, all with the help of our etheric friends.

Beings from other galaxies, dimensions, and energetic makeups have reached out to support and aid us in our human/global transformation. Aspects of two Seraphim groups, Seraphim C and Seraphim K, along with the Master ET energies of the Arcturians, Sirians, and Pleiadians, and other dimensional beings have come forward to offer humanity ways to unlock the new dimensional realities, enhance the connection of the physical body with the Lightarian Gem Grid, and improve their relationships with those on the Earth plane. Together, they have inspired unique gateway modalities which focus on the recoding and utilisation of cellular coding within the physical body. We begin with the Crystalline Gateway, used as a platform to five other levels which will connect us to the gem grid and provide us with access to other dimensional realities.

The Lightarian Gateway modalities are the following six:

Level 1 - Crystalline Gateway,

Level 2 - Ruby Gateway,

Level 3 - Blue Apatite Gateway,

Level 4 - White Sapphire Gateway,

Level 5 - Citrine Quartz Gateway,

Level 6 - Gem Grid Gateway.

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