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FREE Attunements

The following attunements are FREE to everyone with my love & blessings. Many people are surviving on increasingly restricted budgets and the first thing which often suffers when funds are low is health and well being. Ironically at this time taking care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit becomes more important than ever. So to help everyone on their healing and spiritual path I would like to offer the following attunements and empowerments which have been kindly gifted to me from many friends, students and clients over the years. My aim is to create a database of  as many free quality distance attunements as possible. I ask that you share these with others and I am also happy to accept new ones as well. However, I do ask that these attunements and empowerments are treated with respect, just because they are free doesn't mean they aren't as powerful as those which you may have paid for. The same care and attention and time has gone into each of them. With this in mind, 

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Please include your full name and country when making your request. 

Due to high demand I ask that you request only one attunement/empowerment per weekDuring busy times or after holidays there may be a wait of several days before I can send your manual as I receive a great many requests each week. I reply in the order I receive requests, so please do not repeat email me as I consider this very rude and you will go to the bottom of the list, repeat offenders will be blocked!

All free attunements are self-activating and so can be called in just as soon as you wish once you have received your PDF file. Instructions can be found in the individual manuals, some are self activating as you read and meditate on the words within the pages. I also have written a free distance attunement guide which is sent to you free with your first attunement.

Unfortunately I cannot give feedback or further instructions other than what is in the manual or in your distance attunement guide. If you require feedback, further information or teaching please book a personalised attunement with me for a nominal price of £7.50

If this is the first time that you have worked with attunements or empowerments and do not feel confident in achieving the desired result for a small fee I will be happy to distance attune you personally at a time suitable to both of us. As the attunements in this section are all free I will be happy at this time to attune you to your chosen system, for just *£7.50 (per attunement/empowerment) If you wish to take advantage of this offer please let me know and I will send you a PayPal invoice. If you are confident in your own abilities and wish to self attune there is of course no charge. Please note that a personalised paid for attunement session is only available for the free attunements where this is permitted by the individual channeller/system founder.

I am very happy to announce that as of Jan 2017 we now have over 200 Free distance attunements in our data base. I would like to say a huge thank you to all who have shared their attunements and empowerments with me 

How Distance Attunements Work

When a person is attuned to a particular system of healing, such as Reiki, that person is then able to pass the link to that energy onto others. This in essence is attunement. It is like a radio station. If we take a radio it can receive any number of stations, but only if it is able to be tuned in and locked onto one station at a time. Universal energies are like stations, they are all streaming in their own energetic vibrational frequencies and each has to be isolated. It is very like downloading software from the internet. You not only need the computer, but also the website and the software would have to have been uploaded in the first place. Where attunements are concerned, first you need someone attuned to that particular system and then they need to make access to it available to you in order to pass it on.
Distance attunement works in the same way as distance healing. Energy is free flowing and understands no boundaries and limits; it is as easy to send energy over a distance as it is close at hand. I have worked over the internet for many years and in my personal experience have found distance work just as powerful and effective as in person. The energy I use is universal and comes not from inside me, but rather flows through me from the source.
Distance attunements are perfect for those who cannot reach teachers and masters in the physical, but who have access to the online world. They are equally good for those in communities, or social groups where this kind of energy work is not easily understood, or tolerated.
Please Choose From the List Below:
Attunements labeled GVHT have been channeled by Raine & Philip Hilton

GVHT Pain Relief Reiki: Many healing systems are only concerned with removing the offending illness or imbalance from the physical body, the goal being focused solely on restoring the body to optimum health and wellbeing but it is vital to remember that pain, disabilities, illness, even long term illnesses and terminal illnesses have an important role to play as part of our life path. The role of this attunement is to offer pain relief from acute pain, chronic pain and long term pain, and to also help to reveal the lessons this life path experience is showing you. For some once this is revealed it may be enough to pave the way for true and permanent healing to occur for others it will ease their symptoms and go on to provide a deeper insight into their life.  Each person will have a different experience with this system

GVHT Sleepeze Reiki ~ Archangel Raphael: A beautiful new stream of energy channelled to help ease all sleep related problems including; insomnia, nightmares, night terrors, waking early, disturbed sleep, restless legs, assisting newborn babies into a regular sleep pattern. This energy combines the energy of Archangel Raphael with powerful a Kabbalah symbol. These can either be used alone or together to help promote a natural deep refreshing healing sleep. Ideal for all ages.

GVHT Unicorn Healing Elixir Empowerment: Unicorn energy is very powerful and can bring about wonderful healing, cleansing and rebalancing of the mind, body and spirit and the Elixir once made can be used in many ways to enhance your life and connection to the Faery Realm. This Unicorn Elixir Empowerment is part energy transference and also part your own creation. This is important as it creates a bridge between the Fey Realm and Ours; bringing healing energy into physical manifestation. The first step is to become attuned to the Unicorn Energy. Once attuned to this Empowerment you will forever be connected to Unicorn energy which you can channel directly during your healing sessions or for self healing as well. This can be used as healing energy in its own right but to further empower your healing sessions you can use this energy in a physical sense to make a Unicorn Healing Elixir.
New Free Attunements for 2017
The Angels of Flowers: Also known as The Angels of Raschea. From the manual: “Beloved, we are the Angels of Flowers. All flowers on the earth are under our protection. From us you can learn to understand the language of flowers, the symbolic meaning of the various kinds of flower in their relationship to man as well as to the universal laws. The colour, shape and number of the petals reveal the analogies to the universal laws. When you understand this, you can then understand their true beauty. We teach you how to understand each flower from the esoteric point of view. We inspire you to grasp the qualities of each flower and use them for mystical purposes”

Archeia Amethyst – Holy Amethyst- Great Starry Mother of the 7th Ray: Archeia Holy Amethyst serves on the 7th Ray of freedom working with Arch Angel Zadkiel on the silver ray of mercy and grace and is associated with the violet flame of transmutation, under the guardianship of Saint Germain. Archeia Amethyst will assist you and help you to use and understand the Violet Ray Light Frequencies for purifying and cleansing the self/planet, making ready for the Ascension Process. She will assist you to master the 7th. Ray qualities of freedom, forgiveness, alchemy, justice, transmutation and liberation of the soul, purify you from past karma and to bring new vitality to your life. Teach you to be tolerant of others and diplomatic. Show you the importance of forgiveness in your life. The Archeia’s are drawn to us by our vibrations and the caring intent we extend to all life. They help us develop the higher aspects of our own feeling or emotional bodies and inspire us to dream and live our desires for the Highest Good of ALL

Archeia Charity: This great Archeia is also known as the Archeia of Love, the Archeia of the Third Ray, and the Archeia of Great Compassion. Her Divine qualities include; Love – Adoration – Compassion- Mercy – Creativity – Forgiveness – Perfection – Gratitude.

Earthlight: In March 2006, during a communication with the essence of Mother Earth and the Earth elemental beings, Angela Grötsch received this energy to help to clean, heal and transform the energies from Mother Earth. Mother Earth needs our help and support. She is connected to all of us, like we are all connected to her. Use the Energy of Earthlight, when you want to help or support Mother Earth and the Earth Elementals. When you send this energy along, the energy will come back to you again and support you.
God and Archangel Metatron's Cosmic Tree of Life Ascension Activation Meditation: Enjoy this multi deity meditation activation to bring grace and joy into your life and to those you love.

Joseph's Coat of Many Colours Initiation: Like all great stories, the Genesis account of the life of Joseph holds up a mirror to various aspects of human behaviour and how these qualities are reflected in our own lives.

Joy & Laughter Reiki: The Joy & Laughter energy is to help open pathways for energy to flow between you and the Universe in a more productive manner. It will also dictate the purpose of the energy that is flowing. Your intent is what causes the energy to flow. The results you achieve will depend on the effort and energy that you put into it. Joy and Laughter energy is a simple energy to share a little sunshine to all that you meet. It’s said that laughter is the best medicine and the more joy you spread during the holidays the happier most people are. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of work or effort to pass around a little sunshine. The smallest act of kindness from the heart can mean so much to another person.

Multidimensional Selves Attunements: This high energy attunement allows you to merge your multidimensional selves bringing about powerful transformation within your energetic and physical body. Leading to profound changes in your external reality, where you begin to live centrally- from a Multidimensional Heart Self. The Attunements activate your Thymus Chakra - which is your Higher Heart chakra located in between your Throat Chakra and your Heart Chakra. This is the gateway to Universal Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Compassion.

Pulse Resonance Attunements: these are an inter-linked series of attunements based upon the electromagnetic frequencies impinging upon our lives. This includes attunements to; Zero Point Activation, Phase Transition Activation, Interface Pulse Activation, Intergalactic Convergence Harmonic.

Serenity Energy Flush: This energy helps with calming down your energy fields during times of chaos, anxiety, stress, and so much more. What happens when our bodies become upset, anxious, stressed, are in chaotic or traumatic situations? They become tense, tight, the energy flow is restricted, and this adds to the emotional issues that come with this. They become more intense, and can sometimes become overwhelming as well. There are many different causes for these types of issues in your life, and the Serenity Energy Flush is not here to correct these issues, instead it will help by allowing your energetic bodies to become calm, at peace, tranquil, for the energy flow to return back to a balance state during these times.

Steady there, Teddy Bear Reiki: This is a simple Reiki energy for children and adult panic attacks – especially for the episodes where you get confused and want to run, and forget how to breathe. A panic attack is a rather unpleasant emotional state. It can be triggered by a smell or sight which reminds us of a bad experience in our past. When you are in a panic attack it is difficult to remember how to be calm. This Reiki will help you.

Unified Chakra Attunement: Having unified Chakra allows you to carry higher frequencies of spiritual energy and helps function better in your energy body. This attunement comes from spiritual source and is grounded by a human as it comes in.  Unified chakra meditations and attunements simply accelerate a natural process of harmonization and spiritual evolution.

Womb Blessings Attunement: This blessings is intended not only to bring healing and connection to your own womb and femininity, it is also designed to anchor the Divine Feminine blessings into your land to help the Goddess energies awaken in all people and to bring loving, caring and creative energy into the world to inspire a new direction for humankind
7 Elohim Rays: Align yourself and work with the energies of the 7 Rays of the Elohim;
First Ray – Hercules and Amazonia
Second Ray- Apollo and Lumina
Third Ray-Heros and Amora
Fourth Ray – Purity and Astrea
Fifth Ray – Cyclopia and Virginia
Sixth Ray – Peace and Aloha
Seventh Ray – Arcturus and Victoria
21 Taras Attunements: From the manual; “I received the original booklet “21 Forms of Tara” from my friend Jean “Gina” Myrner and was inspired to transform it to a system of attunements or initiations. Those attunements can be used for healers and other spiritual workers to work with the issue of compassion. In Chinese and Japanese Buddhism we find the Bodhisattva of compassion, Kuan Yin or Kannon, in male and female forms. In Tibetan Buddhism they are represented as Chenrezig and Tara, two tears from the compassionate Öpame Buddha (Amitabha Buddha). The most know forms of Tara in Tibet are White and Green Tara, to which I have received original Tibetan Buddhist initiations from Ven. Lakha Rinpoche and Ven. Namse Rinpoche. Here we are introduced to all 21 forms”.

22 Angels of Healing: Where would you go if you wanted to meet an Angel? In a sacred place? In a wonderful natural environment? In the infinite space? Yes, all these places are perfect, and they allow you to meet the angelic energies, but there is one even better: your inner life, the place of absolute peace that exists inside of you

Above The Radar Reiki: Above the Radar Reiki is an intention-based energy that helps the recipient open the aura to receive positive attention and recognition. It helps release fears of being seen or noticed. Above the Radar Reiki is not just for shy people. It is also for those who have intentionally or unintentionally clipped their own wings to avoid standing out in a crowd. Staying below the radar may be a way to play safe, but it can hold you back when it comes to getting what you want in life. Above the Radar Reiki will help open the chakras and aura to allow the right kind of positive attention to bring gifts of love, prosperity, and success.

Abundantia Demeter: Abundantia is a beautiful goddess of success, prosperity and good fortune. She is also considered a protector of savings, investments and wealth. She helps lift one out of "poverty consciousness" and into a place of gracious acceptance, peace and joy.

Advent Attunement: This is an attunement to celebrate the energies of Christmas time

Agape Reiki: Agape Reiki is a Greek word that has come to represent "unconditional love" in our modern times. It is a universal, spiritual love, a love that is divine in nature. Some say it is this love that is the true nature of God, of All That Is, is of the ultimate reality. Agape Reiki is a simple energetic system that taps into the spirit of unconditional love. It is easy to use and at the same time highly effective.
Agape Reiki is good for opening the heart centre, helping ease heartbreak, and transmuting anger. Don't block the heartbreak or anger - if needed, allow it to be expressed and acknowledged while sending the Agape Reiki energy.

Age of Aquarius Attunement: We, as a planet, are currently transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces on the positive brought us our world religions, but it also brought us religious wars. The Age of Aquarius will usher in energies favouring technology, communication, and community. Many spiritual teachers believe this will lead us into a new era of global peace and cooperation. As we make this transition, life may seemingly get more difficult as the “old structures” are torn down to make way for new ones. You can see evidence of this in our financial system, which underwent a tremendous upheaval in 2008. It may be that things could get a little worse before they get better, so it’s time to strap yourselves in for a wild ride! The energies of this attunement are to help you weather this transition with greater ease and peace of mind. Use it whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by the world or needing additional grounding or centering even if things are “crazy” around you.

Akashic Subconscious Flush: Ascended Master Kuthumi Subconscious Flush Channelling; This systems has been offered freely by Michelle Manders and Palace of Peace in support of people seeking clarity, healing and peace. The Akashic Field energy is constantly influencing you because everything is energy. When an energy is projected, it creates what it consists of which gets stored in a number of dimensions within the bodies of a human - the various dimensions of consciousness cellulary.
When the focus of energy is positive, then the collective consciousness experiences the positive surge of energy as with negative energy focus. The Akashic Field is also filled with an immense amount of information. The majority of the human experience during that time has been mainly pain and suffering, war, violence. Survival consciousness has been the order of the day. Everything has been predominantly motivated by fear. Fearful projections have created the constant unfolding and repetitive patterns of such behaviour; the programming subconsciously influenced by the projections of energy everybody is focusing on at one given time, which causes waves through the Akashic field. This in turn emits a frequency, which you tune into, based on your thought patterns or emotional frequency.
The subconscious flush we conduct with you today initiates a very deep, very powerful release which will impact on you genetically; therefore everyone connected to you genetically will undergo a level of the subconscious flush. We are initiating a ninth dimensional wave of energy moving through the Akashic Field simultaneously penetrating the psychic, physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies of you as individuals and planetary consciousness.

Allowing Abundance Attunement: The Allowing Abundance Attunement is a simple energetic healing meant to open up the recipient to letting the flow of abundance in. It works to gently clear any blocks or resistance a person might have to letting good into their lives. Sometimes, when a person is having financial issues, the problem is not that they aren't talented or capable. They may even be trying to think positively or affirm their wealth with gratitude practice. No amount of positive thinking, however, will work if a person believes they should not be happy deep down inside. We often get these feelings of unworthiness from growing up in dysfunctional family environments as well as past life issues. This attunement will not instantly solve financial problems but will empower the recipient to make better choices and move forward in their lives for increased abundance down the line. The more blocks a person has, the longer it takes, but don't give up – keep using the energy! It will make a difference!

Amida Buddha Link:  Channelled by Andrew Brocklebank & Jens Søeborg After our trip to Japan in year 2000 where we visited the Saiho-ji Temple where Usui was buried and Kurama-dera, where he received his “satori” we also visited Kamakura with the very big statue of Amida Butsu (Amitabha Buddha). This statue is normally only called “Daibutsu” – the big Buddha. Charmaine has also felt a special connection to Amida and that was even clearer during our stay in Japan. So after coming home we channelled this initiation – using the channelling method from Ole Gabrielsen (which is not an attunement method). Amida Butsu is the most venerated Buddha in Japan, as the biggest sects I Japan are the two “pure land” sects, Jodo-shu og Jodo Shin-shu. Mrs. Takata was a pure land Buddhist. She went to Japan with the ashes of her husband to be placed in the main pure land temple. Usuis is buried in a pure land cemetery, even though he was Tendai, because they do not normally have cemeteries. This is a special version of the original Amida Buddha Initation, re-channeled by Andrew Brocklebank and me to fit into the LightWorker™ Archangelic Links and the LightWorker™ Netjer Links.
Ancient Fairy Stone Healing Empowerment: In the British Isles many of the large old stones have been associated in some way to the Fairy (Faery) and Druids, or they have god/goddess legends attached to them. It was considered bad luck to try to move them. Large standing stones or stone monuments located throughout the countryside have been associated with the Fae and were often considered useful for healing purposes. Stones in general have a very long history of use in healing of various types of maladies, used for divining the outcome of illness and quite often were used in hopes of curing infertility. Through the ages sick children have been passed through stones with large holes in them or ritually led through stone archways to combat illnesses. Besides the Fairies and the Celts there are many other cultures that have made use of healing stones, so it is certain that the stones properties were known and very useful in the hands of a dedicated healer. Perhaps the knowledge of the stones properties was not as prevalent as what we know today but they were certainly ahead of their time as it where back then.
Angelcontact: Angelcontact clears the way for you to connect with the angelic realm and for angels to connect with you. Once the way is cleared you will connect with those angels/angel energies that are most suited to your needs. There are three attunements in this system but they work as one.
The first is for full conscious contact with angels. It is called “Higher Angel Contact”.
The second attunement is for working with a group of angels that specialize in physical healing.
The third is for working with a group of angels that specialize in emotional and mental healing.
Angelic Colours: The Seven Rays - There are differing philosophies on the rays, this is one of them. Seven great energies or streams of force demonstrate the qualities of Deity. The Wisdom Teachings speak of them as the Seven Rays and they are dominant conditioning and qualifying factors in our lives. But not only this; they are, we understand, cosmic elements, reaching us from the unknown spheres of other systems, and no part of the life of our planet is unaffected by them.
In the same way as the seven colours are parts of the spectrum and the seven notes are tones of the octave, so these Rays are differentiations or qualities of the one divine Emanation. In some of the eastern teachings they are called the seven breaths giving life to all forms, and they have been referred to in various ways in different philosophies. It is these great "Energies" that St John called symbolically "the Seven Spirits before the throne of God."
The Seven Rays, each carrying particular qualities and tendencies, are responsible for the different psychological types. Several Rays will probably influence us, but one usually predominates and gives the main colouring to our character. There is a connection here with astrology ... the astrological influences carry these same streams of energy and our alignment with particular Signs puts us more directly in touch with these qualities.

Angelic Spheres of Light: Creating an Angelic Sphere of Light is a process that will allow you to create a Sphere to contain Healing Energy, Love, Light, Protection, or Attunements. This Sphere of Angelic Love and Light can be sent to a recipient, and the energy it contains will remain within the Sphere, until the recipient calls the Sphere and receives it. There are no time constraints, no rushing to be “ready” at a certain time to receive or send an attunement or energy. Once an Angelic Sphere of Light has been created it is carried to its intention it remains with the intended until the intended is prepared to receive it. This allows the intended to mentally and spiritually prepare to receive the intention. Perhaps one of the most miraculous aspects of the Angelic Spheres of Light is they are available to the recipient for as long as the recipient accesses them.
Another gift that the Angels empowered the Spheres with is their ability to morph. They change their outward appearance completely. The possibilities of the form, shape, and sound your Angelic Sphere of Light assumes are limitless. Allow your Angels to help you mould your angelic Sphere of Light. They will help you mould the perfect Angelic Sphere of Light for your recipient!
Angels of Aromatherapy: Also known as The Angels of Cobel. From the manual: “Beloved, we are the angels who have been assigned by Divine Providence to control everything that has to do with scents in your world. All the mysteries concerning the use of scents for healing and inspiration comes under our guidance.
Ask us to surround you with angelic scents. We can gently enhance your sensitivity to smell so that you can perceive fragrances on a psychic intuitive level. Different orders of angels can be identified by their fragrances. Did you know that every person exudes subtle fragrances that correspond to their feelings and thoughts?”
Angels of Plant Mysticism: From the manual: “3 degrees Taurus. The Angels of Plant Mysticism Also known as The Angels of 'Manmes' Beloved, the constellation Taurus teaches how Divine Love manifests on the physical plane. In this third degree of Taurus, the mystical uses of plants to cause profound changes in consciousness for the purpose of Supreme Happiness are mastered. We are the angels who know and teach the mystical qualities and consciousness changing purposes of every plant that grows upon the earth. We teach how to activate these qualities”.
Angels of the Heart Empowerment: You will be attuned to the following; the Angels of Power - the Angels of Wisdom - the Angels of Love
Embedded in this message is an empowerment to the Angels of the Heart. This empowerment will activate the Angels of Power, Wisdom and Love in the 3 Fold Sacred Flame. This short “manual consists of two parts – the empowerment and the meditation. It is advisable to receive the empowerment first and do the meditation afterwards to complete the session and seal in the energies.

Antahkarana Attunement: This attunement helps to open you up to higher energies, and improve your connection to powerful spiritual deities. Call upon the ascension column of light to surround you creating a pillar of light all the way up to the Godhead. Extend your Antahkarana up through your soul and your monad up to the Mahatma and all the way to the 352 levels of the Godhead at Source Level. Invoke the 7 Ray Masters; El Morya, Kuthumi,  Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Jesus, and Saint Germain and allow them to bring blessings and guidance to you
Archangel Michael and the Selenite Sword of Light Empowerment: Taken from the manual by Hayley Norris; “This empowerment was gifted to me during a meditation, during which Archangel Michael activated an etheric crystal selenite sword within my chakra system, clearing, healing, and balancing all of my chakras and opening up my energy to receive more light and divine guidance. Many of you may have been feeling huge shifts in your life last year which may have left you feeling stuck, confused, or dealing with old patterns as they emerge to the surface to be healed and released. Archangel Michael advises me that this empowerment will work on many levels, helping you to gain greater clarity in your life, by activating or bringing you back into balance with your true purpose, whilst clearing any energy that is no longer needed in your life.
See details below;
Cleanse and balance all of your chakras, awakening them to a greater light.
Activate your true soul’s purpose or bring you back into balance with your soul purpose.
Receive greater clarity in all areas of your life
Clear old patterns, any negativity and anything else that no longer serves you and your purpose.
 Develop a divine connection with your Angels, guides and higher self in accordance with your beliefs, or strengthen your existing connection.
 Improve your healing and intuitive abilities by receiving more guidance.
Activate your light body and bring in fifth dimensional frequencies increasing feelings of universal love, oneness, compassion and forgiveness.
Bring in healing to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
Raise your vibration to a higher frequency of light, so that manifestations improve, relationships and all areas of your life improve, whilst also forming a protective light of love around you that automatically deflects any negativity from other people or heals any negative thoughts and patterns from within yourself”.
Archangel Zadkiel Empowerment: Zadkiel’s name means “Righteousness of God.” He and Holy Amethyst assist humanity in mastering the seat-of-the-soul Chakra. This Archangel brings to you the flame of freedom, joy, forgiveness, alchemy, justice, transmutation and liberation of the soul. We can enhance these qualities of the violet ray in our lives by invoking the violet flame through the science of the spoken Word. Archangel Zadkiel (as well as Archeia Amethyst) is an Archangel of Freedom on the transmuting Violet Ray. He represents transmutation and purification through invocation - the act of calling upon the presence of God for intercession. The archangels of the violet ray intensify the powers of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and freedom. The Violet Ray governs the miracle of transformation.
Archea Amethyst – Great Starry Mother of the 7th Ray: (Feminine Aspect of Arch Angel Zadkiel) Archeia Holy Amethyst serves on the 7th Ray of freedom. Archeia Holy Amethyst works with Arch Angel Zadkiel on the silver ray of mercy and grace and is associated with the violet flame of transmutation, which is under the guardianship of Saint Germain. She helps people find forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance. Archeia Amethyst will assist you and help you to use and understand the Violet Ray Light Frequencies for purifying and cleansing the self/planet making ready for the Ascension Process. She will assist you to master the 7th Ray qualities of freedom, forgiveness, alchemy, justice, transmutation and liberation of the soul. Purify you from past karma and to bring new vitality to your life. Teach you to be tolerant of others and diplomatic. Show you the importance of forgiveness in your life
Archeia Aurora: Archeia Aurora is the feminine counterpart of Arch Angel Uriel.  Aurora and Uriel serve on the purple and gold *Ray* the 6th Ray of Service and Ministration I speak of and from Aurora in this manual. The Archeia are coming forward and waiting for their stories to be told. Throughout our history the majority of stories are told by men about men. This is so even in the stories of the Angelic Kingdom. Now is the time of Balancing where the Feminine aspect is spoken about and their stories told. Really we are speaking of the Godly energy that works with and compliments each aspect of these Divine Counterparts.
Archeia Hope: Archeia Hope represents the action of purity, the brilliant white flame at the base of the Three-fold Flame, which is the divine spark that resides in the secret chamber of the heart. This is the pure flame of the divine mother which is the sacred fire of heaven’s creative energies. Through this quality of purity anchored in each individual heart, she can intensify the feelings of hope within any one of us at any time. Hope surrounds you at all times. Hope is universal shared by all regardless of race of origin religion or political association. We are connected to God/The Source/Universe with hope. Archeia Hope brings with her this ALL
Arcturus – The Elohim of Freedom: The Elohim are the Lords of Creation - they are considered to be the highest representation of Divinity in our galactic system of worlds. Elohim is a Hebrew word meaning "God" "The Seven Mighty Elohim and Their Divine Complements, their Feminine Counterparts, are the Builders of Creation. It was they who responded to the Fiat of the Lord God 'Let there be Light: and there was Light' and the Fiat of Creation to create the worlds. The Seven Elohim are mighty Beings of Love and Light Who responded to the invitation of the Sun of this System and offered to help to manifest the Divine Idea for this System, created in the Minds and Hearts of our Beloved Helios and Vesta — God and Goddess of our physical Sun Itself
Ashvins: The Ashvins, or Ashwini Kumaras are divine horsemen in the Rigveda, sons of Saranya, a goddess of clouds and wife of Surya in his form as Vivasvat. They are Vedic gods symbolising the shining sunrise and sunset, appearing in the sky before the dawn in a  golden chariot, brining treasures and averting misfortune and sickness. They are the devas of Ayurvedic medicine.
Assiel Attunement:  From the manual: I AM Assiel I come to you with thoughts of great love and healing...... I am an angel working with the Great Archangel Raphael..... the greatest healing Angel of all..... I ask you to let go of past hurts and grief.... concentrate on the here and now... and seeing your future self as healed... Healing brings great change to thought, mind, body, emotions and deed.... a change for the positive to come through... bringing great love and joy to places that were once full of fear and sorrow..... A mere shift in perception may bring about a miracle of healing.... viewing a situation from a higher conscious level.... allowing Grace to infill and enfold you.

Assisi Reiki: Channelled by Vicente Del Frederico, who works by combining the energies of Usui Reiki with the energy of St Francis of Assisi. This includes powerful chants and symbols to further empower this energy.

Anti Radiation Reiki: This energetic system is a great gift sent to us directly from Spirit. The main focus of this system is that it’s a full clearing of any nuclear-radiation contamination from the human body, animals, plants, water, air, food etc It’s a really simple to use yet powerful and affective system. It doesn’t require any symbols, visualisation or specific ability, it is enough the simple intent to send healing energy It’s also possible to charge water to pass its energies to flow in a different way. You can start to use this great energy immediately after your activation is completed.
Aphrodite Shining Star Empowerment: Pre-Requisite – Reiki Master In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture. Love and beauty are ideas essentially connected, and Aphrodite was therefore also the goddess of beauty and gracefulness. In these points she surpassed all other goddesses, she had further the power of granting beauty and invincible charms to others. It is said Aphrodite could make any man fall in love with her by them just laying eyes on her. Aphrodite was associated with, and often depicted with the sea, dolphins, doves, swans, pomegranates, apples, myrtle, rose and lime trees, clams, scallop shells, and pearls. The energy of Aphrodite, can help you in several ways:
Rejuvenate - Increase the physical and inner beauty - Become more attractive - Increase your self-esteem - Increase your sex-appeal - Attracting the attention of others easily - Shining in the middle of a crowd
Ascension Activation With The Mighty Archangels:  This self activating meditation connects you to many of the Archangels; from the Seraphim- Cherubim -Thrones - Dominions - Virtues - Powers - and also to Mother Mary.
Ascension Ease Transmissions: These transmissions were inspired by the ever increasing number of articles circulating online about Ascension symptoms and how to address them. The purpose of the Ascension Ease Transmissions is to help you awaken/ascend with comfort and ease.
Ashta Lakshmi Reiki: Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. Lakshmi, therefore, represents the goal of life, which includes worldly as well as spiritual prosperity. Worship of Lakshmi indicates an appreciation of prosperity and a sense of responsibility towards it.
Astral Body Radiance: Created by Mariah Windsong. You will be attuned to the Tikkun Shakti (repair) and Kodiak Bear (deep clean). ‘Repair’ function contains the Tikun Shakti who will be doing the repair work on your astral body. There are also Silver, Blue and Pink Rays that combine to give your astral body a Luminescent Glow. Repair function can be used daily. This is shamanic style extraction work your Kodiak Bear Power Animal is doing for you. Activate this ‘Deep Clean’ function after you activate the ‘Repair’ function every time. Otherwise anything that does not belong inside you, that you may have picked up while in the astral realm, will remain inside of you. You may run this energy system on other people if you have permission to work with them energetically. Intend that the functions active while the person is next asleep and will be for at least an hour.

Ayurveda Reiki: This system empowers your body, mind and spirit. This is created by combining energies of the great Ayurveda and Reiki. This is not only confined to be a healing system but also involves spiritual growth. This system awakes Kundalini and attunes you for the vital energy frequencies of Ayurvedic Medicine, Mantras, Colours, Planets, Panchamahabootas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space)
Azuriel the Peaceful Warrior: Archangel Michael has many Angel’s working with him bringing in the light to the earth realm giving protection and guidance helping us to give ourselves permission to be all we can be in this lifetime and beyond. This Blue Angel is one of his co-workers. He is of the name Azuriel, he brings the qualities of peace, strength and compassion. He brings unconditional love of the highest nature to and for you, this blesses you and all you love all who come in contact with you. Azuriel shares the colour of the blue sky the colour of the Throat Chakra and communication, he brings this higher communication to you, your intuition is your guide and he is here to intuit for you too.
Balance Attunement: This Mandala painting which is the main focus of this attunement brings with it the feelings of peace, hope and stellar intelligence. Many stories are woven within the simplicity of its form it is a timeless language and is universal. Learn about;
Numeric Symbolism of Mandala -  The Eight Angelics - Colours of the Mandala - Saint Germaine

Balance Out Empowerment: This is a simple energy for an energy boost to call upon when you need to balance out things going on in your life- hectic day, running around, lots to do, seem lost or out of control, overwhelmed – you need to get things back into balance. This energy will help give you a calm sense of energy boost – sounds like the exact opposite I know – but the energy boost actually calms down the chaos going on in and around your life at any given moment You can also send this energy others for healing and balancing out their issues in their life, but only with permission, . This is good to use then you know they are going through a chaotic or hectic time in their life and they need things balanced out, slowed down and back in alignment.

Banyan Tree Empowerment: Also known as the Wishing Tree. Banyan trees are sacred in South Asia and throughout the world. The tree represents eternal life because it supports its expanding canopy by growing special roots from its branches. These roots hang down and act as props over an ever widening circle, reflecting the Sanskrit name bahupada, meaning 'one with many feet'. In Hindu culture, the banyan tree is considered sacred and is called "Vat Vriksha." God Shiva as Dakshinamurthy is nearly always depicted sitting in silence under the banyan with rishis at his feet. It is thought to symbolize eternal life due to its seemingly unending expansion. Buddha is believed to have achieved enlightenment in Bodhgaya in India while meditating under a banyan tree.
BanyuBiru Rejuvenation Wave: BanyuBiru formed from 2 syllables of Indonesian and Javanese language, that is; Banyu and Biru. Banyu means ‘Water’ and Biru means ‘Blue’, so BanyuBiru have the meaning of ‘Blue Water’. BanyuBiru  is usually synonymous with fresh water and clean water. BanyuBiru Rejuvenation Wave is a special energy wave, which acts to rejuvenate the cellular structure in our body, as well as activating, detoxifying and cleansing your liver. The effect of this is anti againg effect due to the liver releasing its built up toxins, this is deep cellular liver activation and cleanse, acting as a reversal to the rapid aging that takes place deep within our cellular matrix not only in your liver, however your entire bodies DNA
Beauty of the Swan: The Swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems. As you begin to realize your own true beauty, you unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers. Swan can show you how to access the inner beauty within yourself and in others. A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness and the development of intuitive abilities. Swan people have the ability to see the future and to accept the healing and transformation that is beginning in their lives. Accept your ability and go with the flow.
Bedaliel Angel of Vitality and Body Energy: Bedaliel, Angel of Vitality and Body Energy comes to share her wisdom with you. Bedaliel tells us that when we are born to this earth plane, we bring with us numerous gifts bestowed upon us by the Creator. Vitality and Body energy being two of these gifts. Nurture these gifts. Come to know and realise yourself at all levels of being. Understand that providing balance for yourself in all these areas is the platform for the basis of excellent health. Many roads may lead to the same desired destination energise yourself to maintain your vitality. Bedaliel speaks to us through our intuition; clairaudience, claircognisense, clairsentience and clairvoyance. She helps us to see and make choices that will uphold our quest for vitality and energy. Living in this manner makes connection with the higher aspects of ourselves easier. Making wise life style choices leads to less toxicity within our systems. Our cellular structure is less polluted, bringing in the light of the Divine is more able to take place on a regular basis, one that supports the highest good not only of our self but of the “Whole”.

Biological Aura Balance Attunement:  We know that biological electric fields surround us. They respond to our environment. We call this system our “aura”. Peaceful places and fresh air and trees seem to support and mend an aura. Lightworkers have been taught how to meditate and relax and visualize light in an effort to keep healthy. What if we are missing the obvious? Just as our physical body has an immune system of tiny defenders, what if our aura has its own helpers? Use this energy to discover how they can help you.

Birds of Paradise Quintessence: The bird of paradise flower has come to symbolise many things. Too others they are the emblem of paradise itself, while other people feel that they are the perfect representation of a good and clear perspective on life. When given as a romantic gift these flowers are often thought to mean faithfulness.We recommend only using this flower in its energetic sense; if you wish to use it physically please seek professional advice first.

Blue Fire Body Protector:  Blue Fire Body Protector was founded by Hari Andri Winarso. Blue Fire Body Protector is used purely on yourself to protect you from negative energy and to clean any negative energy that has built up in your physical and energetic body.
Blue Lotus Overlighting Deva: Blue Lotus Overlighting Deva encourages us to commune with all Flowers and delights in the myriads of blue we can converse with. The Lotus is an ancient and Noble Message Carrier from the Source of all Creation on this and all Planes. We have a good impression when we slow our Beta Brains down; silencing everyday chit chat from within, finding the Communion within the Blue of our own Communication Chakra, the beautiful transcending blue of the Throat Chakra. It is with the Lotus of this Chakra in mind that Our Deva communicates to us and encourages us to speak to all aspects of our Self.

Bone Lotion Reiki: This soft soothing energy helps to relive pain, and may aid in reducing inflammation making it ideal for anyone suffering from bone or joint related problems.
Brain Layers Reiki:  Brain Layers Reiki is a system channelled from the astrals. It is to enhance our capacity to retain knowledge, to have a good memory, and good healing powers. In the Brain Layers Reiki these 3 centres are given more energy, and also more energy is given at the Solar Plexus Chakra where there is also a Brain which becomes activated making you a better healer, and giving you stronger protection. In activating the other 3 layers of the brain we get many beneficial effects, but they will need time to be fully functional. The energies will start working towards it after you get the attunement and in approximately 1 month you will start to see the remarkable results - maybe even before that, but the slower the process the better it is for you. There are three layers of the brain that if activated can make us super human beings, and help us to do things which we have forgotten over time, or never used before to our advantage. The 3 layers are: Reptilian Centre - Mammalian Inner layer - Outer Neo-Cortex
Breath of Bliss Attunement: Bliss is available throughout the Universes not just in ours. It is a marvellous tool for transformation and requires no symbols, just contact with Source and program the pure Bliss to transmute the negatives. In this attunement you are given the bliss encountered as you contact Source and it stays with you for as long as you ask. It can also be programmed to help counteract all kinds of negative things such as hurts, addictions, negative karma etc from this life and all lives in all dimensions. It gives a wonderful blissful feeling as a result and one can program it to start up at any point in time. Ideally one would work on one item at a time and find the source of the problem and have Breath of Bliss go and transmute it into bliss.
Breath of Life Attunement: The Breath of Life Attunement helps to open the Crown Chakra and connect us with our life essence, our Higher Selves. It gives us a feeling of connection with the essential breath, causing a sense of elation and expansion. It has a soft, feminine energy. The Breath of Life Attunement will attune the cells of the body to the essence of your soul, awakening the healing energies within to transform your being out of suppression and distress into health and harmony. This attunement will also gently empower you to awaken the potential within, allowing you to integrate your spiritual essence into you physical world and manifest; Physical regeneration and rejuvenation - Emotional stability and empowerment - Mental expansion of conscious awareness - Spiritual understanding and wisdom

Bridge Empowerment: Bridges are often seen as connections between heaven and earth, the known and the unknown. Bridges also symbolise triumphs over obstacles and rites of passage for moving forward in life. This energy enables you to work with new energy as well as your guides in building a bridge to connect you to spirits on the other side.
Broken Wing Empowerment: Broken Wing Energy is a form you can call upon at any time, day or night and is very easy to use as well. The energy is a nature based form for those who are Earth Angels and working on helping others on this planet. What this energy will do is to help you ground, centre and be called back to your nature state while connecting with others on the same vibrational level.
Budai Empowerment:  This energy can be used during an application of Reiki or separately. Budai Empowerment will help you with: Good luck - Wealth and prosperity - Happiness - Generosity - Wisdom - Open kindheartedness - Contentment - Spiritual enlightenment - Good and loving character
Butterfly Goddess Empowerment: Butterfly Maiden is a ‘Native American Nature Spirit.’ She is an important energy of renewal, transformation, youth and beauty. Known as Palhik Mana, a kachina, or nature spirit of springtime she heralds the season of regeneration, newly blossoming hopes and warm breezes from he south. If you’re feeling stuck, she’s a wonderful goddess to call upon during the emerging process. She’ll also guide you through life transitions and help you spread your wings. Butterfly Maiden brings us light, joy, and wisdom to enjoy each day no matter what has happened to us in our lives. She is a powerful Goddess to call upon for any kind of deep personal transformation or change.
Call of the Angel Trumpet Flower: We are stewards of this magnificent planet. The attunement is given to you within the manual, meditation and actual attunement process. Ask your higher self if you are receptive to receive. To keep the balance an energy exchange of some intent is required in the messengers of spirit plant kingdom and a more mindful and kind approach to all life in all kingdoms. Blessing of the Angel Trumpet. Angel's Trumpet; Sound the key note for all the Creator's Kingdoms. Healing the balance within;  Man, Woman, Animals, Plants, Minerals. Trumpet our Golden Call; Let us see the Angel within, for it is in the Calling. Healing begins.
Calming Spiritual Waters Empowerment: Many people are hyper active and are unable to calm themselves down which can cause all sorts of problems in their lives. There are also lots of people suffering from anxiety, panic attacks etc, so this empowerment when called upon will bring great relaxation to ease tension and bring active hyper action to a better more controlled level.

Celestial Energies: Attune to and journey with the energies of: Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, or Venus. One manual per system, one manual per week as your choice.

Celestial Reiki: Learn how to work with and combine the energies of the planets and the Gods, symbols and definitions, retrogrades, patterns, sun signs and symbols, Celestial Reiki techniques, self healing and passing on attunements.
Celtic Angelic Soul Attunement: Affirmations (from the manual) “I follow the flow of my natural abilities.” “I float downstream with all life situations that come my way.” “I change and adapt easily to whatever comes my way.” “I follow my dreams and trust my decisions.” “I let go of old negative feelings and open to new ways of thinking.” “I welcome new ideas and go with the flow.” Keep in mind these words of wisdom, “Go with the flow,” and let your spirit guide you.
Chevron Amethyst Empowerment: Chevron Amethyst or Banded Amethyst is said to combine the strengthening and enhancing energies of quartz with the stress relieving energies of amethyst. Together these minerals create the chevron amethyst, which is noted in metaphysics to enhance peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery. It can also be used to facilitate both the perception and the interpretation of the aura, assisting in diagnostic techniques and in the furtherance of auric cleansing. This is an excellent stone for journeying and for inner self-evaluation and evolution.
Christ Healing Energy:  This is not an attunement to Jesus Christ or Jesus, the ascended master Sananda. This is an attunement to the Universal Christ Healing Energy – the energy, which Jesus Christ brought to the planet Earth about 2000 years ago.

Christmas Joy Empowerment:  This beautiful empowerment truly captures the real spirit of Christmas. Just the thing to get you in the mood for this special time of year. This magickal empowerment lifts the veil of commercialism and allows the real meaning of Christmas to make itself unknown and to manifest into your life.

Church of Nativity Empowerment: Church of Nativity Empowerment (LightWorker™ Series) is an empowerment in a series of Power Place Empowerments. You can use the empowerments just to be one with those energies, but you can also “be” on that “Power Place” when you receive attunements or you send attunements to others. The energy is also great for meditations, where you can “be” in that “Power Place” as well. The Church of the Nativity in the heart of Bethlehem marks one of Christianity's most sacred sites - the birthplace of Christ. Situated on Manger Square 8 kilometres (5 miles) from Jerusalem, the church is built over a grotto where the Virgin Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus. The church's large fortress-like exterior stands as a testament to its turbulent history. For centuries, it was one of the most fought over holy places. It was seized and defended by a succession of armies - including Muslim and Crusader forces. It is controlled jointly by three Christian denominations - the Armenian Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. The Grotto of the Nativity contains the manger that is believed to be the place where the baby Jesus was laid after he was born. The grotto is encased in white marble. The site of the birth is marked by a 14-point star on a marble stone.

Clear the Path Reiki:  Clear the Path Reiki is a very effective energy for the removal of obstacles. It is easy to use via intention or visualization. You can use this energy for yourself or a client for times of frustration, when life seems to throw too many obstacles into the path ahead.
Clearview Energy: Clear View is a most effective energy for healing vision problems and treating almost all eye diseases. It can be used for self-healing or healing others by intention or hands on healing. The patient always receives the correct amount of healing energy for them, no matter how severe or insignificant the ailment may be. Remember that the energy will always flow to where it is needed – even if the cause of that vision or eye problem is not originating in the eye area.

Coco de Mar Empowerment: Deep in the Seychelles islands off the east coast of Africa are the curious and rare coco de mer palms. The male tree has giant catkin flowers which are phallic. The female tree has large double-nuts which resemble female parts. Some scientists thought this tree was the original Tree of Life species from the garden of Eden
Compassion of Kuan Yin: In Buddhist theology Kuan Yin is sometimes depicted as the captain of the "Bark of Salvation," guiding souls to Amitabha's Western Paradise, or Pure Land - the land of bliss where souls may be reborn to receive continued instruction toward the goal of enlightenment and perfection. The journey to Pure Land is frequently represented in woodcuts showing boats full of Amitabha's followers under Kuan Yin's captainship. As the sublime Goddess of Mercy whose beauty, grace and compassion have come to represent the ideal of womanhood in the East, she is frequently portrayed as a slender woman in flowing white robes who carries in her left hand a white lotus, symbol of purity.

Connective Tissue Service:  A single attunement to this multifunction system consists of: Inflammation Reduction Ray - Muscle Mender Ray - Tikkun Shakti (Tikkun in Hebrew means repair for all connective tissues and tendons) - Dissolver Shakti (to dissolve unwanted calcium deposits, scar tissue or toxins) - Ethereal Fascia Massage - Trigger Point Treatment - Healthy Tissue Enhancement - Optimal Bone Density Field with Ideal Calcium Concentration - Bone Marrow Vitality

Coral Atolls: A coral atoll begins its life as a small volcanic island in warm waters. Over 100,000 years a reef of coral builds up around the island shoreline. These reefs are made of tiny sea organisms. As the centuries pass, the island begins to sink but the reef continue to grow upwards. After millions of years, the coral breaks the surface and begins to crumble and become sandy. It forms little rings of islets around a blue lagoon. Many brilliantly coloured fish swim in coral lagoons, and larger animals such as dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, and humpback whales. Birds such as frigates and boobies nest on the tiny islands. Gifts of this Empowerment are harmony and productivity, abundance and peace; the coral organisms work together over millions of years.

Cosmic Clinic Channel: Energy healing for balancing the mind, body and soul, to help with life circumstances, and to increase and improve overall health. Channel of Cosmic Clinic energy removes different blockages from etheric bodies and physical bodies. This is Reiki like energy which has been discovered by Russian healer Oleg Malcev

Cosmic Dragon: As is the joy of transcending ego and embracing the consciousness of the higher self so the Cosmic Dragon shares its joy with us, a transformational joy of ecliptic beauty and resonance where upon the darker aspects of the universe consume momentarily to abate and be engulfed in light. This is a process of great harmony; a visioning and transportation from the lower energies of self and matter to the higher ethereal energies and centres that are governing the ascending Cosmos in all its forms.
Cosmic Light Energies: From the manual: “This is a visual attunement to inspired art meditations. There are a few guiding key words on each painting however these are guides. You may be inspired in different ways. Please take some time to enjoy the energies, colours and sacred geometries within the language of each piece. We are opening up to universal and cosmic energy here; ensure to keep your thoughts uplifted to these frequencies. Know you are communicated with at this level in a number of ways. Open now to the Multiversal Language of Imagery within the manual Enjoy”

Creative Tantra Empowerment: In India as the native gods of the forest, harvest and weather began to be replaced by gods of war and beauty and learning, older men retired to the jungle to ponder the riddle of life. They learned to breathe in new ways, and to see with their mind a flow of light that accompanied that breath. Channels seemed to be carrying this energy, or prana, as they called it, to vital organs. The energy seemed to move the fingers of the old men. A finger could bind or release the energy of fire, water, air and earth; at least within you. Sounds bubbled from their mouths and the vibrations sang to the inner energy. Pictures were drawn on the dirt and sacred space was formed. Gods and goddesses were called - not as rulers, but as friends. As teachers who also were on the path to self realization

Creativity Reiki: Creativity Reiki utilises the universal life force to remove blocks from your chakras, allowing you to access greater inspiration, higher energy, and more effective access to your imagination and archetypal levels of consciousness. The Benefits of Creativity Reiki include; Focus Your Energy - Greater Inspiration - Increased Relaxation - More Clarity - Increased Sense of Well Being - Strengthened Sense of Connection in All Areas of Your Life - Enhance Ability to Experience Unconditional Love - Develop a Relationship with Your Muse(s) - Connect with Your Life Purpose - Inspire Others - Become More Attractive

Crystalline Living Water Matrix: In all realms water is the main conductor of divine energies throughout the cosmos. Water is the underlying support system of all that exists in the cosmic ocean. This Crystalline Living Water Matrix intent is to reconnect and balance your water ways throughout your body, chakra systems, glands and organs anchoring once again the divine energies from source onto earth. This will bring more divine love, divine light and divine power. As you work with this system it will help assist in the shift in consciousness to a higher level for all humanity on earth.

Crystal Sphere Empowerments: These are visually energetic empowerments. All Spheres are imbued with their crystals qualities, Concentrate on the beauty of the crystal within the sphere, and the guiding Key Words placed under the sphere. They work within Divine Timing and connect in a way that enhances you with the highest good of all. Enjoy the eternal wisdom of the Mineral Kingdom. The stones/crystals/minerals are crying out to us, singing us home. The empowerments are energized interactive meetings with the crystalline message within:  Amethyst - Angelite - Aquamarine - Black Opal - Natural Opal - Watermelon Tourmaline - Citrine - Fluorite - Peridot - Rose Quartz - Quartz.

Crystal Wind Empowerment:  Ever get the sense that your etheric body is beginning to look a bit like an attic? Well, it is! How many attunement symbols do you have stuffed in there anyway…how many angels, critters, crystals, devas, mantras, deities, energies, myths, music and minerals, colours and spiritual tools and Faerie folk? Getting a mite claustrophobic already? Need a bit of air in there along with the clutter and cobwebs? Enter...Crystal Wind.

Dalai Lama Initiation: His Holiness is held to be the reincarnation of each of the previous thirteen Dalai Lamas of Tibet (the first having been born in 1351 AD), who are in turn considered to be manifestations of Avalokiteshvara, or Chenrezig, Bodhisattva of Compassion, holder of the White Lotus. Thus His Holiness is also believed to be a manifestation of Chenrezig, in fact the seventy-fourth in a lineage that can be traced back to a Brahmin boy who lived in the time of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Danubrite - the Shaman's Stone: Danuurite is a direct link to the Angelic realms - very much a Crown Chakra stimulating crystal: very high loving frequency. A very high frequency crystal, Danburite is a direct link to the angelic realms. Danubrite activates and clears these higher chakras, to aid clear receipt of information from divine sources. They carry a sweet and very high frequency angel energy. It is a very non – physical crystal to work with, and advise use of (a) grounding crystal(s) whilst you work with Danburite. Danburite is one of the highest vibration minerals currently found and is known to "Connect the Heart of the Mind with the Mind of the Heart."  

Dental Shakti System: This system is designed to help maintain good dental health. It is composed of three attunements. It is composed of three attunements. The first attunement is called “Dental Shakti” and it is for general cleaning and strengthening. The second attunement is called “Deep Dental Shakti”, it goes deeper into the less physical origins of dental issues. And the third is “Comfortably Numb” is used only for pain.

Dhuni Reiki: India is the homeland of the wandering holy men and women who are seeking moksha, enlightenment, by renouncing the ordinary world of village and farm. This Reiki seeks to take you with them on their journey and to step up your energy practice to greater freedom and peace and effectiveness.

Diamond Dolphin Vibration:
Dolphins are master healers and keepers of the light upon Planet Earth. They are highly evolved omni-dimensional beings who live in the Oneness. Their role is similar to that of the angelic kingdom. They are here to watch over us, to help us and support us, and to guide is on our remembrance to radiant wholeness. Their love for humanity is profound.
Like angels, the dolphins influence transcends time, space and physicality. It is not necessary to be n their physical presence to be healed by them and to receive their gifts. Now, more than ever before, humanity as a whole is ready and willing to receive the profound gifts the dolphins have to share.

Diamond Heart Aladya Attunement:  Aladya is the Angel of revival, regeneration;, giving the second breath to a body, soul and spirit. It allows us to restore the forces, giving live energy then when we feel weakened. At the same time it actuates both reason and intuition, and helps us to get out of confused situations. These virtues, Aladya transfers to those who wish to accept them. Aladya is ready to help during the moments when we aspire to changes, but we still are not capable to realize, and we feel confusion in critical situations. Aladya helps us find necessary direction, helps us see the correct choice and can be called upon in difficult circumstances. This energy is best used for spiritual development and growth. Aladya belongs to the grade of Seraphs. After the attunement, you can be engaged in self-treatment, to help another and to transfer this attunement to others.

DNA Reiki:  DNA Healing Reiki is a very simple system, consisting of one symbol, a DNA Helix. It is meant to improve physical health by fixing any errors in a person's DNA or spiritual (energetic) DNA. This energy is intended to work especially well for those with chronic or degenerative illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, and others. You can also use this energy to work on other health issues or to improve general health and well-being. The idea is that degenerative, chronic illnesses, which are notoriously hard to cure using energy healing, are caused by an error or errors in the person's energetic blueprint (spiritual DNA). These errors can then be manifested and worsened in the physical body by contamination of the energetic system through an assault of negative energy on a person, or via a systematic draining of a person's life force energy due to psychic vampirism.

Dolphin Spirit Energy: System founder Peggy “Solarraven” Jentoft; “received from "Spock" a Dolphin at the old Marine World Africa USA (Redwood City, California). in 1985 actually this was Passed by Spock to my then unborn daughter at the same time and besides having spiritual healing and meditation enhancement effects also supports interspecies communication and universal /planetary memory can be activated by intention and during meditation will run until it has done the work it can at a given time then stop”.

Dolphin Stones of Mu: Mu and Lemuria are legendary lands now beneath the oceans of India and the South Pacific. The people were civilized and gentle, and aware of the subtle magic of the sky, land and sea. Quartz crystals with small lines along the facets are called Lemurian Seed Crystals and are thought to hold sacred information from the old times.

The Divine Presence Symbol: The divine presence symbol helps you to connect with the sacred source of love and power. It symbolises a desire for, and awareness of the divine in human experience. The symbol can help you manifest the highest good. Divine presence is the awareness of the sacred connection between people. The world, and the universe. This awareness helps dispel fear and negativity, and nurtures hope, courage and perseverance. Seeing the sacredness of all things helps us to manifest love, power, and clear thinking.

Durga Shakti Empowerment: Goddess Durga is the mother of the universe and believed to be the power behind the work of creation, preservation, and destruction of the world. Since time immemorial she has been worshipped as the supreme power of the Supreme Being and has been mentioned in many scriptures - Yajur Veda, Vajasaneyi Samhita and Taittareya Brahman. The Meaning of "Durga" - The word "Durga" in Sanskrit means a fort, or a place which is difficult to overrun. Another meaning of "Durga" is "Durgatinashini," which literally translates into "the one who eliminates sufferings." Thus, Hindus believe that goddess Durga protects her devotees from the evils of the world and at the same time removes their miseries
Earth Blessings Empowerment: Inspired by the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this empowerment is designed to help provide healing to the earth, its people, its animals, and the ecosystem during times of environmental stress. It can be used during environmental tragedies to help heal the planet. It can also be used on a personal level to help balance out the body when it is experiencing negative effects of environmental toxins.
Earth Core Fire:  Earth Core Fire is an unique and simple energetic tool which uses universal life force to balance the body’s energy in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes. When Earth Core Fire is activated, it addresses the body, mind and spirit. Earth Core Fire acts by accelerating the body’s ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to causes of disharmony. The energy facilitates worldly involvement. It assists sharing one’s spiritual gifts with others. Earth Mother type nurturing energy. It is wonderful for anyone who tends to be spiritually introverted, shunning the world around them.

Earth Energy Boost Empowerment: The Earth Energy Boost Empowerment is a simple energy that works as an immediate and gentle 'pick me up'. If you are familiar with the 'Rescue Remedy' flower essence, then you'll understand that the Earth Energy Boost can work in a similar fashion. It is something to use for fatigue, illness, or times of extreme stress. It can also be used during strenuous activity, to provide an extra 'boost'. It is not meant as an instant cure, but as an additional support.

Eclipse Energy Empowerment: This energy was received during the full lunar eclipse on February 20, 2008. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the moon and the sun, thus blocking the sun's light to the moon. Eclipses, in astrology, often portend big life changes, shifts, and challenges. While eclipses can often be described as "negative" (in that the energy can be disruptive, jarring, and difficult), ultimately the energy of an eclipse is supposed to "shake you up" for good reason. It is supposed to help you let go of old things that no longer work for you and move you into a new, better direction. (Not all eclipses are described as negative by astrologers; some are described as quite positive. The theme of change is the same.) The Eclipse Energy Empowerment is to help you let go of that which no longer serves you and bring the new and better into your life. It will do so in the best way for you. It will help make the change more gentle and palatable. If you use this energy during an eclipse, it will help smooth
Elenari Healing System: Elenari translates to “Star Elf”. All healing on this dimension comes from the Higher Realms of the traditional Source—the Higher Source/Creator/God/Goddess of All. The Star Realms. This healing system utilizes our senses of visualization and intention to heal. The connection is Earth based and Star based. It implements only 3 symbols, by visualization only; and can be used to heal any element, person, animal, or plant. It may be used to magnify and manifest our needs. It may be used as a way of communication—sending energy from one person to another through our intention and breath, for breath is a translation of Life and Spirit. This system allows us to know who we are---Beings of Light. It will assist in even greater knowing as it grows within you and you connect to the Source of All Life For those who are Starseeds and Starbornes; this system will assist in your growth in a very powerful way. It will bring your reasons for being here into reality. This system will also open the door to a new connection to the Realm of the Faery, in which this system if initially based. There is a deep opening to Nature within this system—the connection to Mother Earth heightens and broadens as you walk this path.
Elohim Initation: From the manual: “Seven Mighty Elohim and the Five Elohim of the Secret Rays. The Elohim are the highest individualization and manifestation of the Godhead. The Seven Mighty Elohim and their feminine counter-parts are the original builders of form. Hence, Elohim is the name of God used in the first verse of the Bible: “In the beginning, God [Elohim] created the heaven and the earth.” There are five Elohim who surround the white-fire core of the Great Central Sun. They represent Mighty Cosmos’ five ‘secret rays’ and the corresponding ‘secret-ray’ chakras. The Elohim and Cosmic Beings carry the greatest concentration of Light that we can comprehend in our state of evolution. Elohim is a Hebrew word that may be derived from the words meaning powerful, strong and foremost. In other words, the name Elohim expresses the fullness of God’s power. In the Bible, God, in his role as the Creator who rules the affairs of men and controls nature, is known as Elohim”.
Enchanted Hedgerows:  Places where one thing becomes another are considered the special haunt of fairy folks, and powerful places for magic and healing energy. For instance, fairies are said to guard hawthorn trees. This may also reflect the old ruins of Celtic hill forts dating from before 100 BC that allow hedge shrubs to grow along their earthen walls. You can use the magic of hedgerows in your Reiki healing.

Energy Filter: In our daily lives, we interact with other people and their energies. Practitioners working with energy fields of students or clients are more exposed to vibrations, frequencies and emotions released by their clients and thereby run a risk of contamination. They have a potential for picking up these negative energies, entities or attachments from persons or environments. Thus energy cords, attachment and parasites are a few of the possible energetic influences that could harm our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. This system works to filter/clean/purify energies/attunements from any negative vibrations, entities, thought forms, waveforms etc

Energy of the Bodhisattva: To align with the energies of the Bodhisattva's first one needs to become acquainted with their wisdom. Learn about how their energy can bring wisdom and enlightenment into your life.

The Essenes Initiation:  Also known as Nazarenes or Nazoreans; the Essenes were followers of a religious way of living in Judaism that flourished from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD that had in common mystic, eschatological, messianic, and ascetic beliefs. They lived on the shores of lakes and rivers, away from cities and towns, and practiced a communal way of life, sharing equally in everything. They were mainly agriculturists and arbour culturists, having a vast knowledge of crops, soil and climatic conditions which enabled them to grow a great variety of fruits and vegetables in comparatively desert areas and with a minimum of labour. They had no servants or slaves and were said to have been the first people to condemn slavery both in theory and practice. There were no rich and no poor amongst them. They established their own economic system, based wholly on the Law, and showed that all man’s food and material needs can be attained without struggle, through knowledge of the Law. They spent much time in study, both of ancient writings and special branches of learning, such as education, healing and astronomy, and in the use of plants and herbs for healing man and beast.
Etheric Acupuncture Attunement: This system gives one the ability to place etheric acupuncture needles into a person or animal. The etheric needles will have the same effect as physical needles. The etheric needles can carry any thought, feeling or intention you desire them to. They can also act as antennas for any energy, healing force, healing symbols and mantras as well as anything found in nature such as the energy of any herb, crystal, mineral, flower, the five elements, light, colours, sounds, and homeopathic remedies, etc
Female Power Shakti:   Historically, a divergence arose between the male and female, causing an alienation of male and female energy and they were perceived as opposing forces. The male and female are two faces of One energy. The male energy is the aspect that is outwardly focused. The male energy knows a strong creative force. The female energy is the energy of the inner aspect of things. It is the energy that is all encompassing. If both energies re-engage, a new reality would result, in which everything can be experienced, in joyful forms of manifestation. The male energy has been in power for very long, and has been distorted deeply that the female energy was weakened and stopped realizing the integrity of her Being. As long as the male / female remain in conflict, the disintegration of both is inevitable. The female energy has arisen, and has begun the process of transforming the male energy into a balance and reunion of power. Female Power Shakti is not intended to control, but rather help heal the male energy and assist in the rebirth, while empowering the female to assume her full role in the manifestation of the oneness. A transformation of the personal is sought to allow one to see the Greater Wholeness of humanity.
Financial Influx Service: This is a sequence of attunements that need to be taken in the order listed in the manual. Some are Shakti, Divine Intelligences whose names denote their specific functions. Others are teams of helpers in the Light of Source who will do what their names specify. This is a self healing system for activation and use on you only. Your responsibility is to allow, and to choose how often to activate this system.
These include; Dissolver Shakti: To melt away blocks or limiting beliefs in your financial influx pathways - Tikkun Shakti: Existing pathway repair - New Pathway Creator Team - Pipeline Fortification Team - Influx Upgrade Empowerment - Monetary Energy Burst - Flow Pulse Harmonization - Integration Field: Full connection with you - Financial Provision Divine Protection Field - All Systems GO! - Continual Maintenance Ray - Increase Flow Dial: Increase or decrease flow as desired with intent.
Five Fairy Herb empowerment:  This empowerment carries the energy of wildflowers of Europe, traditionally associated with healing and fairies; Blue Vervain - Eyebright - Meadowsweet - Wild Thyme - Yarrow
Flame Of Universal Love – St Germaine: This energy comes from St. Germaine, an ascended master. The Flame of Universal Love taps into the ultimate energy of creation: pure love. It is this universal, unconditional love that is the true nature of God. The very fabric of creation is a manifestation of this pure love. Alas, as human beings experience their lives, they forget the universal love from whence they originated. Wars, poverty, and violence all derive from an absence of love and a disconnect from the energy of universal love. The Flame of Universal Love is intended to reconnect humanity with the original, universal love energy. By using it on oneself or a client, the Flame of Universal Love helps light the path to love for everyone.
For The Love Of Our Guardian Angels: Guardian Angels are like all other Angels, with one exception - they've been assigned to stand by us throughout our lives, Some people, such as Lightworkers have more Angels surrounding them…assisting in their Lightwork. Guardian Angels are with us before our conception, when we, too, are in soul form. They accompany us through birth and are with us in every thought, word and event we experience in life. Guardian Angels are committed to us for the entire journey of our life - they never leave us and we are their only occupation. They will be with us when we leave this life and when we are, again, a soul in heaven. Your Guardian Angels know everything you've said, done or thought since the day you were born. They are non-judgmental and they look forward to helping you when requested.
Fourteen Holy Helpers Empowerment: The Fourteen Holy Helpers are a group of Saints traditionally venerated together in the Roman Catholic Tradition because their intercession is believed to be particularly effective, especially against various diseases and conditions.

Fusion Reiki: Fusion Reiki is a mixture of the energies of Usui, Karuna, Seichim and Tao Tian An Mian Chi Gong. After you have been attuned to Fusion, you will find your High Sense Perception greatly amplified and quite easy to develop. Manual also contains meditations and breathing techniques to aid in your development.

Ganesha Empowerment: This empowerment is in reality a triple empowerment focusing on these 3 qualities associated with Ganesha: 1) Deity of Wisdom - 2) He who removes obstacles from your spiritual way. - 3) He who brings success on the secular and spiritual plane

Gaia’s Blue Lotus Overlighting Deva:  The Blue Lotus is the symbol of victory of the spirit over the senses and signifies the wisdom and knowledge. It is the embodiment of perfection of wisdom and represents the wide open eyes of the awakened one.

Gerbera Daisy Quintessence: The Daisy flower has significant usage in the medical arena as an anodyne, antispasmodic and antitussive. It has also been used to treat cancer and treat digestive imbalances as an emollient, expectorant and Laxative. Various specialists also use the same flower in tonics as an ophthalmic and purgative Daisies have an ancient history of being used as a domestic remedy for a numerous ills. They have been enlisted as a traditional wound herb and have been prescribed to treat delicate and listless children. The fresh or dried flowering heads are normally used in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, liver and kidney disorders, as a blood purifier, etc. When used on bruised wounds or any type of open wounds, daisy works wonders as a cure Chewing Daisy leaves is said to cure mouth ulcers Not only this, Daisies have gained popularity as a well known remedy of breast cancers The flowers and leaves are normally used fresh in decoctions, ointments and poultices As a homeopathic remedy, and commercial treatment, Daisies have wide applications and endless usage. We recommend only using this flower in its energetic sense; if you wish to use it physically please seek professional advice first.

Gird your Loins Empowerment: To “gird your loins” means to get ready for battle or prepare yourself for a new challenge. The term comes from ancient times when soldiers wore long tunics that needed to be tucked in so they would not get in the way while fighting. This empowerment works to strengthen the first three chakras so you can be ready to tackle any challenge, whether it is a problem or a new project.

Giving Thanks Empowerment:  The Giving Thanks Empowerment is inspired by the Thanksgiving holiday – why not participate in “Thanksgiving” all year long?Giving thanks helps reminds us of the good in our lives and helps shift our energy towards the positive instead of the negative. By experience a feeling of gratitude we are more open and able to create more good in our lives and the lives of others.
God Attunements: This attunement comes from God who has infinite potential. Potential however is not actualization. Receiving this attunement does not give you all of the abilities, power, love and wisdom of God. It will not cure all disease, enlighten you or do everything you want instantly, even though that is Gods potential. God will work with you. God knows your limits for change and growth and works within them. Too much change too fast may not be good for you. There may also need to be clearing on your part that needs to be done to be able to receive God’s energy and qualities. There may also be “higher" reasons for you to have your current situation. For example, you may need to learn certain lessons before you get what you want. You may just need the experience of your current situation for a given period of time before it changes. There may be many reasons why you do not get what you want. God will, through this attunement, help you make the changes needed to help you receive what you want but in most cases it will not happen instantly. We live in the conditional world of duality and that implies limits on what can happen and how fast it will happen. Miracles do happen but they are rare and the ability to produce them consistently usually goes hand in hand with the wisdom to understand their full nature and implications. Until we get to that understanding we need be willing to engage in process that may take more time than we may want. This attunement, God, will help us get any higher level that is possible.
God Kundalini Reiki: Kundalini means that certain healing channels and chakras have been opened, and you have thereby gained access to the Earth's energy. The Root chakra, which is the energy center located near the coccyx, acts as an entrance for the Kundalini energy. The Kundalini energy is also referred to as "the Kundalini Fire". Hereafter, the energy runs all the way up through the body, through the "main energy channel", and out of the Crown chakra.  This energy channel goes from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra on the top of the head. An open Kundalini means that over a period of time, a complete cleansing of the chakras, the body parts and the energy channels is obtained. Not only does this open your Kundalini more but it attunes you to the SOURCE ENERGIES. This specific version of SOURCE ENERGY heals the mind, body, and soul. It connects the mind, body, and soul. Emphasis should be put on the fact that it heals the mind, body, and soul. For the effects are definitely felt. But it has a special property as well. It will heal whatever problems the energies see fit to heal in your life. The energies will actually heal an issue in your personality, or a problem that you're having, or misplaced belief. Basically an area of your life will change for the better after receiving this attunement.
God’s Power and Vitality:  The energy of this affirmation – and this attunement - is useful for: Chronic illnesses that cause one to feel drained - Low energy – physical as well as psychical - Chronic joint and /or muscle achiness - Improved recovery after injury or surgery - Many other situations … use your intuition!
Great Spirit Star Mother: From the manual; ‘ Mother .. All giving .. bearing all life sing to us the song of the infinite … Call to us of freedom … and wise. Wise woman .. help us place the love of the divine within the hearts and minds of all Spirit Mother .. within my heart there is a place that is you .. all knowing.. pervading .. systolic . Help me find you in my soul’s heart beat.. Make each day a celebration with you. In Lakech .. El*
Green Tara Empowerment: The name *Tara* means "star," "planet," or "she who ferries across the ocean of samsara. Tara is also known as "the Mother of all the Buddhas” This is because she is a form manifestation of the prajnaparamita, the perfection of wisdom, the realization of emptiness, and as such she is what gives birth to all the Buddhas. Meditating on Tara helps to awaken our Buddha nature as well as the qualities of our Buddha nature. Tara leads us beyond duality to the infinite bliss and emptiness that is our most precious opportunity.

Hamied – Angel of Miracles: From the manual: “Hamied… tells us there is an abundance of miracles, they are available to anyone who is willing to receive them! He comes to remind us that Miracles are part of our everyday lives and they come in all sizes, shapes and packages. While there is never a shortage of miracles, our ability to see them may become clouded as we move through our day to day lives. This happens when we are focused on all the things that we think are "wrong" or difficult in our lives instead of looking to see what is positive and good. When we focus on what we don't like, we effectively close the door to experiencing the ever abundant and present miracles that this Angel is seeking to bring our way”.

Hands of Jesus Attunement: This attunement is not being offered as part of a ‘religious’ or evangelistic package. It is being offered to anyone who would like to have it and feels it is appropriate for them to accept according to their belief system. Most of the great world religions respect the person that is Jesus. Even those who have no formal religious belief admire and respect him. To some he is the Saviour of the World and the Son of God. To others he is a great Prophet and Teacher. To others still he is a moral inspiration. He has been called 'The Great Physician', a great hypnotherapist, a medium and a seer and even the first Reiki Master. It is for you to make your own choice as to who Jesus was and is.

Harmonization Universal (HU): Founded and channeled by Gerald Ginting, Indonesia. This is a group of Lightworkers supervised directly by Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michaeland Archangel Melchizedek. Harmonization-Universal is the spiritual bridge and key to all divine energies, the energy will flow through a Divine Web Of Light. After the attunement you will be able to heal yourself, others and Gaia. In time your body will transform to be harmonious with the whole universe, and HU will help you to improve your spiritual level by connecting you with the higher self. In HU we all are connected to each other by Web of Light and through the Web of Light we support and help to develop each other (conscious or unconsciously). As the lightworkers we are committed to spread, widen, and strengthen the Web of Light, which protect our Mother Earth. The fact is that Earth (Gaia) is transforming to the higher level of dimension. As the children of Earth (Gaia), we commit to help and heal the earth while harmonising ourselves.

Hawkweed & Chicory Cold Remedy Reiki: This energy is for healing the sniffles and sore throat of the common cold

Healing Protecting Layer for the Eyes: This is an energy system helping to protect and repair damage from the negative exposure to modern technology.

Honeysuckle Quintessence: Honeysuckle is recommended for people who live in the past instead f the present. They feel that their best days are behind them and that there is little to look forward to, and as a consequence they prefer to dwell on past happiness’s (or misfortunes). In a more minor key, homesickness and nostalgia are also Honeysuckle traits. This remedy helps us to learn from and recall the past without needing to relive it, so that we can progress into the present and take joy from today and tomorrow. Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness, or memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true. They do not expect further happiness such as they have had.We recommend only using this flower in its energetic sense; if you wish to use it physically please seek professional advice first.

Humble Fairy Herbs Empowerment: This Reiki empowerment will attune you to the gentle energy of three fairy-blessed flowers: Marshmallow (Althea),
Pot Marigold (Calendula) and Clover (Trifolium).

Image Reiki: The process of producing images by the action of energy is exactly what Image Reiki is exactly all about. You can use the energy from this new form along with any images you wish or images you have on your own to create these things into physical manifestations by working with and the incorporation of light energy.

Infinite Light Empowerment: We all derive from the same source, but the energy vibrates in different pace and makes different substance and matter. All the matter that in its similarity and unlikeness is our habitat, with its variety in many life forms. It may seem hard to understand the fact that we all “are one”, since millions of species share the same space and can survive, but also the fact that we live in different circumstances, environments, countries, and have big contrast in living conditions. It can sometimes feel hard to grasp, when you look at mother earth and see that this miraculous planet can have so much variety in vegetation, scenery and different nations. In between that we see oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds with its unique life form, from the biggest whales to the smallest water flea and tadpoles. Everything is well thought out in every single little eco-system. And still we are made from the same source. The purpose of this attunement is to “kickoff” the infinite light process in YOU, to wake you up, make you understand and bring you closer to the infinite light, the source, through a kind of an opener, an empowerment of something you already have inside of you.

Infinite Oneness Activation: This energy re-awakens and amplifies our power to consciously immerse ourselves into the Divine Spirit. Though we are never separate from the Source that is within us and contains us within Itself, this activation empowers us to do this consciously. You do not need the activation for this. Like a set of training wheels, it is meant to help. If you would like assistance in conscious union with the Goddess, God, and Divine Spirit, this activation is for you. Activate it before any prayer, meditation, healing work, ritual, or even before any daily activity (besides driving and operating machinery and other risky situations) to allow the Infinite Source to flow through us during that time.
Inter-dimensional Medical Team Reiki: The Inter-dimensional Medical Team is a team of Eternal Light Beings who have many areas of expertise. They will provide a comprehensive session of healing and inter-dimensional synergy. We as Light workers are accepting higher light frequencies. Our new or ‘remembered’ skills and abilities are activating. New ways for our body to interact with the worlds around us come ‘online’. Sometimes there are electrical, electromagnetic or gravitational signals from the higher dimensions that arrive to us here to assist our ethereal and light bodies’ activation.

Jack Frost Empowerment: As Winter is a good time for reflection within ourselves and a wonderful time to find calm and peace from all the hustle and bustle of the past year, a visit from Jack Frost is a perfect chance for us to embrace the many wonders of the Winter season. A perfect time to reflect and meditate, a time to reclaim our centre and realign so that we can emerge rested and satiated to greet another year, another Spring.

Jade Dragon Empowerment: This system will attune you with Jade Dragon energy. The benefits include good health, attracting abundance and prosperity, good fortune, enhances the lucky. Jade Dragon is also a powerful protection over health, wealth and prosperity.

Jesus of Nazareth Healing Ray: This system is not about religion, but about Jesus of Nazareth and his well documented healing miracles. Anyone of any faith can use this ray that encompasses the divinely guided passion to heal. The Jesus of Nazareth Healing Ray has its own intelligence and will go where it is needed, always for the highest good of all concerned. This system is used primarily for spiritual growth,  development and  healing on several levels, corresponding with the functions of the seven main chakras. As the energy goes through the individual chakras, thoughts, feelings and memories may emerge as the energetic debris is healed and released. Each individual will attune to the Jesus of Nazareth Healing Ray differently.
Kanakdhara Empowerment: The light of wealth and prosperity mantra. Shri Kanakdhara is a Vedic Goddess who removes obstacles to prosperity and bestows wealth or financial stability. Worship of this goddess is also to invoke the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi for complete happiness and success in life. Kanakdhara is often symbolised with a Yantra.
Knights of Archangel Michael: Initiation into the Order of Archangel Michael is a beautiful and sacred experience. Energetically, this gift aligns you with Michael's energy and abilities. The third eye and crown chakras are attuned by Archangel Michael's energy during the initiation, potentially opening us to greater awareness energetically and intuitively. Our inner Sword of Light is also awakened during the initiation, which strikes a chord and sends the resounding message to the Universe that we are ready to stand with the Light and embrace the truest aspects of our beings. Once awakened within us, this energetic Sword may then be used in harmony with Michael's to clear or cleanse, cut through energetic debris or chaos in our lives, focus and empower loving affirmations or prayers, and connect with the Light of the Divine

Knights of Jeanne d’Arc: St. Joan of Arc is the patroness of soldiers and of France. On January 6 1412 Joan of Arc was born to pious parents of the French peasant class, at the obscure village of Domremy, near the province of Lorraine. At a very early age she heard voices: those of St. Michael, St Catherine and St Margret. At first the messages were personal and general. Then at last came the crowing order. In May 1428 her voices told Joan to go to the King of France and help him to re-conquer his kingdom.

Knights of Mary Magdalene:  The Order of Mary Magdalene is open to both women and men; we refer to the Order Magdalene, is a Hebrew word meaning Tower of Strength. The purpose of our Order is to honour and restore the Magdala, the Sacred Feminine, to her rightful place as part of the YHVH Godhead. The Order of Mary the Magdalene is an Esoteric Christian Order, which studies the true teachings, mystical exercises, meditations and prayers of Jesus and Mary.

Knights of Mother Mary: This attunement is a special edition of the Order of Mary channelled by Carol Ann Tessier. This order is a very special order that is open to all who love and understand the teaching and wisdom to Mother Mary. Reciting the Rosary brings us and our consciousness closer to God, Jesus and our Guardian Angels.Mother Mary was chosen by God to bring His Son into our world for redemption of our sins. If you are in need of prayer or guidance just call upon the name of Mary. She has appeared to many, to bring Divine Messages from God

Knights of St Germain: SAINT GERMAIN´s work for the freedom of mankind began in that civilization seventy thousand years ago; when a whole civilization could have been raised into the ASCENSION had they continued to give obedience instead of becoming rebellious. His work has been much more concerned with the human and physical realm than that of the other Masters. He worked for two hundred years in America before definite results began to manifest. This was brought about through the activity of the "I AM" Instruction; which important work has been the protection, purification and enlightenment of the people especially in America; and the purification of the Beings of the elements.

Knights of the Holy Grail: This Order of the Holy Grail introduces the seeker to the truth and knowledge to the fundamental principles, which defines our religion. This Order believes in a Sacred and Divine Bloodline. This Bloodline was made manifested through Joseph and Mary, who were both the neutral parents of Jesus.

Koso Rays: Part of range (also available; White Light of Creation and Sokaisi System) Another cutting edge attunement that works on advanced Masters. This is aimed at those who feel that they may have come here from higher dimensions to help and assist the process of spiritualisation of Planet Earth. Learn to interact at a higher level with the Universal Matrix

Kuthumi Initiation: Kuthumi comes to those who seek world knowledge in this time of change - and to use that accumulated knowledge for the good of all and to overcome the tendency towards intellectual arrogance.

Lady Diana Initiation: This initiation is one of the many, channelled by Dr. Joshua David Stone. Diana was renowned for her compassion towards others and her endless commitment to her charity work. Draw on this energy whenever you need to express compassion or unconditional love or need added strength when deal with challenging circumstances.

Lady Nada Attunement: Ascended Master, Lady Nada, Chohan of the 6th Ray, the purple and gold ray, and ruby ray of peace, service and brotherhood. Being the Feminine Aspect of Sananda, she has shared many incarnations in this office. It is noted that she is also playing a role in bringing the 8th and 9th Rays to the Earthplane at this point in time and is in fact the Chohan of the 9th Ray (the 8th Ray is the Ray of green/violet a cleansing ray enabling us to clean away the old patterns of thinking and behaviour that no longer serve our Higher Purpose. The 9th Ray is the green/blue ray of Joy and Potential, which is also cleansing, yet at a higher level of being…. making way for ascension…. and the opening up for receiving even more higher aspects of Godself
Lady Portia Attunement: As an anchor of the Sacred Feminine Energy upon the Earth Plane and in fact all existence above and beyond what we know of it, Lady Portia is known by many names all speaking highly of her Divine Offices. Lady Portia is Chohan of the 11th Ray of Service.She is known as Goddess of Justice and Goddess of Opportunity. At this time in history Lady Portia sits upon the Karmic Board as one of the Lords of Karma. She is Keeper of the Holy Heart Flame, known also as the Sacred Heart Flame (This is the same energy as the Violet Flame named for its aspect of sacred Divine Feminine Energy)

Lakshmi Empowerment: The empowerment is a triple empowerment focussing on the main qualities of Lakshmi: Knowledge – including divine knowledge and purity. Fortune – with “abundance” and “happiness” included. Beauty – bringing beauty into your life
Lakshmi Reiki: The word Lakshmi has its origin from the Sanskrit terms: LakShyam meaning goal LakShaNaM meaning aspect; characteristics LakSha meaning Lakh, 100,000 in number, also sight LakShaM meaning target Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. Lakshmi, therefore, represents the goal of life, which includes worldly as well as spiritual prosperity. In Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi, also called Shri, is the divine spouse of Lord Vishnu and the Goddess of wealth and fortune. In the Vedas, she called Sri. Goddess Lakshmi indicates prosperity. Worship of Lakshmi indicates an appreciation of prosperity and a sense of responsibility towards it. Depicted as an extremely beautiful woman, Lakshmi stands or sits on a lotus. She has 4 lotuses in various stages of bloom in her two hands. And even wears a lotus garland. She is normally depicted with 4 arms and sometimes with 8 arms also.

Lightbringer Reiki: Lightbringer Reiki has been brought in to clear away the negative vibrations surrounding the planet right now. At this time the layer of negative energy around the planet is very thick and it makes it difficult for people to connect to the light. This energy helps us to reconnect with the soul and spirit. It breaks up that negative fog and shines a light on what is false and helps us to see the truth in ourselves and others
Lighten the Load Reiki: Lighten the load Reiki is a different kind of Reiki energy that uses visualisation for healing. The purpose of this energy is to help release old baggage and burden that can cause emotional distress, anxiety, worry and a feeling of not being in control of life. Use of this energy frees up the old energy and helps "lighten the load" for a brighter outlook and greater happiness
Living Peace Empowerment: Higher States of Consciousness can change reality more readily than those of lower energetic states. The more we heal and refine ourselves the more we are able to anchor peace, unconditional love and other Divine attributes. Seeking peace within ourselves, taking the time to Be and experience peace, calm, serenity, joy and bliss is a great way of being of service to self and others. Many Great Beings of Light are surrounding our Planet connecting and actively seeking Light Workers Peaceful Warriors. Knowing that * Peace* is the only Battle worth Waging. Beings of great wisdom and beauty and Light. Holding a focus of Light and streaming Peaceful Consciousness to us.***as above*** so below*** Joining with these Light-filled Avatars is indeed a privilege.

Long-Time Sun Blessing: The Long Time Sun Blessing taps into the vibration of a beautiful Irish blessing that is sung at the end of Kundalini Yoga classes. The energy from this blessing is uplifting and inspiring. It also provides protection.

Lord Dhanvantari Empowerment: Dhanvantari (also Dhanvanthari) is an avatar of Vishnu from the Hindu tradition. He appears in the Vedas and Puranas as the physician of the gods (devas), and the god of Ayurvedic medicine. It is common practice in Hinduism for worshipers to pray to Dhanvantari seeking his blessings for sound health for themselves and/or others.
Love & Compassion System: This system works with the energies of Love and Compassion from God and is designed to let you experience more of these qualities in your life. This system nurtures and teaches the soul. Because of this you will be able to give, receive and experience more love and compassion each day and even more each time you consciously use it. You will become more heart-centred and start to act more and more from the loving space of your Heart.
Love from the Source: Open up and boost your heart chakra, cleanse your energetic system with this beautiful energy.

Love Light Attunement: All No-Notes Attunements energies may be run as healing energies as you do Reiki, or used to create tools as with Tachyon. (A tool is an item which has been permanently altered on a sub-molecular level, so it acts as a receiver and transmitter of the energies)Example to use the "Love Light" energy as hands on healing, just think "Love Light" instead of Reiki to start the energy flow. You may also combine "Love Light" energy with other energy systems.

Love of Fairies Attunement:  *Fairy sight* is the ability to have a clairvoyant impression about the fairies.  These impressions may come to us in many other ways, personal to us, our path… and desire to contact fairies. In the natural World giving thanks for the beauty of our beloved planet is a great way to start a Fairy meditation. Fill your heart with loving golden light and invite the Fairies to be with you. Learn to work with Planetary and weekly connections to the Fairy/Elven Star. Enjoy a meditation to meet the fairies

Loving Hearts Attunement – St Valentine’s Day Special: Love encompasses a wealth of feelings, from passionate desire and intimacy to nonsexual emotional closeness, and the profound love of ONENESS with creation. This manual explores each area of love and how we can bring it to manifestation in our lives.

Majestic Conch Shell Empowerment: Conch shells are a spiritual symbol from the sea, which represents the vast expanses of the unconscious mind. They are also a divine feminine symbol associated with the goddess Venus who was born from a shell.
Make a Wish Blessing Attunement: The purpose of the Make a Wish Blessing is simple: To help your wishes come true! This energy only works with good intentions. Don't use your wish to try to hurt someone else or take away free will. For example, using your wish to try to break up a happy marriage so you can steal a husband away from his wife is bad karma. This is not a good use of your energy. Instead, wish for the right relationship for you to come along in the right way with the right timing.
Medicine Buddha Energy Empowerment: Medicine Buddha Empowerment is a powerful blessing for healing, dispelling sickness and for awakening the innate wisdom that lies within every individual.

Melchizedek Initiation: Melchizedek is the name of our Universal Logos. This could be likened to the spiritual president of our local universe. He is one of the 4 Masters that gives you the Rods of Initiation. He is a Wonderful Teacher and Beloved Master for all who seek the light and love of God. Logos in Greek means "The Word". Thus, Melchizedek is The Word. He is the ultimate guardian and ultimate architect of our universe. Melchizedek was the Messenger of God described in Hebrews as being "without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God."
Metatron Initiations: Metatron is the Archangel and Seraphim who sits before the throne God. Metatron is the keeper of the outer light of God. Archangel Metatron is also the Archangel of the Platinum Ray. Metatron is seen as the highest if the ‘recording angels’ in his capacity if maintaining the ‘eternal archives of the Lord’. Therefore, Metatron is congruent with the scribe and Ascended Master Melkiezedek. All angelic beings are actually ‘Living Light Intelligences’ radiating from the Unified Field of Divinity. This field is not a place ‘out there’ but is within all. Their most visible effulgence is in the light of the suns in our universe. The power demonstrated in the solar systems is an outer effect of the angelic ‘Living Lights’, sending their energy out through the physical universes. They work within us as well as in the heavens. They whisper to out soul and stir our intuition. They motivate us and attract us to graceful acts and a deepening experience of our eternal connection to the ALL
Moldavite Empowerment:  Moldavite was sent to planet Earth to help us at this specific transformational time, to strengthen and fortify us, to raise our consciousness and speed up our spiritual evolution so that we may be prepared and ready for bringing in the age of light and sound.
Money Freedom Empowerment: The purpose of the Money Freedom Empowerment is to help unplug from collective and personal fears surrounding money. By releasing fear, we are better able to connect to spirit and follow our inner guidance, which can enable us to handle our money situation in a more productive way.
Morning Dew Reiki: Morning Dew Reiki captures the fresh, energizing feeling of the early hours. Using this energy will help energize, enliven and inspire you. It helps bring fresh perspectives and hope. It can be used in conjunction with regular Reiki in any healing session.  The energy feels cool, light and refreshing.
Mother of God Protection and Healing Ray: This ray helps in many aspects of life and health. The energy is of a bluish colour, pleasant and enveloping. The ray works throughout all the energetic body, especially problem areas of the body feel this energy.
Mother Mary Initiation: Mother Mary is the Master of the 9th Ray of Joy and attracting the lightbody. She is the Divine Master of the Healing Ray of God. Mother Mary is the representative of the Divine Mother to Planet Earth and also the Queen of Peace. Mother Mary comes as the representative of the Divine Mother to extend her hand in the deepest love, the most profound, unconditional and nurturing love of the Divine Mother, who has no other desire than to see all of God’s children receive their rightful inheritance, which truly is the abundant life. 
Muriel  Angel of Emotions Attunement: As such, she encourages the awareness and ability to get in touch with our innermost feelings enabling us to take stock of ourselves and where we are in the vast scheme of things be this in ourselves or in regard to the greater whole. In this wondrous blue planet we, like the planet itself, are made up of mostly water. The element of water governs the emotions.
Oceans of Love Empowerment: Bathe yourself in the wonderful energies of this empowerment meditation, cleanse your chakras and release all blockages preventing you from attaining at-One-ment with the universe and all who dwell within her.
Octagon Star Tetra Energy Attunement: The Octagon Star Tetra Energy is a higher frequency energy combination of the 4 elements of nature; Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. This kind of energy is used for all aspects of elimination, working on the eliminative organs (digestive system, kidneys, liver, skin and lungs). It also has a powerful effect on micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses etc). The Octagon Star Tetra Energy also helps to eliminate residue of past inoculations, chemicals etc. This energy also has the effect of seemingly re-wiring your neurons and neuro pathways to allow for greater levels of love, mental and emotional stability as well as aids in faster physical healing from wounds.
OM Empowerment: The OM Empowerment is part of a series of mantra empowerments that tap into the vibrational frequency of a particular mantra. OM (or Aum) is the mantra of primordial vibration – the sound that created the universe. OM is God in sound form. By meditating on OM, you connect to God. You uplift the consciousness and bring yourself that much closer to enlightenment.
Let Om be the bow, mind the arrow, and Higher Consciousness the target.
Those who want enlightenment should reflect on the sound and the meaning of Om.
When the arrow is released from the bow it goes straight to the target.
-Dhyana Bindu Upanishad

Orb of Life:  The Orb of Life is an etheric energy ball with the size of a soccer ball. It consists of very concentrated, high frequency life force. The orb is not a physical object but made of pure energy. It acts as an antenna for life force and keeps on producing it. The Orb of Life was initially founded by Ole Gabrielsen who brought forward Kundalini Reiki. It will provide you with high frequency life force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also charge water and other items. It will automatically protect you from negative energies and psychic attacks. It is a useful aid in breaking up and clearing blocks. It will help you in healing sessions, both distance as well as hands on. Your Orb of Life will last for a lifetime, it will never wear out. If you wish, it will always follow you wherever you go. You will also receive instruction on how to make your own Orbs to pass onto others. The orb of life is not a physical item but a spiritual energy that is transferred from me to you in a similar way to other energy healing attunements.

Order of Lightworkers: Lightworkers carry within them the ability to attain spiritual awakening faster than other people. They carry inner seeds for a rapid spiritual awakening. With regard to this, they seem to be on a faster track than most people, if they choose it. This again is not because LightWorkers are in any way “better” or “higher” souls. LightWorkers have reached a particular stage of enlightenment before they incarnate on earth and start their mission. They consciously choose to become entrenched in the “karmic wheel of life” and to experience all forms of confusion and illusion that go with it. To be initiated is to be linked by Divine power and allowed to carry this power to others. The initiation process is one of direct intent. It is simple and only requires acceptance.

Pain Management Empowerment: This is an easy and simple form to work with and call in at any day or time to use. This form was channelled in to be used with chronic and severe pain issues, such as Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and many other issues concerning chronic back pain, joint pain, pain from surgeries and much more. This energy, once you have been attuned, and called upon can be used to give relief to the pain within a very short amount of time, and to help with underlying issues contributing to your pain.

Pain Relief Reiki: Many healing systems are only concerned with removing the offending illness or imbalance from the physical body, the goal being focused solely on restoring the body to optimum health and wellbeing but it is vital to remember that pain, disabilities, illness, even long term illnesses and terminal illnesses have an important role to play as part of our life path. The role of this attunement is to offer pain relief from acute pain, chronic pain and long term pain, and to also help to reveal the lessons this life path experience is showing you. For some once this is revealed it may be enough to pave the way for true and permanent healing to occur for others it will ease their symptoms and go on to provide a deeper insight into their life.  Each person will have a different experience with this system

Pale Green Muscovite Empowerment: This beautiful stone is simply a milky-green form of mica, the mineral that adds sparkles to Aventurine quartz. It has chromium atoms that colour it a gentle green, the colour of some glacier lakes. It is useful for healers because it gives the wisdom to step back and see if our efforts will actually help a situation. Sometimes people need to solve issues by themselves to learn the lesson. It also soothes physical injuries, balances hot and cold energy, deflects any negativity in a subtle way, and works well with nature spirits.

Petalite “Stone of Angelic Connection”:  Petalite, one of the twelve synergy stones, is highly protective and emits this profoundly soft energy filled with love and joy. Holding one will trigger a direct connection to the Angelic Realm for communication with Guardian Guides.

Plum Blossom Energy Bath: An energy shower that works to bolster courage, maintain clarity, remove and help prevent, unreasonable fear based emotions thoughts & thought forms throughout the physical and subtle bodies. This transmission runs from the heart and goes where ever needed. This can be run for others by intention either hands on or remotely by intending to beam or send the energy outward from your heart chakra. This can be run for yourself, others and animals. Activate by intention, this is also somewhat autonomous and will activate to bolster courage and maintain clarity if triggered by your emotional response to some event.

Power Animal Empowerment: A power animal is an important symbolic used by a person to get in touch with specific qualities  found within an animal the person needs, connects with, or feels a deep affinity toward. Your Power Animal guide will be there for you as you learn how to travel through your spiritual and physical life. Animals are here to teach humans. They have many powerful lessons to give. Power Animal guides can help you get back to your roots, and reconnect with nature by reminding you that we are all interconnected.

Prana 2015: A Prana antenna is an item that has been permanently altered on a sub-molecular level, so that it acts as a receiver and transmitter of Prana or life-force.  Prana 2015 is highly recommended as a companion for Kundalini Reiki (and other attunement systems), as the Prana will significantly enhance and boost not only healing sessions, but also the attunement procedure itself! In this course you will learn how to create different kinds of Prana antennas. A Prana antenna is an item that has been permanently altered on a sub-molecular level, so that it acts as a receiver and transmitter of Prana (Lifeforce). You will learn to create: Prana water - EMF Phone Filters - Prana "Attunement oil" (will enhance the attunement of any system!) - Prana Discs (For charging items and rooms) - Prana Chakra Stones (For cleansing and charging chakras) - plus more..

Pure Bright Energy Empowerment: This energy restores wholeness to body, mind and spirit, increases intuition, and helps one reconnect to their ‘God given’ gifts. It is a counter clockwise spiralling energy, which works with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is an evolutionary process, which will increase the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in all life. This precise self-help technique encourages personal growth and transformation on all levels. When an area of life is healed, the altered energy will bring change to all other areas of your life. When spiritual purification is in process, your beliefs may be shaken and challenged these will be the building blocks of your newly forming and ever-changing spiritual foundation.

Quan Yin Initiations 1-2:  Call upon this energy to bring you into closer alignment with the energies of Quan Yin, learn to work with her to bring her gifts into your life.
Radiation Repair Reiki: This energetic system is a great gift sent to us directly from Spirit. The main focus of this system is to promote a full repair of all injuries and damages caused from a nuclear-radiation contamination to the human body, animals or plants

Rainbow Aura Essence Attunement:  Rainbow Aura is also known as Opal Aura Quartz, Angel Aura or Pearl Aura Quartz. It is created by fusing platinum crystals to clear quartz via a process similar to plating. Rainbow Aura Essence helps to protect and balance the aura and brings health on all levels; it is useful in meditation and helps one move forward toward “right action”. It lifts the spirit and helps to bring tranquillity and peacefulness and contact our inner wisdom to create a blossoming of the spirit.

Ray of Hope Empowerment: This energy is to be used when you need extra boost of hope, confidence, a positive outlook and attitude, trust, desire, wish etc. This is an energy that once you have been attuned to and you need that extra boost of hope and help you can call upon this.  When you do this energy it will release your negative issues with the problem you are being bothered by and fill your auric layers with positive Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki Rainbows Attunement: Reiki Rainbows energy incorporates the energy of St Germain and Quan Yin and is used for opening, cleansing, charging and balancing chakras of Usui Master/Teachers.
Respiratory Healing System: Channeled by Marcel Molenaar. Respiratory Healing System For the purpose of clearing the lungs and entire head sinuses (Paranasal, Maxillary, Frontal, Ethmoid, and Sphenoid), extending to other parts of the respiratory system, and strengthening the flow of energy through the breath. The crown chakra and lungs are opened and healed through color, light and energy, which are circulated through a 3-step healing process. This system works in 3 parts, either individually received or requested all at once. The Higher Self administers each part when the previous part is complete.

River of Light Reiki: Use this attunement to bring about a willingness;To believe in your inherent power as a perfect aspect of Light Source. To believe in your own power to create your own reality. To believe that your connection to Divine Light and healing is absolute and is not dependent on someone else’s permission or approval. To believe that all you could ever want or need is indeed within you. To have a clear sense of self and what you are in truth. To let go of the outcome of this effort and let God. A Sincere, heartfelt desire to help people realise these things as well, of and when they come to you for help.
Rose Deva Empowerment:  This Powerful Deva has come through for you to know that there is incredible Love and Healing available to you. This Love and Healing may come in a myriad of ways. From the manual; Through nature we are given sustenance on innumerable levels. Go out into Nature the Mother The Great and Sacred Feminine (yin) enjoy the warmth of the sun (yang) feel these opposite and complimentary forces as they work together to bring you healing and grace. Give thanks for the eternal now that we are blessed to live in. Relax and use your imagination to play and make the perfect life for yourself. Dwelling on things we do not want, only brings them to us think of what you Love and would Love to have in your life. Be totally honest in this for yourself. Be mindful of your thoughts be easy and kind with yourself you are starting out on a new adventure the rest of your life. Roses are one of the Great Angelic Blooms the sacred geometry and the power of the beauty of their scent and colour holds many universal messages for us. Flower readers are able to tell much from the condition of the flowers being read from their vibrational tone and the geometry of their form.

The Rose Empowerment:  The rose has always been valued for its beauty and has a long history of symbolism. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love referred to as Aphrodite and Venus. In Rome a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were discussed. The phrase sub rosa, or "under the rose", means to keep a secret — derived from this ancient Roman practice. The rose is often used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. The Rose will help you to: To recognize that all have their own individual challenges and there is no judgement. To love unconditionally, a pure acceptance of another’s pathway. To forgive or hold the intention of forgiving anyone who has consciously or unconsciously hurt you.To empathize with others in need.

Sacred Feminine Energy Returns: Pendulum swings to both sides before coming to its point of perfect balance..... As an anchor of the feminine energy being brought to the earth plane at this time in history you are being reminded of the Unconditional Love being beamed to you from interested parties from all over the known and unknown galaxies..... Many Light Frequencies surround you..... You are very blessed. The 7 Great Rays beam to you the encoded colours of the rainbow.... Be still and know the perfect peace and feel the harmony.... the unconditional love.... (FROM MANUAL)

Sacred Silver Moon: Pre-requisite: Reiki 2nd level. The Moon is an inspiring muse for so many lovers, and poets. It is consecrated to the feminine spirit, as a symbol of the Goddess. The Moon governs the deepest emotions, and the mysticism. The Moon is considered as a lamp, when receiving the sunbeams, it spreads on her the Earth Her Light and Her blessings. The Moon cleans, cures and protects.

Saint Francis of Assisi Initiation: Call upon this energy to bring you into closer alignment with the energies of Saint Francis, learn to work with him to bring his gifts into your life.

Sakkara Fire Reiki: Sakkara Energy Fire emerging from deep space using the Energetic Flows of Divine Love and Divine Will traversing galaxies using the star systems of Pleiades and Sirius to step down Vibrational Frequency and tone coming down to our Planetary Tone and Vibration. Sakkara weaves its way from the One Heart to our own hearts…..And it is Done. Sakkara is in harmony with the Music of the Spheres  It has been in waiting  ever patient for the Kronos (Divine Time) to come. This time is the Here and Now….Sakkara beckons energetically to us….She speaks in a Cosmic Language…. ancient and knowing…..her qualities in the vibrations of the letters of her name. S=A=K=K=A=R=A

Salamander Elemental of Fire: Salamanders are the elemental embodiment of fire. Without the power and energies of the Salamander Fire would not exist. The giver of Life and Strength it is the out flowing of energy from the Divine the Source which envelops all things micro and macro the smallest atom to the largest Sun. Fire is a purifying energy yang connected with strong and Divine will, It both creates and destroys, it brings forth new life and can dispense with the old and worn. Untamed and furious it can destroy All. The Spirit Realm of the Element Fire is inhabited by the Salamanders; Spiritual Beings the strongest and most powerful of all Elementals being mindful of this respect is given in our dealings with these Elemental Beings.

Samhain - All Hallows Eve Attunement: The last night of October, the last night of the Celtic calendar, a pastoral and agricultural "Fire Festival" or feast, Samhain Sabbot coinciding with All Hallows Eve. "Samhain is symbolized by the bonfire, jack o lantern, and cauldron. It is believed to be a Celtic word which loosely translates to summers end. In the Christian calendar, it is known as All Saints Day or All Hallows Eve. This has been shortened in modern times to Halloween. Also it is sometimes called the Festival of Apples or Feast of the Dead." "Samhain is the one of two times in the year when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, a powerful time for divination and contacting the spirit realm. Samhain is the only night when it is believed spirits of the departed have the ability to visit relatives and loved ones.

Seasalt Energy Empowerment: Seasalt as an irritant-balmy and anti-inflammatory effect. That's why it is often used to ease or solve problems with skin like neurodermatitis, eczema, pimples and dry sensitive skin, and even respiration problems like asthama. On an energetic level it has nearly the same effect of a cleaning and clearing and it 'pulls out' negative energies.

Selenite Empowerment: The word selenite comes from the Greek language and means of moon. It's metaphysical properties open, align, and clears the aura bodies. It is a great mover of energy. The seventh chakra is our direct connection to spirit. When it is balanced we understand our relationship with the universe. We feel our connection with other humans and other forms of life. Clear selenite's particular contribution towards furthering this connection is its ability to allow us to consciously understand our own deepest inner truth, that part of ourselves which is not body, not emotions or thoughts, but pure spirit. In this sense, it helps us to be in touch with our purpose for being in physical existence.Because of its ability to help us filter out ego-based messages and thoughts it is an excellent crystal for meditation when placed on the crown (top of the head). It can also help to clear up mental confusion.
Seraphim Angel Blessings: Dearest Beloved we have come to free you from the chains that bind you. To open your heart to love once again - for you to remember the glorious being of light that you are. You harbour grief, sadness, worry, and doubt giving it safe refuge inside your mind. You allow the terrors to expand in your life giving them free rein to push you here and there -- to move you from one challenge to the next. If you were in charge of your life Beloved you would not allow these outside forces to rule you. You would not allow every unkind word spoken by another or every selfish deed acted out before your eyes to hold you in accountability for others. You would never believe others views of you that are clouded by their own misconceptions and expectations. When your thoughts are compassionate, generous, full of kindness and love they create a harmonious blessing that radiates from within into your world.

Seven Lucky Gods: The Seven Lucky Gods are beloved, and honored in small shops and roadside shrines all over Japan. They are: Hotei, Jurojin, Bishamonten, Fukurokujo, Benzaiten, Daikoku, and Ebisu

Shift Your Energy Empowerment: We have all heard this time and again, over and over about like attracts like, the rich get richer, poor get poorer, The Law of Attraction and so on as they all come back to the same thing – shifting our emotions and energy! This empowerment energy helps us do just that! When having a bad day, down moment, stress in your life, and feeling overwhelmed, etc call upon this energy. This one will help shift your energy and thinking into a more positive and good feeling thoughts, vibrations and energy levels.

Sleepeze Reiki ~ Archangel Raphael: A beautiful new stream of energy channelled to help ease all sleep related problems including; insomnia, nightmares, night terrors, waking early, disturbed sleep, restless legs, assisting newborn babies into a regular sleep pattern. This energy combines the energy of Archangel Raphael with powerful a Kabbalah symbol. These can either be used alone or together to help promote a natural deep refreshing healing sleep. Ideal for all ages.

Silver sword Empowerment: This very significant plant species anchors spiritual wisdom onto earth assists in the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies within the self and the cosmos and enhances our use of the re-integrated energies of the VIOLET/SILVER/GOLD FLAMES of transmutation and cleansing for ALL KINGDOMS Silver Sword is very rare, with a high vibratory frequency. It releases encoded information stored in the miasmas (or cellular memory bank), completely opening one’s energy centres and aligning one’s body with the next seven chakras above the crown. It cuts through the illusion of ordinary reality and unveils the curtain that separates us from our highest aspirations and healing. When the individual is ready to be ‘fully seen’ and ready for their truest soul work, Silversword is the best flower to take as a remedy. Healing Properties: It cuts through the illusion of ordinary reality. It must never be over-used, and is best taken alone if used in essence form.
Sokaisa System: Part of range (also available; White Light of Creation and Koso Rays) Another cutting edge attunement that works on advanced Masters. This is aimed at those who feel that they may have come here from higher dimensions to help and assist the process of spiritualisation of Planet Earth. Learn to interact at a higher level with the Universal Matrix

Sophia Attunement: Sophia comes to us from the timeless recesses of the Angelic Seed within the Wisdom Mind. Sophia’s wisdom is that of Mother, Nurturer, and Life giver. She says to let you know it is her voice that reminds you of love;  giving and receiving in all its aspects. It is her gentle reminders that give you the remembering of your soul qualities; loving tenderness to all, within all kingdoms. Calm and tranquillity in the face of adversity, strength that only the Divine Feminine may infill and enfold within you

Spiritual Transmission Initiation: Spiritual Transmission is a powerful force that is very versatile in usage. Everyone who has received this initiation will develop their own ways of using it. It raises the vibrational level and brings in more universal light to each and everything to which it is projected. Because it is so powerful it needs a certain level of energetic and spiritual development. This means that if this attunement is received, it is decided by Source alone. Basically there are no limitations on the use of Spiritual Transmission, only ones own mind and mental concepts confine the effects.

Staghorn Fern Quintessence: According to the symbolic meanings of plants, the fern stands for "sincerity." Ferns are an ancient family of plants—which first show up in fossil records from a time over 100 million years before dinosaurs walked the Earth. In fact, ferns grew before flowering plants existed. Long ago, people couldn't explain how ferns reproduced since they lack flowers or seeds. (Today we know that ferns reproduce from spores.) It was this mystery of the non-flowering fern that led to folklore about mystical flowers as seeds. During the Middle Ages, ferns were thought to flower and produce seed only once a year, at midnight on Midsummer Eve. Since the seeds couldn't be seen, they were believed to be invisible. Many attempts were made to collect them because they allowed people to become invisible, see into the future, and have eternal youth. It was also believed that ferns did flower—but only until the birth of Christ. When all the flowers bloomed in His honour and the fern did not, it was condemned to remain flowerless forever. Ferns also played a role in medicine, including uses as a remedy for rheumatism, toothaches, baldness, and nightmares.

Stardust Reiki: The symbol was given to Heidi Gebhard-Burger during Aug 2006 by a Star Angel in order to pass on as a free gift for all

Starseed Energy Bundle:  Starseeds are people who believe they came from a distant star and are not quite “home” here on Earth are known as starseeds. Their mission? To help us achieve peace, wisdom and spiritual growth. Contained in this manual is a selection of seven famous places in the sky where people find mystery and guidance in the new age phenomenon known as Starseeds. You can be attuned to each one; Sirius, Andromeda, The Pleiades, Arcturus, Vega and Lyra, Orion and The Star Portal

Starseed Transmission Attunement: Many times during my life I have gazed upon the night sky and felt a longing to go home. Over the years I have discovered that I am not alone in this feeling. Many of us recognize the starlight as one would recognize any loved and ancient relative. We are all One (at Star Level) We are from the dust of distant stars and galaxies and will return to the dust of these cosmic friends at a time that is suited to our individual missions on earth. Let us learn again the language of the Stars let us see the encoded wisdom being beamed down upon us Let us feel with our highest of hearts all the symphony that the Stars do tell Starlight is the language of light that the Great Cosmos communicates to us with. The communication is but a reflection as the light itself from the stars is a reflection of the awe inspiring Power of the All that is. As we learn to interpret the Language of the Stars there will be collective thoughts about the process This stems back from “Time” immemorial It is a memory of our true self in our Star State We will also see the language as a means to communicate with the higher source as an individual basis for seeking communion with the Divinity within.

Surya Shakti Empowerment: Surya is worshipped as a chief solar deity. He is a vision of the divine, whose light fills all the worlds; Surya is also the Cosmic Pillar and support of the universe and the symbol of the Supreme. The Sun is to be installed in the temple of your body so that it dispels darkness by its effulgence once and all for all time – the darkness of ignorance.
Tempaii (Buddhas Consciousness) Attunement: Tempaii - Spirit Guide and Light bringing forth his wisdom and guiding light. Bringing his wisdom to the world of matter. Reminding us that we are Spiritual Beings. Enjoying the wonders and trials of Human Form. Tempaii comes to us in a form we can relate to. His body is far more Light. In his own dimension beyond our perception He is joined by many more bringing a similar message on behalf of Spirit PEACE, HOPE, UPLIFTMENT, LOVE and ASCENSION. He speaks to us through colour, form, and the silent, yet all powerful language of Love. He is empowering us at a Heart Level enabling the higher vibrational shifts that are taking place in this area of the Energetic Body. Tempaii is encouraging us to tune into our heart systems on a regular basis. He is helping us to see through the eyes of the heart which are directly connected to our souls. He is smiling at us now in a familiar way as a parent to a child. He sees us all in our Lighted Form  he knows our colours and sees the hues change as do our vibrational rates. He tells us of his pleasure at our progress. He tells us of the Love of the Enlightened Beings for us and assures us that they walk amongst us.

Threefold Flame of the Heart: The central and most important organ of your body is your heart. Likewise, the central and most important chakra is the heart chakra. It also contains the threefold flame. The threefold flame is the blossoming of light within your heart, anchored there through the descent of the crystal cord.

Three Graces: They inspired the ancient Greeks with good manners and the delight that comes from art, music, and dance. Wherever they went, they inspired joy and happiness to all that saw them. At any important occasion, the host would pour the first cup of wine in honor of the Graces to ensure that a good time would be had by all. They were the daughters of Zeus and the sea nymph Eurynome. Considered the embodiment of grace and beauty, they brought joy to gods and men and inspired artists. They were also the attendants, or handmaidens, of Aphrodite and Hera and protectors of vegetation. Goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, mirth, festivity, dance and song The Graces, or the Three Charities, were goddesses of beauty, joy and kindness. They were three beautiful sisters named: Thalea she who opens all of the flowers - Euphrosyne she who makes glad - Aglai  shining one. They inspired the ancient Greeks with good manners and the delight that comes from art, music, and dance. Wherever they went, they inspired joy and happiness to all that saw them.

Three Wise Me Bearing Gifts: In Christian tradition the Magi, also known as the Three Wise Men, the Three Kings, or Kings from the East, were probably Persian priests, proficient in astrology. The Gospel of Matthew states that they came "from the east to Jerusalem" to worship the Christ, "born King of the Jews". The Magi were the first religious figures to worship Christ, and for this reason the story of the Magi is particularly respected and popular among many Christians.

Twelve Archetypes Initiations: The modern concept of archetypes was formulated by Carl Jung. Archetypes are part of the collective conscious. It has been suggested that the human brain is like computer hardware, while archetypes are like software that is loaded onto the computer and allow it to run in a preset manner. We may use only one or two favourite programs until a particular need arises. Frequently, we find the other programs we need are already installed on our computer. Archetypes are part of the process that organises the things we do, see or experience and how we perceive the world. They include factors such as heredity, upbringing, life experiences, and the individual interpretation of life events. They are not unlike Freud’s ‘instincts’ and work in a similar way. Working with archetypes involves seeing life in symbols at the centre of a broad universal picture. The energies of these can help us understand ourselves and can lead us to a profound understanding of our purpose and bring our sacred contract into our conscious awareness.
Undines Attunement (The Water Elementals):  The Nature Spirits of Water are called Undines. Since their purpose is to direct the flow and course of the waters of the planet, they live in coral caves, fountains, lakes, marshlands, rivers, seas, waterfalls, and underneath lily pads. Besides caring for plants both above and below the surface of the water, the Undines are concerned with the movements of water and how they relate to human emotions and soul responses. They also are responsible for working with the fundamental quintessence and vital fluids of animals, humans, and plants.
Unicorns Light:  The Unicorns are here with us, assisting the Great Shifting of the Planet and all inhabitants. This is a momentous and all encompassing shift, not only for we beings of Terra Firma and the planetary consciousness and ALL KNOWN GALAXIES….AND BEYOND Unicorns have overseen the Light of Earth from beyond Time and Space awaiting ever patiently to bring vibrational input to our systems and our Light Bodies
Universal Reiki Attunement:  This one was received from José Marinho dos Santos from Brazil, who tried it out with a good result. The title was originally “Self Applied Usui Reiki Attunement”. It is NOT Usui Reiki, but a form of Universal Reiki like the first Reiki’s Ole Gabrielsen channelled. It is also meant to be used instead of a traditional Reiki attunement. But it is really good as a kind of “booster” for enhancing the Reiki energy to a broader spectrum. Dr. Jason Storm was the founder of the Taokan Temple, who also made Taokan Reiki™, Taokan Karuna™ and Taokan Seichim  - José Marinho & Jens Søeborg
Virus Inhibitor Field: Purpose: To restrict virus replication and thus reduce the possible damage within a physical body. Re-activate the Virus Inhibitor Field every 36 hours for maximum benefit. This is an energy field gifted to us by Source to reduce the harmful effects viruses can wreak within physical bodies. Less replication gives our own immune system a better opportunity to fight the virus and either eliminate it or keep its effects minimized. The Virus Inhibitor Field is as a being within a symphony of Healthy Life Sustaining and Supporting sound vibration constantly. An energy field that feels so wonderful, that you barely know it is there, for it is natural to be within. The Virus Inhibitor Field is especially useful for health care workers who are routinely exposed to viruses through various forms of accident and airborne contact.

Wabi Sabi Empowerment: Wabi Sabi represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centred on the acceptance of transience. Wabi Sabi is a philosophy; it is a way of life. Wabi Sabi is closely associated to Zen Buddhism and exemplifies many of its philosophical core tenets. Wabi Sabi is rarely applied and created; it happens naturally.  It is a process that happens over time and is unique. Wabi Sabi is a personal philosophy; it is a style of aesthetics, the beauty in imperfection. It is the expression of beauty that lies between the mortality and life of ourselves and the objects that are around us.  It is the fine line separating something of beauty from something shabby. It is anti-aesthetic.  Perhaps it is just another definition of rustic, only it has been given more reverence. Wabi Sabi is underplayed and modest.  It is the kind of quiet, undeclared beauty that waits patiently to be discovered. It's a fragmentary glimpse; a richly mellow beauty that's striking but not obvious.

Waratah Dreamtime Flora Attunement: The Aboriginal meaning of the word Waratah is something beautiful that stands out from afar. Certainly the bright red dome of the flower is one of the most beautiful discoveries of the Australian bush. When we stand close to this flower, however we realise that it is really something quite unique. The flower’s energy can be of great strength to those going through the *Black Night of the Soul* Assisting to bring balance to both energetic negative and positive qualities skills.

White Buffalo Woman Initiation: Learn about the White Buffalo Woman and follow the initiation instructions, smudging ceremony and meditation to work with her and to bring her blessings and guidance into your life.
White Light of Creation: White Light of Creation is a cutting edge attunement that works on advanced Masters. This is aimed at those who feel that they may have come here from higher dimensions to help and assist the process of spiritualisation of Planet Earth. Learn to interact at a higher level with the Universal Matrix

White Protection Energy Bubble: This powerful attunement will ensure you are fully protected while you go about your daily life or during ritual, healing or meditation work. It is an excellent defence against psychic vampires, or negative energy leeches. This attunement will protect all 7 major layers of your aura.

Who Am I Reiki?: This flavour of Reiki is based on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and on personal experience which is shared within the manual. Maharshi says we all have this deep inner Self, which is Spirit and is the only true thing about us. That we chase after mysterious religious rites and spiritual methods, when all we have to do is ask ourselves Who Am I? Who is the I Within Me?

Wholeness Attunement Manual: “Regenerating all the lost fragments of Self. The perfect time has come when you have the opportunity to reconnect to all the lost fragments of your Self and in re-integrating each of your lost fragments you then begin to express your Whole Self. Have you ever wondered — “Who am I?”; “What am I really doing here?”; “What is my purpose in life?” If you have been asking yourself these types of questions then chances are you also feel that you are in a rut, or you are unsatisfied with life, or just feel empty. Unknown to the conscious part of yourself somewhere along the way you made a conscious choice to veil your true identity so you can fully experience life and its subtleties from the perspective of not knowing. Yet, you do not recall making that choice. The direct result of this was that you became a Fragment of your Self. The part of you that you know as yourself (your Personality) is but a tiny fraction of the whole of your Self. As the fragmented-you continued on, you became further fragmented through more conscious or unconscious choices, through traumatic life experiences, or through self-judgment of your experiences. When you judged some of your experiences it caused a great deal of self-loathing, guilt, shame, judgement, denial etc., causing even more fragmentation. When you consciously veiled parts of your Self many higher order systems such as the Axiatonal Meridians and Axial Circulatory System were no longer needed, so they were disconnected and became dormant. When this happened you were no longer able to vibrationally experience your Soul and other parts of your Self at your Personality level. The fragmented self then had to limp along doing the best it could, drawing whatever energy it needed for survival through the Acupuncture Meridians. Whole-Self Attunement is a tool that allows you to re-integrate all the lost Fragments of your Self. But before you can do that you need to first re-active and reconnect the Axiatonal Meridians. This will then allow you to reconnect to your Soul. Once this connection is re-established, your Soul will then begin to orchestrate the necessary life experiences you need to re-experience all your other Fragments. You can then use the Whole-Self Attunement to re-integrate them
WJR Quartz Crystal Empowerments: Attune to the magickal and healing properties of the Quartz Trilogy; 1 Rose Quartz - 2 Smoky Quartz - 3 Clear Quartz
These are 3 separate manuals and 3 separate attunements which must be taken in the above order of one per week, so please note which one you wish to work with when you submit your request.

Yule Reiki: Learn all about Yule including; rituals, invocations, meditations, chants and blessings. Imbue yourself with the energy of Yule to make the most of this special time!

Zenos – Starman Empowerment: Zeno comes to you from a number of dimensions, from within and without- as above, so below. There is music within his vibration – Rhythm intune with the infinite, feel your pulse and sense the greater reality of its beat. This pulse is vibrating to the tune of the Mother; Gaia, whose pulse, in turn seeks its beat from the universal Music of the Spheres. Systolic and expansive, we can learn so much from music, as a mathematical language, we can feel and experience many states of consciousness and attain many and varied brainwave states with music as our teacher. The beat itself transcending all times and space,  creating dimensional doorways we thought not possible.
Once you have made your selection I look forward to hearing from you!
Love, Peace & Blessings, Phil 

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