I consider myself a wounded healer, that is someone who has come through their own illness, disease and heartache and is now in a position of understanding how to help others on the same journey of recovery.

I have been a healer for over twenty years. I am a master/teacher in many different healing disciplines, such as traditional Usui Reiki and Egyptian Seichim, as well as a host of enhanced systems. I am able to offer various distant healing modalities depending on the needs of the individual.

I am both a sensitive as well as an empath. I work intuitively with both my own guides and those of the client. 

 During healing work I can take no credit for any success my clients may experience, because I step back and allow spirit to work with me and through me. I adhere to the Shamanic principle of the Hollow bone or hollow reed, that is to say that a person is filled with ego and as such is not enhanced enough to truly be beneficial to the client being treated and so the technique is to move the ego aside and allow the empty space to become filled with spirit, before the healing can begin.

Like many people, I first came to energy healing via Usui reiki and like so many built upon that strong healing foundation. Over the years I have been attuned to a great many healing systems and at the time of writing I am experiencing and using the new Lightarian energies.

I offer a number of types of healing and these are detailed below.

Shamanic Healing

This form of healing takes the form of an intuitive dialogue with your energy. I will first dowse your chakra system using a pendulum and then, having contacted my guides, will decide on a course of action. The techniques and tools I use for your session will depend on your own needs as a unique individual.  I will certainly make use of high energy forms of healing, such as Ama Deus Shamanic Healing or Usui Reiki and will choose that which I deem as appropriate for both your case and the particular health issue in question. I may decide to perform a Shamanic Journey for information or to further facilitate the healing process.

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Shamanic Pet/Animal Healing

Those souls in animal form are no less important to us and so often they form the most beautiful relationships of unconditional love. Therefore when it comes to healing, they can expect no less than the same care I would give to their human friends and companions. I work with animal guides and I call on these when working in this way. The healing can take the form of regular distant healing as well as a form of Shamanic Animal Whispering, where I can journey to the soul in question and communicate in order to better understand things from their own situation, nature and viewpoint.

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Egyptian Healing

There is a saying in the fields of Egyptian energy work ‘You do not choose Egypt, She chooses you’ and I have found this to be true. The Egyptian energies are very different from those of other systems and not to be worked with lightly. However, once mastered and given the respect they deserve and demand, they are among the finest healing tools available. Just as not every healer is comfortable working in this area, so too not all clients resonate with these energies. For those people who feel the pull of Tamera, The beloved land, as Egypt was called by her people, this healing can be akin to a feeling of coming home. 

Before a healing session, I place the name of the client  together with a genuine ancient Egyptian scarab made of Faience inside a pyramid box. Sacred objects are charged with ancient energy and act together to form an energetic catalyst to enhance the sacred energy of your own name and greatly aid in the healing session. 

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Why pay for services

There is a large divide in the spiritual/healing community over whether it is ethical to charge for healing and other spiritual services and I would like to share my take on this.

In an ideal world it would be lovely to be able to do this full time for free but myself and many others also have bills to pay and children to clothe and feed. The work we do is no different to dentists, psychotherapists or others who work in mainstream medical services and receive money for their time, effort and expertise. Money is just a token for that energy transferred, no more and no less. We think nothing of using this energy (money) to pay for our fuel bills which is also energy. Energy is continually flowing throughout our lives, just changing form and names.

Also at a deeper level it is important that an exchange be made for such services. We live in a universe which is held in perfect balance, energy flows from one place to another, at no time is there ever a void. It is the universal nature of give and take. When a healing session, reading or attunement is given for free it creates an imbalance. The client unconsciously doesn't value the service or feels unable at an energetic level to accept it because they have given nothing in return; therefore what they are being given is meaningless to them. This is especially important when it comes to energy healing or attunements as this may compromise the power and the belief in the system as well as the tutor/master/therapist.

Even going as far back as when Dr Mikao Usui walked this physical plane, the originator and founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, he stressed the importance of there being a fair exchange of energy, whether this is in goods, services or money. After all money is only another form of energy as is everything around us. In fact he experimented widely with this principle by allocating a portion of his time to giving free healing to the ill, poor and homeless. He did this alongside his regular paying clients.

To begin with all his clients improved, but after a short time he began to see a profound change among those who were receiving the free healing. The ones who did not return energy to him in some form soon began to decline in health and quickly found themselves back to where they had started. He realised what was happening and suggested that those who could not afford to pay him in money returned the energy to him in some other form, for example by working for him around the home or garden in whatever capacity they were able to, As the energy exchange grew so did the health of his clients improve, and this time for good.

This is why for many energy workers without an additional income it is essential to charge a fee for spiritual services. This is often abused by many, some charging ridiculous amounts of money sometimes as much as hundreds and even thousands of pounds. I certainly do not condone this and try to offer a fair price for my services. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be able to learn healing techniques and to have access to healing for themselves as well as other spiritual services such as card readings.

There are hidden costs to energy healing that many people are unaware of this includes renting, lighting and heating work premises, the working hours allocated for the services provided, including all the preparation for attunements and healing sessions, the therapists side of the session begins long before the client’s side does! There is also the upkeep and replacement of the equipment used; the time spent writing manuals as well as in my case always being available to fulfil my commitment of lifetime support to my students.

To my mind it isn’t so much the energy itself I am charging for, only my time and the upkeep of my business and also my health. As a channel for healing I need to keep myself as pure as possible, this for me means, no smoking or alcohol. I rarely drink coffee. I eat healthily, have lots of early nights, and make plenty of time for meditation and exercise. Putting myself in the best shape mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually means that I can offer you the best service possible.

I am also committed to ongoing study so that I can in turn channel this knowledge further into my work. I pay for my courses, for my tutor’s guidance and expertise, which in turn is turned into the energy that I pass onto others.

The attunements I offer are ones that I am well versed in and work with on a regular basis. There have been a number of so called ‘energy shopkeepers’ who buy attunements in bulk and pass them on without another thought, many times they haven’t even attuned themselves to them! They believe that by buying in bulk they can offer them at ridiculously low prices and make a profit. This means that by the time the new student receives these attunements the stream of energy is so weakened that it is practically useless. By the time they are ready to pass it on it is nonexistent. This is why by charging a fair price for a fair sessions work everyone benefits. In my case for my higher priced services such as the Usui Reiki levels 1-2-3 package I offer easy monthly terms, and also a free healing session when bulk bookings are made.