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Recommended Services

All of the websites featured on this page are my personal favourite places to go online. Simply click on the website images below to visit these amazing and interesting places.

Hudson is my own Spiritual Coach and I have to say that she acted as a catalyst for me and allowed me to reconnect and make a break through, which I can honestly say changed many things in my life. She is very much an intuitive and an empath. I recommend Hudson and her services unreservedly. She also offers Astrology readings and Yoga retreats.

Living Reiki Therapies

This website is the home of Jay Burrell, who is a gifted Healer, Energy worker and Channeller and just happens to be one of my good friends. Jay is also another craftsman and makes the most perfect handmade candles. My fave is Cut Grass.


Nick Around The World

This website is the online home of a good friend of mine, Nick Hale. Nick is a Singer and Cruise Director, working at the moment on Viking River Cruises. His website is a vast treasure trove, a feast of travel which records a life spent seeing the world in a very real sense. Nick has in fact been to every continent and his website has images to prove the fact. Nick is also a very warm genuine person. Oh and you can also hear his amazing voice, well worth a visit to his website.


The Alcohol Free Shop

If like me, you enjoy a social drink, but no longer drink alcohol, you might find it difficult to find something worth drinking these days. When I gave up alcohol, I found that the standard alternatives were either full of sugar and or sweetener or simply fruit juice. Nothing tasted like alcohol. I didn't want the effect, but I did want the bite, that bitter taste. I then discovered this shop-. Their beer tastes like beer and their Wine is the real thing. The best part is I can have a drink and know I will never wake up with a headache.



Lush are an amazing natural cosmetic company. Their products are very popular in our house and a Christmas or Birthday never goes by without at least one giftbox being opened.


Burt's Bees

I came across these products recently and fell in love with them. All based around an organic process and of course beeswax, they are perfect and long lasting. A very good range, from Hand Cream to Foot Lotion and Lip Balm. Very high quality end product. Oh and fantastic packaging.