Mindfulness Meditation

Photographs copyright 2016 Nicholas Hale

Where Mindfulness meditation is concerned, it is a practice which is as simple in its ease of practice as it is effective. You do not need to be a Buddhist practitioner to use or to benefit from this ancient system from India. I include this in my services, because of how effective I have found it to be in my own life.

Meditation as a daily practice can offer stress relief, peace of mind, clarity and spiritual connectivity.

Mindfulness practices can be adapted by anybody, regardless of religious beliefs or faith and in fact can strengthen any existing faith or practice. It can also be viewed as a gateway to God, whatever you conceive her/him to be.

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Meditation sessions are via Skype audio, unless otherwise arranged and agreed on.


There are no hidden fees or extra costs. Sessions can be booked on an individual basis at the rate of £35 however, unless there is a good reason to do this, it is cheaper to book a block of sessions. A block of 4 sessions are just £110, a saving of £30.00 if booked as single sessions. A block of 8 sessions is just £200, which gives you a saving of £80.00.