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Justice Conjure

Historically Conjure and hoodoo have become legendary in spiritual circles. When you consider the sheer injustice of the African holocaust, something which as an indirect result gave birth to conjure, Hoodoo and Voudou, it is little wonder that justice would form a powerful area of the work.
The famous Voudou queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau was herself a legend in the use of courtroom conjure. What is less known is that this folk saint was a great healer and benefactor of her beloved New Orleans, giving to the poor and nursing the sick, even regularly visiting those in prison and bringing to them hope and spirituality.
Justice should be for all and our law court systems state this, but too often what people face instead is injustice and unfair attitudes, especially where money is concerned.
Conjure has a great history in tipping the scales in the favour of the small person and in defeating the bullies who assume that money buys not only the best legal team, but also the right to destroy other people’s lives. Justice should always be for all regardless of status without fear or favour.
If you’re reading this you might want to think about adding conjure Hoodoo to your legal team.

Isn't It Time To Tip Those Scales?

All sessions are remote; however, they are performed physically and all ingredients deemed necessary will be used, hence this is reflected in the price . Candles, powders, dirt, oils, washes and anything else will be used in accordance with traditional teachings and spirit-inspired insights.

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The fee is a one-time payment for a single session and everything I consider forms part of that single session.  Because of the nature of this type of work, there can be no absolute guarantees of success. However, I do have a very successful track record with my clients.
the fee for a single session is £60.
The fee for a 3 session package is £150 with a saving of £30.