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Home Conjure

When it comes to our homes, whether they happen to be houses or apartments it is all important that they are safe, happy harmonious places where we can relax and be ourselves.
How often have you visited a friendís home, only to find that their behaviour has changed so drastically compared to how youíve known them outside of their domicile?
We really do change when weíre in our home environment. This is because we can at last drop our masks, you know the work mask, the social mask, the outside world masks. At home it is our space and we can give full rein to all of our little quirks and letís be honest, we have plenty of these.
So the home is the place that feels good, warm and safe, itís our nest away from the world, just a closed door, but it might as well be a portcullis and drawbridge, because we are in our little castle.
This is all great in theory. But what happens when we no longer feel happy and relaxed in the place that should give us all we need to unwind and destress?
At certain times in our lives home can be the last place we want to go to. There are very few things that are not directly threatening to our safety or wellbeing that are as bad as a toxic home environment.
The causes can be endless, however most of these come down to a few things and sadly these are very common.
Sometimes those people we choose to share our homes with can become less than pleasant and nearly impossible to live with. Husbands, Wives, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, roommates, friends and of course family members.
It doesnít matter what the reasons are for disagreements and fall outs, it isnít really about who was wrong or right, but about settling the atmosphere and bringing back harmony again, one way or another.
A home Conjure session is geared specifically to deal with a particular situation. It might seem obvious that if two or more people are no longer getting along that one or more should leave and that here is where Conjure should come in, but this is not really the case.
People are unique and the situations they find themselves in are very rarely so cut and dried. It can be at times much easier to restore harmony, rather than try and drive someone away.

At times when weíre angry we tend not to see how things really are and this is where a different set of eyes, and senses comes in. conjure is for unique people and their own unique situations.

It's Time To Put Your Feet Up

All sessions are remote; however, they are performed physically and all ingredients deemed necessary will be used, hence this is reflected in the price . Candles, powders, dirt, oils, washes and anything else will be used in accordance with traditional teachings and spirit-inspired insights.
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The fee is a one-time payment for a single session and everything I consider forms part of that single session.  Because of the nature of this type of work, there can be no absolute guarantees of success. However, I do have a very successful track record with my clients.
The fee for a single session £60
The fee for a 3 session package is £150 saving £30.