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Career Conjure

If we’re not moving forward, we are standing still and when this refers to our career, it can feel soul-destroying. Work plays such an important role in modern life and the rest of our lives rotate in orbit around it.
The saying ‘find an occupation you love and you’ll never have to work again’, is so true. The downside to this however, is a familiar story to so many people. Working at a job you have to can feel like so much drudgery.
The big problem is that once you have a job, position, career, it can be extremely difficult to get out of it and find something better suited to your own particular skill set and likes.
Some people will advise you to simply jump ship and grab anything passing. The only problem with this so called piece of advice, is that too often it quickly becomes a case of ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’, for too many people.
Conjure can open up new possibilities, while clearing away the obstacles blocking the way.
Sometimes it isn’t really the workplace or even the job, but the people who make life less than enjoyable. And let’s face it; we spend more of our lives at work than we do at home, so it should be a good experience.
At times the issue can be lack of promotion and prospects. You know how this works, a woman or man spends every hour working, putting in the overtime and even skipping breaks, only to have the boss or manager ignore their effort and promote someone else from under their nose or worse from outside.
This kind of behaviour isn’t fair, but life’s like that. Sometimes you need a little assistance and here’s where Conjure comes in. a Career Conjure session opens up your Crossroads, bringing positive energy in and pushing aside the negative.
With these blocks removed the room for expansion is wide open.
Is It Time To Move On Up?

All sessions are remote; however, they are performed physically and all ingredients deemed necessary will be used, hence this is reflected in the price. Candles, powders, dirt, oils, washes and anything else will be used in accordance with traditional teachings and spirit-inspired insights.

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The fee is a one-time payment for a single session and everything I consider forms part of that single session.  Because of the nature of this type of work, there can be no absolute guarantees of success. However, I do have a very successful track record with my clients.
The fee for a single session £60
The fee for a 3-session package is £150 saving £30.