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Business Conjure

Ask anyone in business, no matter how big or small, whether itís always plain sailing and, if theyíre honest, theyíll tell you that it can be the hardest kind of labour at times, regardless of the type of work.
The larger the business, the bigger the headaches are when they come and they do come and not always too infrequently.
Sometimes blockages are negative stale energies cluttering up the place and stopping the positive kind from coming in and in these types of cases a different kind of session would work very well.
However, when problems are being caused because of other things, this is where conjure can help. A competitor is forever moving against us and standing in our way maliciously.
Employees and or colleagues are undermining us, when they should be onboard with our ideas and decisions.
If the business is large enough to be a concern in the marketplace, rivals can and at times will attack another company in any way they deem fit for purpose and this can and does include hiring another conjure worker, Witch or similar individual in order to place a curse or hex on the business or business owner.
This happens every day and in some countries it is commonplace. It used to be more common in the Far East and Asian markets, but now it is gaining traction in the West as well.
If you know that things are not right and you canít put your finger on why the business is not the way it should be, then there is a problem.
You might know exactly what the issue is and where itís coming from or you may just have a feeling that all is not well. Either way a Conjure session could be the right way to go.

Isn't It Time To Ramp Things Up?

All sessions are remote; however, they are performed physically and all ingredients deemed necessary will be used, hence this is reflected in the price . Candles, powders, dirt, oils, washes and anything else will be used in accordance with traditional teachings and spirit-inspired insights.

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The fee is a one-time payment for a single session and everything I consider forms part of that single session.  Because of the nature of this type of work, there can be no absolute guarantees of success. However, I do have a very successful track record with my clients.
The fee for a single session is £60.
The fee for a 3 session package is £150 with a saving of £30.